tales from monkey island

Screenshot from Tales of Monkey Island, Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood (Telltale Games, 2009).

This is Bosun Kathryn C. Krebbs… at least, that must be her married name, since Krebbs mentions having a husband during Guybrush’s trial.

But during the trial Krebbs also accuses Guybrush of having wrongfully framed her and arranged her imprisonment in the past… which means that her maiden name was almost certainly Kate Capsize.

Of course, Kate’s hair color has apparently changed from red to blonde…. but this isn’t a first for the Monkey Island series, mind you.

Though Elaine Marley herself has red hair and green eyes in Tales, back in The Curse of Monkey Island her eyes were blue. (Not to mention Elaine had black hair in the EGA version of MI1.)

Still, “Bosun Krebbs” claims that Guybrush had her arrested and jailed on “Wirtling Shores,” not Phatt Island… and she thinks that Guybrush’s middle name starts with a Q, instead of being Ulysses (as first revealed in Escape from Monkey Island).

So… maybe a blonde version of Kate Capsize somehow came in from a parallel Monkey Island universe where EMI didn’t happen?