tales from the strip

It was a cold and windy night, a demonic presence vibrated through the air. Kevin sat on his couch watching sitcom reruns when suddenly the power went out. He checked the circuit breakers but, alas, nothing. Fumbling in the dark, he found his way to the kitchen and retrieved a flashlight from underneath the sink. Something knocked on the door. When he cautiously opened it, however, there was nothing there. “Maybe a branch or something” he thought. He locked the door. He locked the back door, too. “At least I still have leftover chicken strips,” he muttered to himself. The wind kicked up a fierce gust and shook the windows. He shivered and looked over his shoulder as he quickly walked back to the kitchen. Slowly, he opened the dark, lifeless refrigerator, and let out a blood curdling scream! 

Right where his chicken strips once were, a note:

“Hey buddy, ate your strips, will bring home dinner when I’m off of work. -your roommate.”

And he was never the same again.