talents models

I was approached by a man claiming he was a “talent scout” looking for “models.” He asked if I have the time to talk for a little bit. I agreed to know more info about what he’s up to. I could already sense the bullshit & already got a bad vibe from him when he approached me. He asked for my age & I said 17. He backed away a little & said:
“WOW I thought you were 13! ‘We’ don’t typically go for thirteen year olds.
I was like: haha then why did you approach me if you don’t go for 13 year olds.
He said: “Because you’re stunning & you look exactly what I’m looking for! I’m a talent scout looking for models & you happen to be just what we’re looking for. You look perfect!” Bla bla bla…
So he gave me his card & I told him I probably won’t be able to take on this opportunity he offered because I work. He asked hmmm where do I work? I told him I work in a law office for a lawyer & I have to go because I’m waiting for a friend who happens to be a good cop. He backed away a little but too late now. He gave me his card. If he ran off he knows it would look suspicious. He told me that I should give him a call so we could go get some coffee or walk around the beach & discuss business.
FIRST OF ALLLL a legit “talent scout” or company would never do that. They would have an office or a license/agency. I looked up his company on google & no there were no results of it. It’s fake. It’s a scam. The only reason why I’m keeping him there is because I don’t want to lose track of him & let him get away. He asked for my name & zodiac sign & said oh you sound like “SUPERSTAR!” Who the fuck says superstar? It’s so unprofessional. Now that’s sketchy.

This is a warning to all the people out there especially my fellow ladies. I’ve heard stories about young girls meeting up with these men & falling for these type of scams. I don’t know this man’s intentions but..just be careful. lol I lied to him about meeting up with a friend. I went to the mall alone.

I think he was following me around in the mall cause I kept seeing him pop up in the same places as I do. He went up to me the second time he popped up & asked where my friends at. I told him that they were inside Forever 21 (where I was walking towards). He let me go. I know this is going to sound really stupid but I rather have him follow me instead of going around trying to lure other girls in.

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