Herb Stripper

Simplify the tedious chore of de-leafing herbs by making it a quick and easy task using the herb stripper. With a single pull of the stem through one of the specially designed holes, the herbs will fall neatly into a small receptacle so you can use them as needed.


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Bathtub Planetarium Light

Escape the stresses of daily life with a relaxing bath accompanied with the bathtub planetarium light. The light floats right above the water’s surface unleashes the cosmos by projecting a myriad of bright stars onto the walls and ceiling of your bathroom.


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Life Size Pikachu Doll

Turn your childhood dream of owning a Pokemon into a reality with this life size Pikachu doll. Though he won’t emit any electric sparks from his cheeks, this adorable little handmade doll looks incredibly realistic and can be set to a variety of different poses.


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A Job to Love

While all things considered I think I’d rather be the coolest and most talented writer on Tumblr, apparently God, The Universe, Divine Love or something far bigger than Mike decided that it was going to be my job to be the old “sometimes cheesy” rhymer who preached love yourself and follow your heart. Apparently I’ve also been chosen, and I’d like think while they were smiling, to be the poster child for what can happen when sometimes we don’t.  It’s a job that doesn’t pay much, or actually at all in terms of financial compensation, yet I greatly enjoy it, and what I receive from each of you is priceless.  Maybe it truly is a job to love.  Another valuable lesson I’m learning here is that I have been given a gift, and though I might foolishly trade it if given half a chance for literary brilliance, it’s a gift more precious by far.  Yes, there’s something that I’m better at than anyone else in the entire world.  Can you guess?  Yes, I am bar none, the best me there will EVER be, just as truly as you, yes you are the best you in this or any other universe(s) that may exist.  What if our “job” is simply to accept and make the most of the gift that is each of us?  I’m willing to give it a try, will you join me? Who knows, we may even change the world if enough of us will dare to share this wondrous gift we’ve each been given. Love and Peace to all!          

~ Til jul får vi den fineste julegaven noensinne🎄😊❤️ @alvgeiren ✨This Christmas we’re going to get the best gift in the whole world!🎁😍 #nilenna #alv #nilennalv #personal #norway #gift #family #pregnant #pregnantbelly #gravid #gravidmage #fairy #fairytale #happy #lovelife #love #life #magical #braid #ootd #selfie #elvesofinstagram #babylykke #married #verylonghair #miracle #20weeks #halfwaythere #uke20 #princeorprincess ~ Tusen takk, alle sammen! 😊💖 Thank you all so much! 💕 I’m overwhelmed with all your kind words and wishes for us! 😊🌸✨

Robotic Cocktail Bartender

Get drunk Jetson’s style as you pound drink after delicious drink made by the robotic cocktail bartender. With the push of a button on your smartphone, you’ll be able to order up and enjoy a professionally made cocktail right in the comfort of home.


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🎉 building the ultimate bid day goodie bag! 🎉

Q: I was wondering what would be some good items to put in a bid day goodie bag? 

A: First select a super cute tote bag from one of my FAVE Sponsors such as ABD or GREEKU! Then select your favorite treats to go inside. How many gifts you give depends on your budget. Ordering in bulk helps bring down the price per item. Everything you select should be customized with your sorority name, greek letters, symbols, or mascot for extra flair. Your new members will be thrilled to get their very first sorority swag from their new chapter! xoxo ;)

🎁 Top 50 Sorority Bid Day Goodie Bag Gift Ideas! 🎁 

  • Tumbler
  • Mug
  • Water Bottle
  • Koozie
  • Plush Toy 
  • Headband 
  • Sunglasses
  • Notebook
  • Note Pad/Note Cards
  • Sticky Notes/Tabs 
  • Key Fob
  • Luggage Tag
  • Laptop/Car Decal 
  • Stickers
  • Magnets
  • Picture Frame 
  • Candy 
  • Landyard 
  • Sunglass Strap
  • Makeup Bag
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Pillowcase
  • Button 
  • Pocket Mirror
  • Casual Bracelet 
  • Bumper Sticker
  • License Plate Frame
  • Coin Purse
  • Nail Files
  • Nail Polish/Nail Wraps 
  • Metallic Tattoos 
  • Mini Clipboard 
  • Hair Ties 
  • Socks 
  • Flip Flops
  • Dry Erase Board 
  • Cookies
  • Small ID Holder
  • Decorative Wood Block
  • Bottle of Bubbles
  • Colorful Straws 
  • Plastic Mason Jar
  • Charm
  • Hanging Decor 
  • Art Print
  • Lip Balm
  • Stemmed Cup
  • Dog Tag
  • Weekly/Monthly Calendar
  • Coasters

Also fun for your new members to wear on bid day ~ tank top/tee shirt, cap and fanny pack!

🎁 sorority sugar FAVE shops for ordering Bid Day Goodies: 🎁 

Greek U

Sassy Sorority

Jamie Ann

Brown Bag Etc


Shop Swoozie’s



Express Design Group

Scotty Sorority

Victory Store

Key Your Spirit

Dana’s Designs