Broken promises

Fandom: Tales of destiny

Rating: Teen audiences

Warnings: Major character death & end of game spoilers

Tags: Has end of game spoilers & Angst & a bit of fluff

Relationships:  Rutee Katrea & Leon Magnus, Rutee Katrea & Chris Katrea & Rutee Katrea & Hugo Gilchrist

Characters: Rutee Katrea,  Chris Katrea, Hugo Gilchrist & Emilio Katrea/ Leon Magnus

Summary: Sometimes, if you have lived your whole life cold without warmth of your family it is only natural you would dream to be surrounded by them. And Rutee was no exception.

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(Notes below… its quite lengthy)

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Tales of Voltron AU that ive been thinking way too damn much about

An empire built on magitechnology, a lost kingdom dedicated to the spirits. Five brought from the protected realm to guide the spirits’ hands and purify the world

Keith, Paladin of Efreet
Lance, Paladin of Undine
Pidge, Paladin of Sylph
Hunk, Paladin of Gnome
Shiro, Paladin of Maxwell