Freedom to Express

John Louie dela Vega (philopen) is a writter, blogger and a sucker for artworks. Hes has been one of my followers in this blog. He is one of the few who makes me feel good about my works. After quite a few exchange of messages, I decided to give this man a free shoot. :) Probably a thanks offer? I dunno.

He told me that it was his first time to do a shoot like this. But, man,  for a first timer, I think he is good. He takes instructions very well. 

Im still in the lookout for models to do tradeshoots. :) TA me pls. 


I think it was my first time to see metro manila in that ultimately foggy (with dirt and smoke) from up above. I almost can’t see a thing. Things started to get more challenging as I shoot while it is raining in the rooftop of this building.

But there you go, I manage to pull out this shot. That’s the best I can do at that moment.

Happy New Year Everyone!! - Talentedo

Nikon d7100 | Tokina 11-16 UWA f/2.8
@16mm shot in 25secs with f/13 | ISO160

Doggy Shoot with Spotty :)

I am really close to #dogs. Since I was a child, we always have a dog in our house. I even remember having a series of dogs I named after #liquors. :) There was brandy, tequila, vodka, Bacardi and we still have Champagne in our house in Laguna. The little dog companion of Champagne (who’s not so little now) is named Grapes (a little conservative version of liquor) 

And oh! Spotty is a dog of my Tita in Olongapo City :)