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On @sai-shou birthday in her timezone, I’ll be performing with my Show Choir so, I wont have time to post her presents.

Lucky for me scheduled posts exist so lets hope this works!

Sai, You are an amazing person who is funny, talented, creative, and kind. I’ve known you for about a year now and I’m so glad to have found your silly little ask blog. Though you may think of me more as an acquaintance, I love to say that I would never imagine having such an amazing friend like yourself. You give me tips, Listen to me rant, And send me stupid things to make me laugh when I’m upset. Sadly, we don’t talk much and that’s because I haven’t popped the bubble around you yet. But I will be happy to wait until I have the chance of doing so, hence the poorly drawn and slightly funny gif. 

I hope you enjoy the picture and gif, though both really don’t capture your beauty. 

Thank you for being you, and have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it.

Genderbend characters rant

Okay so I’ve seen a lot where people are saying that gender bent fictional characters are “transphobic” and “doesn’t allow any room for any other genders”. Let’s use Frisk and Chara from Undertale as an example. Those two have no designated gender, so people draw and see them as any gender they want. No one is “transphobic” if they see Frisk as a girl or a boy. I understand that you want representation but don’t get it negatively. If you want your favorite character to be genderbent or headcanoned as trans or non-binary, go for it. Do what you want because they are fictional characters. STOP. BEING. OFFENDED. BY. FICTIONAL. CHARACTERS.

Skype Chat?

Hey everyone playing Magikarp Jump

I was thinking of making a Skype Group dedicated to this game. Where we can share our love for this game. Our progress, etc.

(We can go off topic like talk about Pokémon if we want, but id expect convos about the game every once in awhile.)

It would be an open skype link that you can share with people who want to join.

If I get at least 5 people wanting this idea to happen, I’ll make the chat and post it here.

(Also if you’d like me to, I could post your own screenshots from the skype group if that’s what y'all want. I’d just need your tumblr.)

I’ll give more info if this does end up happening. :)

Tales from Saturday RP

We’re a player short for this session, so Theren the elorri wizard won’t be making an appearance - had he been here, the session might have gone a little more smoothly.

Following our successful exploits in the Hinterlands, the party journeys south into my Ss’ressen Barbarian’s homeland of Milandir to seek out more work. 

Once there, we find a note requesting that “all former Irregulars of the Crusade” seek out a Val by the name of Ryter (knight(?)) Ealdmar  Theoderic val’Holryn to gain some ‘lucrative’ work.

As I have no idea what pre-written adventure this is, anyone thinking about/currently playing Arcanis, be warned, spoilers ahead.

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Eris - Goddess of chaos, strife, discord, contention, rivalry

The classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty is partly inspired by Eris’s role in the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Like Eris, a malevolent fairy curses a princess after not being invited to the princess’ christening. x

a chill tales of zestiria network and discord server for all ships and all ages ! come chat with other toz fans!!

- fill out this form
- be willing to participate in a network blog and server (rb posts to the network blog and chat with others in the server)
- be a fan of toz!!

- no nsfw
- please respect and be aware of peoples triggers
- please be kind and courteous to fellow membrers!!

accepting ten members, first come first served (everyone gets in). i’ll send you a link to the server once we have the members. deadline is june 20 or whenever we get ten people !!


Yep, and nothing beats Aunt Luna’s crazy tales (many involve comebacks at Discord for pranks he pulled on her).

At first when the twins were born she was a little hesitant about approaching them, like “yikes babies! how do you handle them?! Why are they crying?! Make them STAHP!”. But as the weeks passed she became closer to them, and with lots of incentive from Celestia to help taking care of them. It didn’t take long for Pandemonium and Radiance become Luna’s favorite nephew and niece, and whenever Luna can she doesn’t miss a chance to spend quality time with them.

Please don’t repost!

Princess Luna © Hasbro

Prince Pandemonium and Princess Radiance © me

Past Lives

[based on multiple prompts for some post-Best Of? fluff, and this song]

Carlos finds himself still listening to the nightly broadcasts, even now that Cecil is here, physically here, lying only a few feet away, softly snoring and mumbling wonderful nonsense in his sleep.  It’s simply routine at this point to lie down under the capricious constellations of the desert sky and switch on the radio.  He uses headphones - miraculously still functional despite the inestimable amount of sand and grit that must have found its way into every crevice - so as not to wake his sleeping lover.  

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[modnote: I know this is a little odd but anything in red and encircled in yellow is kinda in her head.. So she basically yelled at you guys for no reason. Sorry!]










ask-xenos [Percival]

[ickle and pen added in the end because they’re doing stuff in town in her story >>;; ]



Fluttershy: Is something wrong?

To be Continued…

((AND WERE BACK! Sorry for the sudden half year hiatus, life got in the way and now i have somewhat control of the situation combined with motivation. To all 2300 of you who stayed here, you have my unlimited thanks and respect. Seriously and to those who are new, Welcome! I hope i didn’t make a bad impression I Did but that’s behind us. To the future with more regular updates!))