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What kind of Tales blog would I be if I didn’t screen shot the infamous “hot coffee” scene once I got to this point?


inside look at how bandai namco names Tales of games

As promised, the summary of the soft serve skit from TOZX BD BOX bonus!

  • The title of the skit is 魅惑のソフトクリーム, which translates to “The Bewitching/Alluring Soft Serve” lol.
  • Everyone wants Mikleo’s soft serve! But Mikleo doesn’t have the flavor everyone wants (“I want grape!” “I DON’T HAVE THAT”)
  • He carries chocolate, vanilla, and matcha flavors for his soft serves. Sorey, of course, wants the vanilla one.
  • And Sorey wants to eat the soft serve only with Mikleo, so they withdraw from the others.
  • They eat their soft serves together, just by the two of them. Mikleo’s is matcha by the way.
  • Sorey thinks that Mikleo’s soft serve is, not only the best, but the very best in the entire world.
  • Mikleo is proud of his soft serves and so is Sorey! True boyfriends.
  • As if that wasn’t flirty enough, they start sharing their soft serves.
  • Yes they don’t just eat their own soft serves but each other’s too.
  • I swear I’ve heard at least three times of Sorey wanting to take a bite of Mikleo’s soft serve… the text on the pic is “Mikleo, I want one more!” (INDIRECT KISS)
  • Mikleo: “Alright, alright, there’s something on your cheek, let me wipe it first.”
  • “As I thought, I love Mikleo’s soft serve!” (This is really just another way of saying “I love Mikleo!” isn’t it?)
  • Get a room you two.

Bonus: it’s revealed in the end that all the bonus skits are actually just Sorey’s dream, so you could take it as a look at Sorey’s subconscious lol.