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I like to call this “i started with the idea of doing a proper lineart above this but now my hand hurts like hell and i don’t know if i wanna do that anymore, even tough this has lines to thick and messy to be a sketch right now”

i might continune tough, as soon as my hand stops hurting possibly QwQ

i had to give it a try because it’s an image i had stuck in my head and felt the need to draw it ;w; Bandai please let the zesty and bersy team interact let these four talk about adventure together jsajHJBjknjab

sorey’s hair and outfit are hell by the way WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT


Alisha design concepts for the mersormik au (I need to give it a proper name not just mersormik lol). She caused me trouble…
I’m still kinda ?? about whether to give the girls clothes or not, but I came to an idea that the ‘’seraphim’’ basically look really regal and elegant cause they’re more fish like, meaning scales and fins and all can be everywhere and even look like clothes while they’re not. Whereas ‘’humans’’ (dolphins, whales etc.) look rather simple in design, cause dolphins and such generally don’t have anything adorning them, so they use clothes and accessories and such to beautify themselves. Kinda like people in general. (and since Alisha generally doesn’t use many accessories…) I also got this idea that they’d even have fins on their upper body, but that the ones who live in a society and are knights and such, get rid of their upper body fins so that they can fit full armor and clothes better. Meaning Sorey and other such mermaids living away from society would still have fins and such on their elbows, wrists and back etc. So don’t get surprised if I draw Sorey with wrist/elbow fins ahhaha
As for the clothes… I don’t know? I liked Alisha both without the top and with it. Though she’d definitely have a bag or such with the crest of the royal family she’s from and her dagger. And well, I don’t see mermaids really much caring about topless females or males so… 
I would also like to do big mermaids somehow. Like WHALE sized ones. And malevolence creatures would be a mixture of deep sea fish that live in the really really deep parts of the ocean and some other animals.

And since she’s done, I can actually start draw sketching lil comics finally. But that will really have to wait till I’m done with everything college. And again, any ideas and all are 1000000% welcome. Especially AU name ideas hahaha


“Let’s move! We go to kill the exorcist legates, and engulf this world in the flames of chaos!”
~ Velvet Crowe

“Let’s go, everyone! We will purify the Lord of Calamity and take back a beautiful world!”
~ Sorey


inside look at how bandai namco names Tales of games


What kind of Tales blog would I be if I didn’t screen shot the infamous “hot coffee” scene once I got to this point?