talented black men

2017 is becoming a really great year for black people and cinema. Hidden figures, a story about how black women literally helped white men get to the moon. Moonlight showcasing gay black masculinity, a topic that is rarely ever covered in media. Also Get Out, bringing light to how fucking crazy white people can be. And none were depicted as slaves. I’m grinning from ear to ear.


Models: @vonricco

Photographer: @ciegeinc

It’s quite my tempo alright… © Irem Harnak Dandy Dylan shot by me for #modelsdotcom #ciottimodels #ciottimen


ATTENTION BLACK TUMBLR! What if we made a black tumblr awards where we send in votes to a certain blog for certain awards that we created. We can create awards that are serious and progressive and ones that are satirical and funny. We can vote on what awards (probably 10-15) to have nominees for and then send in our votes and such to a blog dedicated to these awards. I’m going to need a lot of help if this is going to happen, so message me if you’d like to participate. Message me types of awards that you’d like to see and then everyone can vote on which nominees for that award before the actual winner. The awards can be separated into four sections: tumblr blogs, celebrities, black excellence, and undiscovered talents. Let’s do this y'all! Message me if you wanna help or have interesting awards.


This man sure can play some bass, DAMN.