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i’m reading a very manly 1950s account of a hunt for el dorado but i’m thirty pages in and the narrator has already described his traveling companion as “handsome” 4 times, “extremely handsome” twice, “exceedingly handsome” once, his voice as “quietly husky” and “a husky whisper,” his fingers as long and deft, his body as “tall and cat-like,” and his eyes as some variation of ice-blue at least three times.

just men being dudes. dudes being pals. it’s great. this is great.

Witchery for the hearth.
  1. Lay thorny branches on your doorstep to drive away evil.
  2. Put thyme in your last meal of the day to have pleasant dreams.
  3. Place coins and cedar chips in a box for an easy money spell.
  4. The bark of the willow tree is a natural painkiller.
  5. Put almonds in your pocket to recover a lost object.
  6. Light candles throughout the house regularly.
  7. Sprinkle oats over your garden (especially herbs) to ensure good growth.
  8. Honey is a natural antibiotic and antibacterial. Got a cold sore? Put that stuff all over that. Got a cold? Eat a tablespoon every few hours.
  9. Place lilacs all over the house to get rid of unwanted spirits.
  10. Drink cranberry juice to get a good detox when in need of grounding.
  11. Hang dill over your door to keep people who wish ill on you out.
  12. Place half an onion in the room with someone who is sick to draw out disease.
  13. Place morning glory seeds inside your pillow to get rid of bad dreams.
  14. Pour salt in your bath (or shower floor if you don’t have a bath) to cleanse and ground yourself.
  15. Use chili peppers to break a curse.
  16. Plant rosemary next to your front gate or door for a little good luck.

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“A Tale of Two Rulers” Archive Post

You can find the links to the indivual pages of my Zelda fancomic, (A Tale of Two Rulers), right here! (New comic out every Monday)

・1・ ・2・ ・3・ ・4・ ・5・ ・6・ ・ 7 ・ ・8・ ・9・ ・10・ ・11・ ・12・ ・13・ ・14・ ・15・ ・16・ ・17・ ・18・ ・19・ ・20・ ・21・ ・22・ ・23・ ・24・ ・25・ ・26・ ・27・ ・28・ ・29・ ・30・ ・31・ ・32・ ・33・ ・34・ ・35・ ・36・ ・37・ ・38・ ・39・ ・40・ ・41・ ・42・ ・43・ ・44・ ・45・ ・46・ ・47・ ・48・ ・49・ ・50・ ・51・ ・52・ ・53・ ・54・ ・55・ ・56・ ・57・ ・58・ ・59・ ・60・ ・61・ ・62・ ・63・ ・64・ ・65・ ・66・ ・67・ ・68・ ・69・ ・70・ ・71・ ・72・ ・73・ ・74・ ・75・ ・76・ ・77・ ・78・ ・79・ ・80・ ・81・ ・82・ ・83・ ・84・ ・85・ ・86・ ・87・ ・88・ ・89・ ・90・ ・91・・92・ ・93・ ・94・ ・95・ ・96・ ・97・ ・98・ ・99・ ・100・ ・101・ ・102・ ・103・ ・104・ ・105・ ・106・ ・107・ ・108・ ・109・ ・110・ ・111・ ・112・ ・113・ ・114・ ・115・ ・116・ ・117・ ・118・ ・119・ ・120・ ・121・ ・122・ ・123・ ・124・ ・125・ ・126・ ・127・ ・128・ ・129・ ・130・ ・131・ ・132・ ・133・ ・134・ ・135・ ・136・

OR read ‘A Tale of Two Rulers’ from the start right HERE! all on one continuous page! (if you’re using a web browser)

YA Fairy Tale Retellings

I’ve had several people ask for some YA retelling book recommendations, so here are a few of each! I marked my favorites with an asterisk:


Snow White

Beauty & the Beast

Sleeping Beauty


The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Peter Pan

Aladdin/1,001 Nights

Red Riding Hood

Hansel & Gretel: Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

The Little Mermaid: Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

The Frog Prince: 

Rumpelstiltskin: A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce

The Snow Queen


What kind of Tales blog would I be if I didn’t screen shot the infamous “hot coffee” scene once I got to this point?

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I want to hug cop Rick so hard and tell him everything is going to be ok, even though the world seems cruel and awful. Save him.

He is so so sweet, some Rick’s definitely care about Mortys 

Book Reviews : Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I actually liked this for Scarlet because in many ways I could relate to her. We were both close to our Grandmothers and have the same relationship with them. I thought the way she met her Wolf was clever and I liked this book because of that. I was not a fan of the insta-love.

Slight comic delay!

I planned to have the next part of ‘A Tale of Two Rulers’ up tonight but I got married this weekend and my schedule got waaaaay crazier than I accounted for! ^_^’

I’ll stay up as late as I can to get it done, but if I accidentally fall asleep I’ll have it finished up as soon as I can tomorrow!

Thank so much to everyone for your patience, kind words, and support! (and if you wanna see a few wedding pics that my friends and family took, they’re here on my ‘Figmentforms-the-human’ blog.)

y'all watch potc for willabeth but i watch purely for captain jack sparrow oops