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How many ‘love’ lines are there between the Doctor and Rose? About six! And yet it’s talked about as the central spine of the series. Well, that’s a bit disingenuous, because that’s what I wanted, but we didn’t really have to try.
—  (Shipper) Russell T Davies [Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter, Chapter 4]

Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Five

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report in DWM 408:

On Valentine’s Day in the desert, what could possibly be more romantic than an oversized fly waving a gun at a lady in a catsuit? It’s hard to think of anything, isn’t it?

It’s our final day filming in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], and veteran Doctor Who monster performer Paul Kasey has arrived to play Sorvin the Tritovore. “The head is operated by remote control,” he explains, “which Neill [Gorton, prosthetics designer] is operating off camera.” Isn’t that disconcerting for Paul? “You get a sense of what’s happening. Over the years, I’ve begun to recognize the different motor sounds.”

So, Sorvin marches the Doctor and Christina, at gunpoint, toward his crashed Tritovore spaceship - presently a green screen pinned against the double-decker bus. “Can you still see where you’re going, Paul?” asks James [Strong, director]

But he can’t. “There’s your mark, Paul,” says David [Tennant], guiding his captor. “HEY, PAUL?!!!”

Meanwhile, just out of shot, Daniel Kaluuya [who plays Barclay] is relieving himself on a tuft of shrubbery. “I know I shouldn’t look,” giggles Victoria Alcock [who plays Angela], “but I can’t help it.”

“I’m letting it grow, man,” insists Daniel. “Giving it a chance. They’ll call this the Kaluuya tree.”

David is more focused on his shades. “I’ve had my sunglasses on again,” he tells make-up man Steve Smith. The specs leave a slight mark on the bridge of his nose, requiring a retouch.

“Not again!” sighs Steve.

“Well, it’s bright,” David grins, “and I look cool in them.”

However, the sun soon starts setting. James wants to squeeze in one final shot: David and Michelle running down the hill, carrying the clamps from the Tritovore spaceship. On the take, Michelle trips, tumbling arse over tip. “Sorry, sorry, sorry,” she flinches, getting up and dusting herself down.

“She managed to make even that look dramatic and well-handled,” David points out.

“Phwoar, I wouldn’t mind being the sand beneath Michelle,” mutters someone who will remain nameless.

“I can’t believe how fast David runs,” Michelle admits, “but then I’m Lady Christina; the Doctor should be a bit faster than me. I guess she’s a fantasy figure, with her catsuit and backpack, but also she’s real in that she’s not flawless. She’s not Wonder Woman.”

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Bedtime story

(Child) Robb Stark x (Child)Reader x (Child) Jon Snow

Words: 895
Notes: Y/N = your name.

Warnings: fluff.

Imagine being a child living in Winterfell with Robb and Jon, and falling asleep in Robb’s bed with him and Jon.


It was, all in all, a warm night: a wool blanket was enough to keep Robb, Jon and you warm. You three were in Robb’s room, wrapped together in bed with you stuck between them, listening intently to the Old Nan telling the Rat Cook tale. In all honesty, you couldn’t tell which was scarier, if the story or the Old Nan herself. The cook was giving you the creeps, but at the same time you were trembling because of the shrunken wrinkled face that appeared so ghostly by the candle light. As the woman was speaking, you imperceptibly turned to glimpse Jon, serious and focused; then you looked at Robb and saw him smirking off his face. It certainly seemed like you were the only one who was almost frightened to death; anyway, you couldn’t let the two boys knowing about it, so you swallowed your fear and went back to listen to Old Nan.

It seemed like hours until the story ended and you were now watching the woman leaving slowly and wobbly, not before she recommended Jon and you to return to your respective bedrooms. As to make a point, Old Nan left the door open letting the cold air from the hallway in.

– Are we going? – Jon asked you, but Robb started to protest.

– Already tired? – he complained standing up on the furs of his bed while his half-brother, instead, got off jumping on the floor. Jon handed you your little shoes even before he could put his own on, to keep you from touch the cold ground with bare feet.

– If lady Catelyn finds us here, she will scold us again – he insisted looking up to Robb.

– I can hide you! – the auburn haired boy exclaimed and with that he jumped off the bed too and grabbed one of Jon’s boot. Jon tried to steal it from his grasp, but he failed. – And – his brother went on looking at you, – Y/n wants to stay, I know!

He then got closer to you that were slipping the second shoe on, – Stay here, Y/n – he plead. Meanwhile Jon finally succeeded in having his boot back.

– Jon… – you begged with an uncertain expression on your face, hoping not to make him mad. Actually, the idea to stay alone in your dark room after that creepy tale really wasn’t so appealing. That happened every time and this was the reason you played for time with Robb and Jon so often after curfew. So, it was only your fault if lady Catelyn had dressed the three of you down for the last three days. Being the apple of his mother’s eye, Robb didn’t seem to mind the scolds at all, but Jon, of course, was another matter. Lady Catelyn didn’t like him and he knew it pretty well, and he just wished not to make her upset; but as a little child, he also wished to stay with his friends having fun as long as possible. Because of that, now he was staring at his feet, one still bare and cold on the floor, pondering what to do.

Robb patted his shoulder with a wide smile – Let’s build up a barricade! – he said.

– A barricade? – you asked confused, watching as Robb closed the door of his room trying to be as silent as possible and then Jon giving up to your will with a sigh. He took off the only boot he was wearing and reached you on the mattress, quickly followed by Robb.

– A barricade against the Rat Cook – he explained glancing strangely at Jon, who started to crawl towards you murmuring – Because if you don’t hide…

– He will eat you! – they both burst out tickling you and making you scream. Anyway, Robb was fast enough to shout you up by putting a hand on your mouth, scratching your belly with the other along with Jon. After a while they got tired and exhausted from all the laughs, and let you rest, panting breathless.

– I hate you – you whined moving under the blankets. You covered yourself above your head, and in there you listened to the boys whispers.

You made her mad – Robb said and Jon answered back he was the one who tickled you more. Later you heard the soft sound of the covers raising as the boy slipped down there with you.

– Sorry, Y/n – Jon muttered grasping the hem of your nightdress as Robb laid down next to you too; you felt Robb’s little hand stroking your cheek and then he asked – You’re not crying, are you?

Fully aware you succeeded in your plans, you started to giggle.

– You really are stupid! – and they tickled you again.


Catelyn found the three of you sleeping in Robb’s bed when she came to check for her son. Even if you disobeyed her for the fourth time in a week, she could not disturb your dreams. The simple way Robb rested, keeping you in a genuine embrace and holding Jon too at the same time, melted her heart.

– Oh, Ned… – she whispered as her husband walked in, unable to hide a warm smile.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and placed a kiss on her temple.

– Let them stay here for tonight.

Catelyn nodded. They gave a last look to you and went out, closing the door gently as not to waken you.


This was very short, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway =)


1 2lb bag potatoes (Yukon Gold are the best, but anything that will be nice and creamy when mashed works. Baking potatoes are not so good, though.)

3/8 a stick of butter

A handful of grated cheese (Parmesan, or your favorite, also amount can change depending on how much you like cheese! Too much and the mixture won’t be smooth, though.)

about 4 eggs

Flour (in a small bowl for forming potato balls)

Bread crumbs (plain or seasoned)

Salt, White pepper and Nutmeg to taste


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Yuri is unimpressed with Flynn’s cooking. It’s canon, see?

Flynn’s like: “food is ready bitches” im cooking in armor for awesome bad ass points lol

Estelle is like: “Yay food I need the nums”

Karol is like: “uuuuuuuhhhh no thanks…?”

And Yuri is like:

“Oh shit we’re going to die” Flynn u don’t need armor to make burgers you ass

All TotA Recipe Variations

Rice Ball

Luke: Shrimp Rice Ball (+Shrimp)
Guy: Seafood Rice Ball (+any fish)
Jade: Salmon Rice Ball (+Salmon)
Anise: Beef Rice Ball (+Beef)
Natalia: Chicken Rice Ball (+Chicken)


Tear: Carbonara (+Milk)
Guy: Seafood Pasta (+any fish)
Jade: Engeve-style Pasta (+Miso)
Natalia: Cheese Pasta (+Cheese)


Luke: Chicken Sandwich (+Chicken)
Tear: Apple Bread (+Apple)
Guy: Fish Sandwich (+any fish)
Anise: Fruit Sandwich (+Strawberry)
Natalia: Cheese Sandwich (+Cheese)

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6 - The Lovers - Tuna and Hina

For the Lovers card, I wanted a story where the monstrous lover was openly a monster, and one where the love of a person didn’t transform it into another creature.  Just two people who loved each other as is.  That was … surprisingly difficult.  But this tale from the Cook Islands came along.  I’ve seen descriptions of a couple other incarnations of it, maybe from various islands, where Tuna, the giant eel god, has similar names, and she cheats on him or betrays him or something, but the first one I saw wasn’t like that.  Just a girl in love with this giant eel, and likes to go swimming with him at night.  It also fits into the Personal Values meaning since she’s going off and doing her own thing.



Behind the Scenes of New Earth (Part 2)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM 369

I must have the best job in the world. Billie Piper is in the shower, and I’m being paid to watch.  Okay, she’s not in an actual shower. She’s in a hospital lift. But she’s still getting wet.  In fact, she’s soaked through and through. Actually, it’s not a real hospital. Or a real lift. It’s a cramped set in a Newport studio. But I don’t care. It’s real water. And I’m not actually getting paid. Not in legal tender. But that’s a private matter between me and my employers. There. Breathe. Yes. Anyway. Billie.

“I don’t mind,” she says, mascara running down her cheeks, “I prefer it cold.”

“So says Billie Piper,” chuckles James Hawes, the director.  “Write that down, please, Doctor Who Magazine!”

David Tennant looks on. He’s already filmed his shower scenes, and he’s here to lend Billie some moral support. Hang on, he isn’t. He’s watching her get drenched, and filming it on his camcorder. The camcorder is shaking, because he can’t stop laughing. At one point, he actually shouts out, “Go, Billie, go!” I swear.

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I wanna have a cute friendship where I can do couples yoga with him/her and meditate with them, and cuddle with them, have tickle fights and sleep overs almost every night. watch each others favorite tv shows and movies together and make each other laugh all the time. cook each others favorite foods, take naps together, go on spontaneous road trips, and fall asleep in each others arms while watching the sun rise because we stayed up all night talking… learn from each other, grow with each other. go on lots of adventures, make music and other artistic things together, and make love constantly… that’s my kind of friendship.

“sorry, freshy! looks like it’s the end of the line! you had a good run though, didn’t you?”


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