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I once took a class in college on the American Mafia, called “The Psychology of the Modern American Crime Syndicate”, but it was like “how to be in the mob 101” taught by a man whose father worked for notorious gangster Lucky Luciano after he was exiled to Sicily. Luciano had this really nice house, and his dad was like his right-hand man in regard to everything, (he called him a Signore-attendant, basically he was like his bff) and so my teacher spent a lot of time around the father of organized crime when he was a kid (6-12 years old). He said that Luciano became like an uncle to him, cause Luciano himself didn’t have any kids, but he was fond of kids in general and he really liked this little guy (my teacher). Apparently, there was this one story about how when Luciano and Meyer Lansky were first working for Arnold Rothstein in like 1918 or something, he sent them out ahead of him to Chicago to meet with some guy there, and it’s a good thing he did, cause there was this ambush set up to kill Rothstein in a restaurant. Luciano and Lansky hightail it back to the lower east side of Manhattan, and report back to him what they saw, but one detail was CRUCIAL to the story: the color of the tablecloth. Luciano said it was white, Lansky said it was beige. They spent like an hour arguing over the color of the tablecloth, they argued so long, in fact, that Rothstein went home and came back a few hours later to find Lansky with a black eye and Luciano icing his hand, fuming in the corner. My teacher wanted to know if it was true, so he asked him when he was 11 years old, while Luciano was reading in his parlor (like outside his bedroom) late one night. Luciano looked at him, took a sip of wine, walked down the hallway and simply said “don’t tell Meyer Lansky this, but it was beige”. That’s my all time fave story about ANYONE, cause he DENIED the fact that it was beige for decades, and that’s something I would do.


I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny to see only Erron Black sitting in this scene, like a naughty kid brought to the principal’s office because he was caught out doing something wrong like flirting with the sassy-mouthed enemy.

Poor Ermac just looks disappointed …

Wolfstar AU: Teacher!Remus

So I found the notes for this story on my external hard-drive, alongside four pages of James and Sirius basically fawning over Remus because he was just so very cool and so, I mean, this:

  • It’s only a few weeks into the new school year when there’s a really, really loud and large explosion that comes from the dungeons
  • Turns out that some eager first years had been working on brewing a Curse for Boils but something had gone dreadfully wrong with one of their potions
  • And while the first years had ducked out of the way, Slughorn had been too slow and had to go to St Mungo’s 
  • Which meant, Dumbldore announced that evening at dinner, that they would be looking for a substitute teacher and until then, all Potions classes were suspended
  • (Peter insists he saw Snivellus cry into his roast lamb)

  • And for three weeks it’s pure heaven with an extra free period between Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration 
  • But then one day Sirius comes down for dinner and stops in his tracks when he notices who’s sitting at the staff table, casually chatting to Professor Kettleburn
  • And James bumps into him with a loud oomph and an accusing ‘Oi, Padfoot, have you forgotten what your legs do?’ but then he follows Sirius’s gaze and makes a kind of choked sound in the back of his throat
  • Because Remus Lupin is sitting at the Staff Table
  • Former Head Boy Remus Lupin
  • The Remus Lupin who kissed McGonagall full on the lips during the graduation ceremony because Fabian Prewett said it might be a laugh
  • The Remus Lupin who, alongside Fabian and Gideon, showed up for class wearing nothing but their ties, because Gideon had been reprimanded about his lack of a tie during a lesson
  • The Remus Lupin who planned and perfectly executed the Great Valentine’s Prank of 1975 and gotten six months of detention for it and nearly had his badge stripped in front of the whole school
  • So when Dumbledore says, ‘Professor Lupin will be substituting for Professor Slughorn’ - bloody gorgeous, curly-haired, brown-eyed Professor Remus Lupin with dimples in his cheeks - Sirius dies, right there, in the Great Hall

  • Potions with Professor Lupin (!!!) is held on the third floor corridor, in an old Charms classroom, and James and Sirius and Peter show up earlier than they have ever done to get good seats
  • (’Merlin, we’re turning into Sniv,’ says Sirius.
  • ‘Are not,’ James points out, ‘because we don’t have any interest in being academic.’
  • ‘Blasphemy,’ says Sirius, covering his ears. ‘Do not use such foul words around me, Potter.’)
  • And their first lesson is completely amazing because Lupin walks in with dragon-hide boots and sits on his desk facing all the students with a wicked grin before shooting a spell, completely unannounced, at Marlene McKinnon. It covers her skin with pink feathers
  • And then Lupin offers to award 25 house points and a box of Honeydukes Finest Chocolate to whichever person can brew the antidote first
  • Evans wins, and James beams when she steps forward to collect her prize, so Sirius accidentally knocks his cauldron into Prongs’ head
  • And Marlene McKinnon got awarded 25 house points for being ‘a good sport’ and didn’t even mind that she was still coughing up pink feathers for most of the day because Lupin had given her a resounding smack on the cheek

  • And almost every lesson is a fun, friendly competition between the students
  • Because they don’t ever know if they’re the ones who are going to get hexed or which Potion they’re supposed to make
  • And sometimes Lupin turns it into a game, and just shows up with a random first year who’s completely knocked out, and then they’re given a set of instructions and only a limited amount of ingredients and they have to find the correct Potion to brew
  • And Sirius, who’s always hated Potions, is excelling because he loves puzzles and he loves the way, when a student figures it out, Lupin laughs 
  • Because it’s really the best thing ever when he does, it’s all breathless and beautiful and his head is dipped back exposing his throat
  • And yes, Sirius is fully aware that he is gone, has lost it, has gone around the bend, because all he can think about is Remus Lupin

  • And at first he tries obnoxiously flirting with him in class, just to see how he’d respond, only Professor Lupin is wicked fast
  • When Sirius winks at him, it’s ‘Mr Black, do you need to go to the Hospital Wing? Your face appears to have been hit by a Convulsion Charm.’
  • And when Sirius shoots off his mouth and says something completely inappropriate, Lupin just says ‘Mr Black, I fully sympathise with the fact that your brain doesn’t register its own stupidity anymore, so I won’t dock points today’
  • And Sirius usually just sits there feeling like an absolute idiot, but Lupin is just grinning this dazzling, smug grin so Sirius laughs alongside his classmates and tries not to focus too much on Lupin’s dimples Merlin Circe and Morgana those dimples
  • Although sometimes Sirius can’t help but notice that he’s never been on the receiving end of a hex or a Potion, even though most of his classmates have, at this point
  • And being the “victim” is always really a lot of fun, because after class, Lupin takes you back into his office and gives you biscuits (Peter), tells you secrets, like how to sneak out to Honeydukes (James), gives career advice (Evans wants to become a Healer, apparently)
  • So Sirius is kind of anxious, because he doesn’t know what or when to expect anything, so he just takes to watching Lupin’s every move
  • Just so he can be prepared for when the moment comes
  • For science
  • You understand

  • And when it does come, it’s really surprising
  • Because Lupin calls him out in front of the class and makes him drink a potion and then asks him, very pointedly, what his full name is. Sirius frowns and feels kind of hazy and deflated when he says ‘Sirius Black the Third’ which comes out without him really wanting to
  • And Lupin is just beaming at him and then beams at the class and only Snivellus manages to give a glare and mutters ‘Veritaserum’
  • So Sirius feels oddly vulnerable but Lupin doesn’t ask him anything else, just makes him sit on a chair next to his desk
  • And luckily Evans is the first to brew the antidote and she wins, again, 20 points to Gryffindor. After Sirius has taken the antidote Lupin dismisses the class with a wave of his hand, saying they’ve done really well
  • Then Lupin then invites Sirius back to his office and it’s the first time Sirius has actually felt comfortable in a teacher’s office
  • Because there’s a warm fire burning in the heath and Lupin offers him freshly baked scones and tea - which Sirius declines, because he really doesn’t like tea very much - and then Lupin asks him what he wants to do after school and they just fall into such an easy conversation that Sirius completely forgets that he’s actually talking to a teacher
  • And then at some point Lupin casually slides into the conversation, ‘So, how long would you say you’ve fancied me, Sirius?’
  • And Sirius responds ‘Oh, ages,’ before his brain catches up to his mouth and he’s both mortified and spectacularly pissed because Lupin is just sitting there with an enormously smug look on his face
  • So Sirius jumps up and is all, ‘You tricked me! That’s low, I’d tell you anything under Veritaserum.’
  • ‘Actually, I never gave you Veritaserum to begin with, as that’s highly illegal,’ Lupin says, still looking infinitely smug, ‘so you did that off your own accord, Sirius’
  • And Sirius splutters half-finished sentences at him for a while and then, to get the upper hand, he storms over to where Lupin is sitting and kisses that smug look right off his face
  • And Lupin lets him
Nerdfighteria Means A Great Deal To Me

How I found Nerdfighteria is a tale of adventure and laughs.  Basically my social studies teacher showing me Crash Course World History.  I then found ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and it had the link to Vlogbrothers.  I fell in love and became… a Nerdfighter.

It means a great deal to me.  It taught to be kind, smart, and funny.  I’ve met people who care and who have had my problems. If anything happened to this community I would cry myself to death. Or sleep.  It is hard though to be a thirteen year old who says DFTBA to people who don’t understand.

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Don't mess with a dude who has a mop.

Back in middle school, there was this chick (Let’s call her Kathy) who for some reason, didn’t really like me. I’m not sure what, but she would never miss an opportunity to do anything that would piss me off. She’d insult me, spread gossip about me, carry false tales to the teachers and even hit me a few times. I was always a pacifist, and at this point, my grandparents had been staying with us. My grandpa had always told me to treat women as my equals, so I kept my mouth shut as I would with my friends and went about my work as usual.

I used to have this Beagle named Alex, and the day came where he died. I remember when I got the call. I was in school, and I was seriously bummed out. I managed not to cry aloud, but I couldn’t keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks. There I am walking down the hallways, so I can get to the bathroom and wash my face to get rid of the tear stains and guess who comes walking up? You guessed it. Kathy and a couple friends of hers.

She had this big f*cking smirk on her face and she asked me why I was crying like the bitch I was. I could feel the anger surging, but I buried it down and told her that my pet had died. Then she said “So you’re crying because your dog died? That’s a good thing, with you as an owner, it probably committed suicide.” And then I exploded like a volcano.

(Note: Alex was about 14 years old when he died of old age, he’d been with me since I’d been born) All my rage that I’d suppressed not just during today, but all throughout the year exploded out of me. I grabbed a mop from the cleaning cabinet, and knocked her right across the ribs so hard that the mop shattered. As I held the broken mop up in shock with what I’d done, I looked down to see her at my feet, gasping for breath and coughing up blood, She was rushed to the hospital while I was sent to the Principals office. Turns out, one of her ribs had broken and a piece had penetrated both the external and internal intercostal muscles and had lodged itself in her lungs. While an operation was being performed on her, the principal had called my grandparents. After he’d explained what happened, I gave a full and thorough explanation on what had been happening all these days. I told them all about what she’d done and why I did what I did. After I finished explaining, the principal looked at me and told me that this sort of behaviour wasn’t acceptable and that I was suspended from school for two weeks and I might be expelled.

My grandpa promised the principal he was gonna beat my ass at home and took me out. When we got to the car, he gave me this big f*cking grin and told me “I’m proud of you my boy. I told you to treat everyone equally and you did the same for that girl. If someone wants to step up like that, they need to be shown the error of their ways, be it a boy or a girl.” I spent the next two weeks eating ice cream in front of a TV with a big grin on my face.

For some reason, the girls parents never pressed charges and I never got expelled.

I was talking to my teacher about TMI...
  • Teacher: Has the new book come out yet?
  • Me: No not yet. It's really big though, so I'm excited.
  • Boy in my class: OOOOOHHH that's what she said!!
  • Teacher: Shush! This has nothing to do with your "mortal instrument"!
Of Fairy Tales and Ryoma-kun

Of Fairy Tales and Ryoma-kun

Summary: Sakuno Ryuzaki wouldn’t deny she has a thing for fairy tales but being close friends with Ryoma Echizen for almost a decade was a tale like no other. For the RyoSaku Exchange 2016. For @internalmusings

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I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but the way the sound of her name could silence my demons.

Christopher Poindexter

(Quote taken from a fan edit by @freespriritfly04044, I think, as I want to start collecting them for this pairing… #KyloRey)

A True Story

Today at school waiting outside of a locked classroom before class with my friend @pseudogoodra playing Case Clicker. An old science teacher of mine walks up and starts unlocking the door for us when he sees case clicker, and this gold conversation happened: 

Teacher: Is that Counter-Strike? Do you guys play Counter-Strike? 

*friend and I look at each-other* 

Me: Uh, yeah, why, do you?

Teacher: Wow *laughs* that makes me feel so old, I’ve been playing since 1.6 man. CS is the only good first person shooter.

Counter-Strike 1.6 was over 15 years ago.

Best Science Teacher 

idk I kinda feel like shiat and these two dorks  really make me happy so I drew them to release some stress  :                                              ^) (btw the thing that rhys wears was inspired by elizabeth from bioshock )