when he finally felt confident, when he finally started considering himself good enough, they decided to go on hiatus and i can only imagine how much painful this should have been for him. i hope he gets everything he wants now, because he fucking deserves it. louis is a really good guy, a talentend and a lovable person, i really can’t imagine not stanning him, because he is a shining star.

screaminggreyunicorn  asked:

So Underfell Sans (the grumpy, cold and agressive version) and the reader get out of the Underground. The night falls, and she convinces him to come with her, and she takes him to a really good spot to see the stars he have never seen before. He have a crush on her and maybe let the cold facade down for once. I don't know if it would make a great story, take liberties if it's too restrictive, but have fun writing this !You're talentend enough to make it works, anyway ! Take care of yourself <3

(aw, thank you so much for your kind words-! never doubt yourself, little snapshots of a world like this always have wonderful promise. i hope you like the little something of what i’ve done here - this one’s shorter, so i won’t put it under a cut. and you take care of yourself too, okay? i can certainly promise - someone really cares about you. <3)

Your toes dug lightly at the edge of the cliffside you had all been gazing over. The sun had now all but set, the distant city already glowing with the lights of the night. The others had quickly separated, not comfortable with the close company right now, but a begrudging promise to meet back here to form a plan to approach the humans lingering in the air.

You took a deep breath, letting the cooling fresh air of the mountainside fill your lungs as your eyes drifted shut. You hadn’t fully realized just how much you missed it, all those months spent in the caves of the Underground filled only with air so stagnant and dank…

“you humans’ve been pretty fuckin’ spoiled.”

A chuckle escaped you as you opened your eyes and turned your head. Sans stood at your side, a scowl on his face, his gold tooth catching the last of the lingering dusk light. Despite his words, his eyelights showed just a measure of softness that you had only caught on the rarest occasion in the Underground.

“Yeah. Seems we take a lot more for granted than we’d ever admit.”

He scoffed, not meeting your gaze, instead continuing to stare out over the mountainside. His arm nearly brushed yours with how close he stood, and you regarded him carefully for another minute, a now well-recognizable flush creeping up your cheeks.

Finally, his gaze flickered to you. “whatcha fuckin’ starin’ at, ya want somethin’ to-”

Your arm looped through his and you turned away, cutting him off as he grunted in surprise.

“C’mon, I wanna show you something.”

You didn’t leave room for argument as you set a steady pace, trying to fight the grin pulling at your face, trying even harder to ignore the excited flutter of your stomach as your plan hatched.

“hey, ya don’t have to try ‘n pull my arm off,” Sans grumbled as he followed suit, surprisingly raising little other issue with your sudden insistence. His words were more than a little half-hearted, and you glanced at him from the half-step lead you had as you made your way up a lightly-worn path, venturing a little further yet up the mountain.

“What if I need a hand though? Gotta have a little help to show you this,” you shot back at him, your blush rising.

His eyesockets widened for a split moment before his grin - his real grin, something you could only ever pull out of him in the rarest circumstances previously - spread across his face. It still hinted of danger and dark promises, but in a way that sent the excitement bubbling in you into more of a frenzy.

“if ya’ve got a bone to pick with someone, sure,” he replied without missing a further beat, his cocky and mischievous look suiting him far too well. “it’d be humerus. i think tibia the source of another human’s fuckin’ shock and awe would be pretty satisfying-”

You laughed openly at his heavy wordplay as you pulled him above the treeline once again, a clearing of soft grass and late summer flowers tickling your calves as you whirled around to face him again. You pressed close, your free arm shifting so you could grip his upper arm with a brightening smile. His grin faltered for just a moment as his cheekbones stained a softly glowing crimson.

“The only one I want awed right now is you, Sans,” you whispered. You were so close now that his hips brushed against yours, that you swore you could feel the electric energy of his blush. It took everything in you to not throw caution to the wind and close the last of the distance between your faces.

Sans managed to find his words again, his voice going a little raw with how low and quiet it dipped. “w-what’re ya talkin’ about, sweetheart-”

You squeezed his arm one last time before spinning him away from you, away from the upwards slope of the mountain, back over the view you now stood over - and under.

Sans went completely still as he caught sight of the crystal-clear night stretching over him, the dim lights of the city far to your side now not able to drown out the glittering expanse of stars and the cloudy edges of the galaxy itself shining above you.

You remained quiet as you took in the view for a moment, relief and joy swelling in you as in this still moment away from the others, away from the demands, from the excitement - you finally let yourself realize that you were free.

And… more importantly… that he was free with you.

Your face tilted once again as you looked towards Sans, shifting gently so you could stand at his side, your arms still entwined. Your breath left you as you caught sight of his face.

Red streaks of liquid magic were streaming from the corner of his eyesockets, his face upturned towards the open sky with a vulnerable, matching openness you had never seen before.

Chest constricting painfully, you couldn’t find any words. You didn’t think you wanted to, really, as the wetness built at your own eyes.

Sans shifted at last, only the barest of movements as the arm you held moved and his hand caught yours. His fingers intertwined with yours, gripping just a little too tight.

You returned his grip as you carefully, slowly leaned against him, your face turning back up towards the sky as well.

"You know Mikey, I miss the Midwest"
Petit projet mené avec l'illustration d'Amanda Burke (vpuvwv), le tout avec beaucoup d'amour et de passion ! Vous pouvez retrouver le boulot…

So I’ve had the chance to work with @loseranthems illustration, because they are really talentend and nice at that I really encourage you to look at their works because you’re in for a treat.

Open letter

whoever you are and wherever you live, know that i truly care for you.

i’ve your back, no matter what. we’re living an unusual time in our history where human race has never been this close, but yet we’re still living apart with our small differences. do not think nobody care, because i do. do not let people bring you down. do not believe there’s no hope. and do not think nobody will miss you. i will. maybe you don’t post stuff or you’re just shy, but i’ve noticed some of you for awhile now. you’ve bringing me so much joy this past few months… 2016 was the hardest year of my life. i went throught major… issues.

i cried a lot sometimes. i almost lost my mind and, you know, i used to just log my computer in the middle of the night, and upload some pictures. that makes me happy. i could forget for a few all this misery. i’ve been looking for a safe place for long time and i’m happy here all because of you. i know most simmers don’t like to share personal stuff but it’s good to find comfort when you’re down. and without knowning it, you haven’t let me down. as i said, 2016 was hard : i lost 2 friends (one in january, another one in november). some morning, i opened some drawers and find pictures of them, smiling. pictures of us, younger at school… and, i didn’t thought i could make it.

the next morning i knew my childhood friend passed, i had to go to work. so… i had to walk across our middle school, the park we celebrate our degree, the place we shared secrets, the place we used to draw and paint… the place where she died… all of this the same hour. i couldn’t walk anymore because it was too hard. i just couldn’t walk and know she isn’t here anymore. but then i recieved messages from @mlyssimblr and @jenba. just for a chit chat. and they basically saved my day, saved my life too… so thanks for that. thanks for everything. i would never forget her.

in my mind, she is still the sweetest person i’ve ever met. she always had some kind words, even to the people who used to bully her. she believed in me when nobody did. and she told me multiple times “you can do whatever you want. you’re talentend.” i never thought it was true, until this year. sometimes, you have to experience the darkest time of your life to find strenght. now, i feel like i’m strong for two. i’ll live for us two. i’ll archieve my dreams and hers… because i owe her that. she put brightness in my life and i’ll carry this legacy.

i’m not angry because she killed herself without a word. i’m not mad because she did it at the place we shared so many memories - the place i walk through everyday. i’m not pissed because i couldn’t met her at her work place anymore and make fun of her crazy hairs. i’m not even disappointed she’s not here to call me. i’m deeply sad she went thinking we don’t love her, deeply hurt that she’s gone without trying to explain to someone what was going on. she is still my friend and she’s still the bravest, the most generous person i’ve met in my entire life. for the past few months, she haunted me. i still hear her laugh in my head. i thought it was a curse, but then… i realize it was a blessing. my memory didn’t erase that piece of her.

i would never forget that cassis/mango ice-cream, claire. take care of you, just sleeping below the flowers blanket we made for you. i know you liked it. i won’t give up, i promise.

p-s : please, don’t kill yourself.
because when a star dies, she create void all around her. it’s called black hole and swallow everything around her into darkness.


Happy Halloween! The very talentend mklachu commissioned me these for her Plague of Shadows: Tango of the Troupple King - Violin + Viola cover video, enjoy!

1. First impression:  WOOOOOOOOOOO LOOK AT THAT ART AND COLORS! Is this traditional art or digital art? I DONT KNOW JUST TO AWESOME!
2. Truth is: Really cute and talentend baby dragon (?)
3. How old do you look: i have no idea
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yup!
5. Have you ever made me mad: no
6. Best feature: PPPFFFTT YOUR ART STYLE  is so unique and the color! really i cant tell if they are digital or taditional pieces of art.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you:

8. You’re my:  Baby dragon

9. Name in my phone: “Glinglin”
10. Should you post this too?  only if you want to UwU

alciavikkander  asked:

So, I don't have my own story to submit (because me? writing? i suck at it haha), but I suddenly got an idea and I have no idea if it's been written before. I have a feeling that Killian would be into some serious rope bondage/kink because of all those sailors knots he had to tie while on The Jolly Roger. Do you know of any that have been written before? Or anyone who'd be willing to write something that intense? Thanks! :D

Hiya! Sorry it took such a long time, I was having trouble with my muse. I liked this! I combined it with some kind of a sequel to Knife To Your Throat, people have been asking about that. I hope you like it!


It was about a month into their relationship that she figured it out. They’d been having sex for a while by then, but something always changed the moment she’d take the lead, holding him down or pushing him against a wall.

His breath would hitch, his eyes would widen and she’d never seen his tongue lick his lips so often as he did when she took control.

It was only when she asked, after a very bad day, what he liked specifically, that she figured it out. He was standing on the deck of the Jolly, tying knots just to distract his mind, and his fingers slid over the ropes absently. Her eyes were sharp, and didn’t miss the motion. With a sly smile, meant to distract him, she stepped forward. “Ropes?” she asked, as she took hold of the ropes in his hand.

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