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Nic is now 17 and in season 4 at sportfotos-online. An amazing athlete! This series is about Nic at his national lifesaving competition. Same location and event as last year. And he can do! Due to his intensive training schedule, competitions and probably also genetic disposition he has an extraordinarily developed upper body with abs and pecs. Watch and enjoy! The the series was taken by a young talented photographer. This year I had organized better lens to get closer to the high quality of my work. But still not yet fully on my level. Lots of upper body shots on beach and in action. Watch the samples! As a fan of this exceptional athlete this series is a must.

Rest In Peace Ren Hang
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We pay our respects to Ren Hang, the young, talented photographer & poet who tragically died last night at the age of 29. A huge blow to the art world - his work gained a lot of friction in the last few years, and we are terribly sad to see such talent end so abruptly.  

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