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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Five

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report in DWM 408:

On Valentine’s Day in the desert, what could possibly be more romantic than an oversized fly waving a gun at a lady in a catsuit? It’s hard to think of anything, isn’t it?

It’s our final day filming in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], and veteran Doctor Who monster performer Paul Kasey has arrived to play Sorvin the Tritovore. “The head is operated by remote control,” he explains, “which Neill [Gorton, prosthetics designer] is operating off camera.” Isn’t that disconcerting for Paul? “You get a sense of what’s happening. Over the years, I’ve begun to recognize the different motor sounds.”

So, Sorvin marches the Doctor and Christina, at gunpoint, toward his crashed Tritovore spaceship - presently a green screen pinned against the double-decker bus. “Can you still see where you’re going, Paul?” asks James [Strong, director]

But he can’t. “There’s your mark, Paul,” says David [Tennant], guiding his captor. “HEY, PAUL?!!!”

Meanwhile, just out of shot, Daniel Kaluuya [who plays Barclay] is relieving himself on a tuft of shrubbery. “I know I shouldn’t look,” giggles Victoria Alcock [who plays Angela], “but I can’t help it.”

“I’m letting it grow, man,” insists Daniel. “Giving it a chance. They’ll call this the Kaluuya tree.”

David is more focused on his shades. “I’ve had my sunglasses on again,” he tells make-up man Steve Smith. The specs leave a slight mark on the bridge of his nose, requiring a retouch.

“Not again!” sighs Steve.

“Well, it’s bright,” David grins, “and I look cool in them.”

However, the sun soon starts setting. James wants to squeeze in one final shot: David and Michelle running down the hill, carrying the clamps from the Tritovore spaceship. On the take, Michelle trips, tumbling arse over tip. “Sorry, sorry, sorry,” she flinches, getting up and dusting herself down.

“She managed to make even that look dramatic and well-handled,” David points out.

“Phwoar, I wouldn’t mind being the sand beneath Michelle,” mutters someone who will remain nameless.

“I can’t believe how fast David runs,” Michelle admits, “but then I’m Lady Christina; the Doctor should be a bit faster than me. I guess she’s a fantasy figure, with her catsuit and backpack, but also she’s real in that she’s not flawless. She’s not Wonder Woman.”

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Bedtime story

(Child) Robb Stark x (Child)Reader x (Child) Jon Snow

Words: 895
Notes: Y/N = your name.

Warnings: fluff.

Imagine being a child living in Winterfell with Robb and Jon, and falling asleep in Robb’s bed with him and Jon.


It was, all in all, a warm night: a wool blanket was enough to keep Robb, Jon and you warm. You three were in Robb’s room, wrapped together in bed with you stuck between them, listening intently to the Old Nan telling the Rat Cook tale. In all honesty, you couldn’t tell which was scarier, if the story or the Old Nan herself. The cook was giving you the creeps, but at the same time you were trembling because of the shrunken wrinkled face that appeared so ghostly by the candle light. As the woman was speaking, you imperceptibly turned to glimpse Jon, serious and focused; then you looked at Robb and saw him smirking off his face. It certainly seemed like you were the only one who was almost frightened to death; anyway, you couldn’t let the two boys knowing about it, so you swallowed your fear and went back to listen to Old Nan.

It seemed like hours until the story ended and you were now watching the woman leaving slowly and wobbly, not before she recommended Jon and you to return to your respective bedrooms. As to make a point, Old Nan left the door open letting the cold air from the hallway in.

– Are we going? – Jon asked you, but Robb started to protest.

– Already tired? – he complained standing up on the furs of his bed while his half-brother, instead, got off jumping on the floor. Jon handed you your little shoes even before he could put his own on, to keep you from touch the cold ground with bare feet.

– If lady Catelyn finds us here, she will scold us again – he insisted looking up to Robb.

– I can hide you! – the auburn haired boy exclaimed and with that he jumped off the bed too and grabbed one of Jon’s boot. Jon tried to steal it from his grasp, but he failed. – And – his brother went on looking at you, – Y/n wants to stay, I know!

He then got closer to you, who were slipping the second shoe on, – Stay here, Y/n – he plead. Meanwhile Jon finally succeeded in having his boot back.

– Jon… – you begged with an uncertain expression on your face, hoping not to make him mad. Actually, the idea to stay alone in your dark room after that creepy tale really wasn’t so appealing. That happened every time and this was the reason you played for time with Robb and Jon so often after curfew. So, it was only your fault if lady Catelyn had dressed the three of you down for the last three days. Being the apple of his mother’s eye, Robb didn’t seem to mind the scolds at all, but Jon, of course, was another matter. Lady Catelyn didn’t like him and he knew it pretty well, and he just wished not to make her upset; but as a little child, he also wished to stay with his friends having fun as long as possible. Because of that, now he was staring at his feet, one still bare and cold on the floor, pondering what to do.

Robb patted his shoulder with a wide smile – Let’s build up a barricade! – he said.

– A barricade? – you asked confused, watching as Robb closed the door of his room trying to be as silent as possible and then Jon giving up to your will with a sigh. He took off the only boot he was wearing and reached you on the mattress, quickly followed by Robb.

– A barricade against the Rat Cook – he explained glancing strangely at Jon, who started to crawl towards you murmuring – Because if you don’t hide…

– He will eat you! – they both burst out tickling you and making you scream. Anyway, Robb was fast enough to shout you up by putting a hand on your mouth, scratching your belly with the other along with Jon. After a while they got tired and exhausted from all the laughs, and let you rest, panting breathless.

– I hate you – you whined moving under the blankets. You covered yourself above your head, and in there you listened to the boys whispers.

You made her mad – Robb said and Jon answered back he was the one who tickled you more. Later you heard the soft sound of the covers raising as the boy slipped down there with you.

– Sorry, Y/n – Jon muttered grasping the hem of your nightdress as Robb laid down next to you too; you felt Robb’s little hand stroking your cheek and then he asked – You’re not crying, are you?

Fully aware you succeeded in your plans, you started to giggle.

– You really are stupid! – and they tickled you again.


Catelyn found the three of you sleeping in Robb’s bed when she came to check for her son. Even if you disobeyed her for the fourth time in a week, she could not disturb your dreams. The simple way Robb rested, keeping you in a genuine embrace and holding Jon too at the same time, melted her heart.

– Oh, Ned… – she whispered as her husband walked in, unable to hide a warm smile.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and placed a kiss on her temple.

– Let them stay here for tonight.

Catelyn nodded. They gave a last look to you and went out, closing the door gently as not to waken you.


This was very short, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway =)

How many ‘love’ lines are there between the Doctor and Rose? About six! And yet it’s talked about as the central spine of the series. Well, that’s a bit disingenuous, because that’s what I wanted, but we didn’t really have to try.
—  (Shipper) Russell T Davies [Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter, Chapter 4]


1 2lb bag potatoes (Yukon Gold are the best, but anything that will be nice and creamy when mashed works. Baking potatoes are not so good, though.)

3/8 a stick of butter

A handful of grated cheese (Parmesan, or your favorite, also amount can change depending on how much you like cheese! Too much and the mixture won’t be smooth, though.)

about 4 eggs

Flour (in a small bowl for forming potato balls)

Bread crumbs (plain or seasoned)

Salt, White pepper and Nutmeg to taste


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「The Quotes of POI」

Merry Christmas

506 Root

Even I appreciate a fairy tale ending, Harry.
Family politics, over-cooked meat,
monogamy. What’s not to love?
218 Harold Finch

Some of us don’t get to grow old with the one we love.
I’ll grow old with her,  just from afar.
504 sateen shaw

But when things got to be too bad…
there was one place I would go to in my mind.
Here…with you.
You were my safe place.
211 Harold finch

Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter,
and this is just the beginning;
it keeps on going, forever, without ever repeating.
Which means that contained within this string of decimals, is every single other number.
Your birthdate, combination to your locker, your social security number,
it’s all in there, somewhere.
And if you convert these decimals into letters,
you would have every word that ever existed in every possible combination;
the first syllable you spoke as a baby,
the name of your latest crush,
your entire life story from beginning to end,
everything we ever say or do; all of the world’s infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle.
Now what you do with that information;
what it’s good for,
well that would be up to you.
513 The machine

I learned everyone dies alone
But if you mean something to someone
If you helped someone or loved someone
If even a single person remembers you
Then maybe you never really die
And maybe this isn’t the end at all
513 The machine

You always thought there was something wrong with you
because you don’t feel things the way other people do.
But she always felt that was what made you beautiful.
She wanted you to know that if you were a shape,
you were a straight line.
An arrow.
107/409 Carl Elias

Veni Vidi Vici/Invictus maneo

411 Sameen shaw

Life is crap
Welcome to the human race
But the good news is, you are not alone.
101 John Reese

When you find that one person who connects you to the world,
you become someone different,
someone better.
When that person is taken from you…
what do you become then?


50 miniature books by Locksley
Via Flickr:
Last week I was working on some props for an upcoming doll diorama of mine. Among them were these 50 miniature books in 1/6th scale (Licca, Blythe, Momoko, Barbie, etc). :) That was a loooot of folding and gluing! Miniatures in playscale are not nearly as common as typical 1/12th dollhouse items, hence me doing my own props! I had fun picking the sort of covers for books I wanted displayed on little shelves. It was important the books were on diverse topics. Many are scans of my own books, sized down to miniature scale. There’s Anne Frank (my love for her knows no bounds), Alice in Wonderland, vintage science fiction, ghost stories, childrens fairy tales, cooking books, dictionaries, craft and sewing books, manga, and so on. Lots of books a dolly would be interested in. :) Next: fabric and leather covers! And then actual 1/6th scale furniture.

Yuri is unimpressed with Flynn’s cooking. It’s canon, see?

Flynn’s like: “food is ready bitches” im cooking in armor for awesome bad ass points lol

Estelle is like: “Yay food I need the nums”

Karol is like: “uuuuuuuhhhh no thanks…?”

And Yuri is like:

“Oh shit we’re going to die” Flynn u don’t need armor to make burgers you ass

Getting lucky (Love in Panem New Author’s challenge)

I’ve honestly tried to finish the story in time, but life happened((( And sadly it didn’t agree with my plans. This story was originally started as a birthday present for one of the most lovely ladies I’ve met in my life - @madamemarquise. I wasn’t happy with it, because it was supposed to be much better, so when @loveinpanem offered this wonderful challenge to help new authors, I decided to join)) My deepest gratitude goes to my amazing mentor @burkygirl. Your advice and encouragement are invaluable! Thank you!

This story was supposed to be a one-shot, but turns out it will be a short series in 3-4 parts. Rating: T. Enjoy!

Getting lucky

Coming home to Peeta was always the best part of any day for Katniss.

After hours upon hours spent working with people and keeping her customer-friendly smile on at all times, walking over the threshold of their small apartment was a true joy. And smiling because Peeta was already home, making something delicious she could smell all the way from the door, felt so much better than smiling because her manager threatened to lower her pay if she continued to scowl at people.

But that day there were no tell-tale signs of a meal cooking in the kitchen, and instead of the customary clatter of dishes in the sink, she could hear the distant clatter of Peeta typing something. He was still in the t-shirt he usually wore under his apron, and there was a bit of floor on the back of his neck. It looked like he was searching for something, as he kept clicking on different links, his gaze fixed on the screen.  He was obviously very interested in whatever he was doing, considering he didn’t even notice Katniss was already home. Getting behind him quietly, she saw him searching hotels in Paris. “Going somewhere?” she whispered, making him jump right out of his chair.

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In Purple Love Balloon, a charming tale by Marcy Cook, Maya Kern, and Maddie Gonzalez, we’ll follow lovers through a carnival as they chase down a balloon.

In Don’t Break Up The Party, Jen Van Meter, Kyle Latino, and Marissa Louise present us with the final days of an epic D&D campaign as a secret crush starts to weave its way from the real world into the game!

Plus, Purple Love Balloon writer Marcy Cook discusses what it was like to write a comic for the first time and the creators of Don’t Break Up The Party sit down for a roundtable chat!

anonymous asked:

Can you write how you think bughead will get together?

Betty walked like a zombie, Jughead’s words about needing to see Polly echoing over and over inside her head. She felt like she was being pulled in two different directions. Part of her wanted to keep Polly safe so she could get better. That part of her was afraid that seeing Betty and answering her questions, would send her sister into another downward spiral.

But another part of her thirsted for the truth. She needed to know what exactly had happened with Jason and Polly. She needed to figure out what happened to Jason, especially if her parents were involved. That part of her wanted to do anything necessary to find the truth.

Betty went back and forth, weighing the pros and cons, each side of her battling to be the winner.

“Did I overstep?” Betty was torn out of her thoughts by the soft words of the boy walking next to her. She had completely forgotten that Jughead had offered to walk her home. She stopped and looked at him. He was watching her with an intent and slightly nervous expression. “Because I’ve been going over it in my head and I feel like I overstepped. I pride myself in my ability to stay objective, I think that’s what makes me the perfect person to write this story. But for you it is anything but objective. It’s about your sister, your sister’s fiance, and your parents. So I’m sorry if I overstepped by suggesting your parents had something to do with Jason or by saying we needed to talk to Polly-”

“Juggie” Betty put her hand on his arm to stop him, because he looked like he would’ve kept on talking. He got very talkative and tended to ramble when he was nervous. Jughead looked down at her hand and then back up at her face, he was biting his lip.

“Betty, I’m-”

“You better not be about to say that you’re sorry.” Betty interrupted him again. “Because you have nothing to be sorry for. Your brutal honesty, objectivity, and desire to find the truth is why I choose you to help me figure everything out.”

“Really? Cause my brutal honesty has lost me a few friends.” Jughead said with a dry laugh.

“Not me. Everyone else in town seems to have an agenda, but you just say what you feel. I like that. Most people would’ve tiptoed around the subject of my parents or Polly. But you didn’t. I appreciate that about you Jughead.” Betty said firmly. Jughead was looking at her like she had two heads. Betty smiled and looped her arm through his. She pulled gently and they continued their walk to her house. He walked her all the way up to her front door. From the darkness inside, Betty could tell that her dad was not home yet, and her mom was still away. Jughead released her arm and stepped away. Betty felt the cold air brush her where his arm had been.

“Goodnight Betts.” Jughead gave her a small smile and turned away

“Night Juggie.” She responded. She opened up her front door and stared into the empty darkness beyond. She was suddenly filled with an overwhelming desire not to be alone. She spun back around and yelled at Jughead’s retreating form, “Jughead!” He froze immediately and turned to look at her, his eyes wide with alarm.

“Betts?” He relaxed slightly when he saw she was okay, but he could tell that something was wrong. Jughead started walking back to her. “What’s wrong?” Betty waited until he had once again joined her on her front steps before she answered.

“I just…Do you wanna come in and stay for a little while? My dad’s not home yet and I um…”

“Of course.” Jughead nodded and Betty knew that he understood why she was asking.

“Thanks” Betty gave a sigh of relief and walked into the house, Jughead following her. They went up to her room and Betty laughed when Jughead threw himself on her bed like he owned the place. He stretched out, looking completely comfortable there. She supposed he was, after all, Jughead had been coming up to her room since they were 8 years old. He had been in here, lying just like that on her bed countless times.

So why did it suddenly make her stomach flutter to see him lying there? Why did he suddenly seem out of place amongst her girly pink room? What had changed?

“What?” Jughead finally noticed her staring at him. He sat up and leaned against her headboard. “What’s wrong?” Betty pushed her current thoughts away and sat down next to Jughead.

“I’m just worried about my sister. I want to see her, I really do. Plus, she is the only one who can fill in some of these blanks, but…”

“But you’re worried about the effect our questions might have on her.” Jughead finished for her.

“Yes” Betty leaned her head against his shoulder. It felt so comforting, so right, sitting there with him. He never failed to make her feel safe. That was something that would never change.

“Betty, I promise you, if we get in to see your sister, we won’t do anything that could hurt her.” Jughead’s breath was warm on the top of her head as he leaned against it. “We will take it slow, and at the first sign of trouble, we will stop. Getting the truth is not nearly as important as your sister.”

“Thanks Juggie.” Betty lifted her head up to smile at him. She brushed back a piece of hair that had fallen over his forehead. “I’m really glad I have you.” She dropped her hand and leaned her head back on his shoulder. “So, how do we get in to see my sister?”

“That sounds like a problem that can be solved tomorrow. I think we’ve done enough today.”

“Works for me” Betty responded, but her mind was already thinking of possible ways she could get in to see her sister. First, she had to figure out the name of the hospital where her sister was. Maybe her parents had a bill or something from it. After that, she could figure out what the security was like and if there was any way of getting past it…

“Betty?” Jughead once again brought her from her thoughts


“How are you and Archie?”

“What?” Betty sat up suddenly at the odd question and looked at Jughead. He wasn’t looking at her, but rather at his hands, which were twisting nervously together.

“I mean, you guys had a rough patch recently, are you 100% better?”

“Yeah, we’re back to being best friends Juggie, you don’t have to worry about that” Betty assured him, thinking that was what was on his mind. But Jughead shook his head and asked another surprising question,

“And what about you? Are you…okay with being friends?” Jughead looked up at her with a surprisingly shy expression.

“Are you asking me if I’m over him?” Betty clarified

“Yes” Jughead responded slowly.

“Well…” Betty thought for a moment, wanting to make sure that she gave Jughead an honest answer, “Yes, I think I am. I was upset and hurt for a while, but once I had a little space I realized that I was more into the idea of dating Archie than the reality of dating him.”

“What do you mean?” Jughead furrowed his brow in the cute way he did when he was trying to understand something.

“I mean I had this idea of me, the perfect student and cheerleader, dating Archie, the perfect boy and football player. You know like in all of the stories. I just thought that we were supposed to be together, that dating was where our story was bound to end. But after he told me that he didn’t like me, and after Ms. Grundy I realized…” Betty cut off, biting her lip and looking away. Jughead put his hands over hers, squeezing them reassuringly.

“You realized what?”

“That Archie wasn’t perfect and neither was I. And the fairy tale romance I had cooked up in my head was exactly that, imaginary.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself Betts”

“I’m not, this was a good thing. My mother has always convinced me that I needed to be perfect and that there was this box that I needed to fit into, but I’m slowly realizing that I don’t want to be perfect and I don’t want to be put in a box. I want to be myself and date someone whom I can be myself with. Someone who is okay with my mistakes, someone who also doesn’t fit into a box.” As Betty finished talking she realized that without even knowing it, she had been talking about Jughead. He was someone who knew about and accepted her flaws. He never backed down from her crazy and he never made her feel like her emotions were invalid.

“So, you don’t regret telling Archie how you felt, even though it could’ve messed up your friendship?” Jughead’s words were barely a whisper.

“No, I’m glad I took the chance. I would’ve just kept pinning away otherwise.” Betty reached up and lay one of her hands on his cheek. His eye’s widened in surprise, but he leaned into her touch.

“Betty, there’s something I’ve got to say” He said breathlessly, eyes locked on hers. Betty put her other hand so she was cupping his face and moved closer to him, enjoying the way he looked at her in shock and awe.

“And what is that?” She asked, even though she already knew. She could tell by the line of questioning and the way Jughead was acting that he felt the same way about her as she did him. But she wanted him to say the words.

“I hate boxes”

“What?” Betty said with a laugh, that had not been at all what she had been expecting. Jughead leaned over and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her until she was half on his lap.

“I hate boxes,” He said again, “And I like that you don’t fit into one. You are unique and amazing and beautiful and I’ve had a crush on you for a while. So if you’d have me, I’d love to make mistakes, break rules, and be outside of the box with you.” Betty laughed again in pure joy, looking up at the beautiful boy in front of her, his green eyes shining intensely as he looked at her. As a response, Betty pushed their lips together. She heard Jughead’s surprised gasp before he recovered and kissed her back. His mouth was warm and sweet and everything she could’ve dreamed of. She was disappointed when he finally tore his mouth from hers.

“You still haven’t given me an answer.” He said in a rough whisper. Betty rolled her eyes at him, always the jokester.

“That was my answer dummy” She replied, and before he could come out with a single witty word, her mouth was on his again.

Thanks so much for the prompt!!! I hope you liked it. And thank you everyone for being patient for me. It takes me a little while to answer these sometimes, but I promise I will get to them all! I love you guys!!!