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Some photos I took of the lovely and talented Meron. 😄

Model: @abyssiniangold 😊

Danneel Ackles doesn’t get enough credit

Not for being Jensen’s wife, or JJ, Arrow, and Zeppelin’s mom, or Genevieve’s friend, but for who she is in and of herself

She’s a brilliant actress, a talented model, and just such a good person in general???

Like when I see her being praised on here, it’s always for her being a mom or wife, not for what she does, what she gave up to give Jensen a family

We need to talk about it more

This woman is so incredible and it’s so often swept under the rug

Whenever I see her portrayed in fanfic, it’s almost always negatively. She’s Jensen’s high-maintenance girlfriend who clings to him for the fame, or his bitchy wife that he just can’t wait to cheat on with the angel of a reader that’s so much better than her

Why do we belittle her to this one character trait? Sure, she can be a bitch, but so can everyone

She literally openly talks about not wanting her characters (specifically Rachel) to be taken as a face-value bitch, she wants people to see her trying and working on herself as a person

Danneel is loving, caring, and so fucking talented it actually hurts me. Like watching her character development in OTH and TIH… it’s so well thought out and her characters are effortlessly portrayed.

She’s more than a friend, more than a mom, more than a wife

She’s Danneel fucking Ackles and I love her a lot


This is Phoenix. And he’s a sleepy boy of many talents, like a modeling and crying whenever he cant find me. Also getting the zoomies at 4am. He’s an asshole but I love him so much.