talented people being awesome

Hey Daryl x Jesus shippers, I just wanted to say that no matter what happens in the show or what ship does or doesn’t go canon, you should keep being creative. Keep writing and drawing our boys in love, I know I’m not going anywhere and I’m guessing a lot of other people won’t abandon ship either. There are so many talented shippers, I don’t want that to end or get stifled down by canon. Just keep being the awesome talented group of people I know you are❤.

There are so many talented and smart people in the snk fandom. People who can draw, write, think up all kinds of plausible theories, etc. I just wanna say thank you for being awesome people. I’m not as talented as all the other people in the fandom and it makes it way cooler to see other people thrive and such. Y'all are awesome and remind me of why I’m still in this fandom ❤️

I’m late to the party but I just watched the knockout rounds and let me tell you this again: I’m here for RAY any day everyday! That voice and that charisma? Someone should just sign him already. At this point it’s not even him having potential. He has it all. He has so much soul and he’s talented and he works hard! This guy has already his place in my playlist. The music industry needs someone like him, my ears need him, my eyes need him like I can’t even!