tales from beneath the hat box

Tales From Beneath The Hat Box - Second Edition

The Duelling Tophat has now moved from Diazepam onto the Cipralex. The Tophat is experiencing a few odd sensations such as pressure in the cranial region, but the Tophat is on a relatively low dose, so hopefully any side effects that do arise won’t be too difficult to manage.

The Tophat is also in the process of post-poning a few examinations and deadlines - The Tophat had hoped they might be duel-worthy by this point, but also realises given the way this duellist has been operating of late, this was never likely to be the case. But on a more positive note, the Tophat’s superiors have been most understanding and supportive, and progress has been made nonetheless.

The Duelling Tophat must also confess to missing The Duelling Partner somewhat - this is probably the longest Tophat been without The Duelling Partner’s company for some time.

While The Duelling Tophat emphatically requires space of their own to recharge and doesn’t require complete contact at all times, the Tophat has begun to feel that small, curling tug in one’s gut when thinking of the Partner. At the risk of being overly sappy, it is suffice to say that The Duelling Tophat hopes to the Duelling Partner again quite soon.

Having splurged sufficiently, The Duelling Tophat shall resume watching Avatar and the occasional text-based squeeing. Aang and company are about to greet Toph soon and The Duelling Tophat is most excited.

Tales From Beneath The Hat Box

The Duelling Tophat has returned from today’s duels victorious and mostly unscathed *FF victory fanfare*. The Tophat will now proceed to ramble haphazardly about the day’s events in a somewhat less tophat-ish fare than per norm, so please feel free to rejoin the The Duelling Tophat in the next post if you’d prefer. The Tophat will also tag all posts such as these as ‘Tales From Beneath The Hat Box’ from now on if you’d like to Saviour them.

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