Chris Brown.

I can watch Chris Brown allllll dayyyyyyy longgggggggg and NEVER get tired of his face, his goofiness, his voice, NOTHING. Smh. Every time I watch him, I be in awe. Why? Because he is SO beautiful and talented. I know I’m going in about a celebrity but it’s not even about his money or FAME. It’s about his talent & how handsome he is. The way he is in front of the camera, is definitly the way I would want my “boyfriend” to be if I had one. He’s like, really amazing. He LOVES his fans. He LOVES what he does and he does it WELL. He’s so fucking GOOFY omfg, & I think that’s what I love the most. Chris can have me DYINGGG of laughter. I swear =). He’s silly, like me. And that’s why I wish he was my boyfriend because I swear we would have soo much fun together! Making silly weird noises, doing crazy dances, laughing alll dayyy everydayy, and so much more. Gosh I love him so much. I look at him & wish he wasn’t behind a screen. *Sigh*. His smile is soo gorgeous like oh my goddddddddd. BLESS HIS SOUL. Damn. I love Christopher Maurice Brown <3



Do you love G.O?

Well, if you are an A+ and G.Orgeous you definitely, compulsory and it is a must to vote for him! —–> HERE

It’s a known fact that G.O is a talentend vocalist. When he sings, it sounds just perfect! I’m always amazed when I hear his honey voice. He is a man who has a voice that can melt hearts, and he really puts his soul into it. Not to mention, he’s HOT when he sings. ;) do you agree with me?

He certainly doesn’t belong on the 3rd page! he should be the 1st or at least on the first page… 

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