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Not sure how it’s supposed to work but I got tagged by the awesome @lynyrdwrites in this thingy:

“ ❤❤Say something nice about your top three tumblr crushes and be sure to tag them so they can keep the game going and make everyone feel the love! ❤❤”

So here it goes:

1) @austennerdita2533 - I will be forever thankful for the day I commented on one of Ashlee’s fics and we started talking! She’s an amazing friend, a bright positive soul and a kickass writer (for SO. MANY. FANDOMS 🙌) whose drabbles NEVER fail to bring me to tears - from laughter or feels, it could go either way, haha! Also, she’s incredibly open-minded (and nice!) which makes her blog a safe place to discuss almost anything you want :)

2) @howeverlongs - Paula is such a beautiful person, inside and out! I mean, she’s also evil but she’s so talented that I feel inclined to forgive her <3 Like, her edits are so gorgeous and original, they never fail to AMAZE me! Also, she switches to Spanish whether she’s angry and I find that adorable 💕

3) @acotarshipweek - so we don’t know each other that well but duh, is that blog my tumblr crush! So I just want to thank you for providing us with all the acotar/acomaf goodness and organizing all the ship week events! This fandom is so lucky to have you 🙌

The Last Hope Chapter 2

Based on @weevmo ‘s captive AU

A month and 12 days. That was how long Wander had been stuck in Dominator’s ship. Sylvia thought he would’ve found someway to slip out by now; he always escaped the Skullship with ease, why was this taking him so long? Then again Dominator was different from Hater. This guy was serious and a lot more powerful. With each passing day the Zabornak worried more and more about her small friend. If something awful had happened to him, she could never forgive herself. She was supposed to be his protector! But she had left him behind in the hands of danger, and now she couldn’t get him back. Attempt after attempt was thwarted by Dominator’s security. There was no way in or out of that ship and it was a miracle they had escaped last time. The miracle had been Commander Peepers, the genius behind Lord Hater’s villainy. Sylvia was well aware that the right hand watchdog was incredibly smart, but he used it for the wrong purposes. No one should ever use their talents for evil; Wander had taught her that. She doubted, because of this, that he would be willing to assist Sylvia in a rescue mission. He was probably glad to have the little orange nuisance  out of his hair-Or, retna. He only seemed to care about Hater, and Sylvia couldn’t grasp that; who could love such a foolish, silly, weirdo who never listened to them? Sylvia could. She just didn’t find Hater and Wander similar; Wander was optimistic, Hater was pessimistic, Wander was good, Hater was evil, Wander helped and cared about everybody, and Hater only ever helped himself. Which made this all the more difficult.

She stared at the fleet from a distant, abandoned planet. She hated this; being alone. The last time she had been alone… well, she didn’t like those memories. She had been on the wrong path at that time, she was inconsiderate, a criminal, and worst of all, she was a jerk to Wander. No, worse than that, she had hurt him. He only wanted to be her friend and she was a jerk for a long time. But the wandering weirdo was magical in the way that he could always find a way to help people. He had saved Sylvia and she knew he had done so to many others before. But sometimes it didn’t make any sense to her, when people were still evil she couldn’t see the good in them and thought they couldn’t change, no matter how magical Wander was. Yet, he saw the good in everyone and he would try his hardest with every bone in his body to bring what was left of that goodness into the light. Sylvia loved him, but wished he would think about himself first sometimes. He tried too hard sometimes, and he got hurt. Without Sylvia around he would be dead ten times over by now, just because somebody, somewhere has untied shoelaces. She stared solemnly at the fleet, planning out her next course of action. She had tried just about every route and entrance there was, aside from direct, but that would be suicide! She took a deep breath and tried to clear her mind. She hadn’t heard another person’s voice in so long, it was maddening. “Okay Syl, just focus on the layout. There’s that one window really close to her main base room… oh, but breaking that would suck all the air out of the room, and probably trigger some alarm while I’m at it.” She groaned and laid on her back, and rubbed her temples. “Maybe I need a new approach? What would Wander do…?” She sat up and stared at the fleet, considering for a moment just walking right up to her. “No, that’s crazy! I’d get myself killed!” She laughed and waved the idea off. “But… that’s the only way I haven’t tried yet…” Suddenly the consideration returned and she furrowed her brows. Sylvia stood up and stretched a little, thinking it over one last time. “It’s my best shot… I’ve escaped that place before and I can do it again! I ain’t letting that oversized jerk keep my pal.” She stated firmly, a new determination arising in her. That guy wasn’t so tough without all his magma anyway. She could take him. Sylvia could take on anything. Without looking back the Zabornak bubbled herself in orble juice and began to approach the ominous fleet in front of her, a red ray engulfing her as she got close and pulling her in almost curiously. This was it, she would either save her buddy or lose everything, but she promised herself she wasn’t going to leave without Wander this time. Not on her life.


In the ship all was quiet as usual. Wander sat alone in the small room he had been given, looking down at his little tuffs or burnt fur around his wrists and ankles. Usually, when Dominator put magma cuffs and shackles on him, she cooled the magma so that it was hard obsidian, but lately she had left it much hotter. He couldn’t tell if she was doing this on purpose or by mistake, all he knew was that being dragged around by the cuffs was even more painful now. The hair on his head was also a mess; that seemed to be one of Dominator’s favorite grabbing places. She had been more openly aggressive and grabby lately too. She enjoyed catching his reactions to pain by some sadistic interest. He shifted on the floor, trying not to upset his right arm, which was bandaged up by the ribbon. He knew Dominator wouldn’t approve but he was worried that if he didn’t cover the injury he would bleed out. Thank goodness the ribbon was already red. His orange fur however, was less fortunate and was now stained red around the injury. Dominator had grabbed a little too roughly recently, and plucked out a bundle of his fur, which was kind of surprising because the fur on his arms, legs, and face was much shorter than that on his head and torso. She had really missed her target and grabbed at whatever was closest. He now had an open and bleeding patch of fur. It hurt a lot less when fur from his head or chest was plucked; it was more durable and much longer, making the area less sensitive when pulled at, but the smaller strands felt like she was pulling his skin off, and technically she had, at least anything attached to the fur was removed. At least that was all she had done… so far anyway. He was more worried about his situation now. If she kept getting more violent like this progressively, what else would she do? More importantly, what wouldn’t Dominator do?

Wander closed his eyes again and tried to think, wondering how long it would take to see some change in the planetary destroyer. So far they hadn’t really made any progress. If anything things had gotten worse. Dominator was possibly one of the hardest villains he had to break, although, maybe that was because the other ones had all been converted while Wander kept his distance, his safe, happy, distance. Being the prisoner was definitely a different approach. He absentmindedly reached up for his hat to hold for comfort but was disappointed to find that it was missing. She had taken it a week ago. At first there had been a great amount of initial panic on Wander’s part. He was never without his hat, it was a part of him. After he had stolen it during the civil war he had vowed to keep it with him, and to keep it safe. Not knowing where it was, and not having it with him hurt. He felt naked almost, which was the appropriate response because he was vulnerable now. Especially with Sylvia gone. Wander had decided that Sylvia had moved one, she must’ve by now, he never expected to see her again, and although it hurt, a lot, he was satisfied with knowing that she would be okay without him. She had come a long way since they first met; Wander had helped her, she wasn’t a bounty hunter anymore. He helped her heal when she told him about how she ran away after her father’s death and became a criminal. Wander had helped lots of people, but Sylvia was the only one who had stayed.

His eyes snapped open at the whooshing sound of the door, footsteps short to follow. Wander shot up and scrambled to move away from the door, backing up as far as he could until his back was pressed against the hot metallic wall. His entire body was shaking now by a learned response but he still pushed that friendly smile to her, although his eyes gave a different expression. Dominator stood in the doorway, looking tired and angry, she was here to get some stress out, Wander was sure. She spoke in a stern yet quiet voice. “Come here.”

Wander hesitated out of reluctance and fear of what was to come.

“I said; Come here.” She repeated, her tone becoming more harsh and warning him not to test her patience. He stepped away from the safety of the wall and approached her. Dominator’s magma reaching him halfway and enthralled his wrists, turning to its black shade within seconds but it still emitted the burning heat, this time more intense, it was like putting your hand on a frying pan while the burner was on. He winced in pain and stopped for a moment, much to Dominator’s annoyance. She grabbed the cuffs and pulled him over to her. “I’m not in a good mood today, so don’t push it yeah?” Wander nodded compliantly in reply, staring at the ground, finding that he was still shaking. He hadn’t been like this a few weeks ago; the fear was only recent, and it was quite satisfying for the villainess. She looked him over and noticed the ribbon she had put on his head was now missing. She knew he took it off when he had the chance, but he usually always put it back on when Dominator entered his cell. “Wander,” She spoke curiously. When he did not look up she kneeled down to his height and grabbed his chin, forcing him to look her in the eyes. He stared back with terror but somehow pushed his friendly little smile as always, which once again amused her. “Where is the ribbon I gave you?” She asked. Wander lost his smile and averted eyes, “I um… My arm was bleeding and…” Dominator grabbed his arm and looked at the red ribbon covering the injury, recognizing it as the wound she had inflicted the other day. “That’s not a bandage.” She stated, sounding frustrated. “I-I know but, It was all I had and-” “And you didn’t ask for permission.” Wander’s eyes widened in surprise, “Permission?” He asked, confused now, the concept was entirely new. “To misuse my ribbon. I told you on the first week you came here that you’re supposed to ask for permission to move the ribbon.” She was lying, and frankly, she wasn’t even upset about it. She only wanted to make him panic.

“I-I… I’m sorry, I forgot, it won’t happen again.” He apologized. Dominator sighed, “Well, I guess I’ll have to do something about this.” She acted completely serious. Dominator was actually a really great actor, especially when it was in the purpose of terrifying an individual. Wander tried to pull away a little, “W-wait, please Dominator, I didn’t mean to!” He begged for her mercy, which was a wonderful feeling. His life relied on her kindness while he was here, her kindness, two things she had lost long ago. “Even so, it isn’t right of me to leave this unnoticed. Your injury must’ve been really bad if you decided it was worthy of going against me for, so it’s only fair I gave you one to match. That’s another thing you always say to me; two wrongs make a right.” Wander quickly shook his head, “Nonono, you must’ve heard me wrong, two wrongs don’t make a- Agh!” He screamed as she intentionally had created an obsidian spike out of magma and stabbed him with it in the other arm, the hot magma burning the fur around it and cutting deep into his arm, “Stop!” He pleaded, trying to pull away from her frantically. Lord Dominator didn’t stop though, not until she saw tears running down his face. She cooled the magma half way through the assault so that it would draw blood instead of cauterizing the wound. She pulled away as his pleadings continued, seeing him crying once again. Immediately he fell to the ground and tried his best to cover his wound but what was within his grasp was limited by the cuffs. He began bleeding out on the floor, being a small, shaking ball. He looked up at Dominator with wide, tear filled eyes, a look not of fear now, but disbelief. He couldn’t believe anyone could really be that evil. And for a moment, Dominator felt something she never had before; guilt. She pushed it down immediately, afraid of what she didn’t understand.

“H-hey, c’mon, don’t give me that look; wounds heal, you’re fine.” She bent over and picked him up by the scruff. The look he gave now was of complete compassion, “Y-you’re right,” He wiped his tears away and even though it still hurt, badly, he smiled past the pain to her. He forgave her, and Dominator knew it. He forgave her so quickly, even though she hadn’t apologized. Wander wouldn’t give up on her. Even if she wasn’t his friend, he would still be hers. He might as well have just screamed I still believe in you! And there it was again; guilt. She didn’t look at him as she carried him along down the halls, going to the control room. “Someone’s here to see you.” She finally said, plopping him down on the ground and walking over to a drawer, grabbing some medical tape out of it and additionally a yellow ribbon. She went back to him and began wrapping the injuries. Wander was curious, “Really?”

Dominator nodded, “Yeah, Sulivan or whatever you call her; that lizard you used to travel with.” Wander gasped, “Sylvia? She’s here? Wait… are you pulling my leg again?”

Dominator smirked, “No, I’m pulling your arm can’t you see?” She continued to wrap the injury. Wander actually laughed at her joke and Dominator was almost flattered, but she wouldn’t allow herself to accept adulation from Wander. She glared and tightened her grip on his arm, “She’s making her way here right now. You know what that gets you?”

Wander tilted his head curiously. “A reunion with my best pal?”

Dominator grinned menacingly, “A front row seat to the show~” Before Wander could process what that meant the door opened. “Dominator! I’ve got a bone to pick with you!” Shouted an all too familiar voice. Wander shot up, turning around excitedly, “Sylvia!” She stopped in her tracks, blinking in surprise. “…Wander?” She had expected to find him locked in a cell somewhere, not here with Dominator, that, and the fact that Dominator was a lady shocked her as well. Additionally, his state disturbed her. Bandages around his arms, disheveled fur, his bloodstained fur. She could’ve screamed. But, it was still Wander, he was alive, and he was so close. After a month she finally got to see him again. He tried to run over to her but was quickly held back by a hot magma grasp, “tsk, tsk, trying to escape now are you?” Lord Dominator accused, “What? Nonono! I was just-” She threw him against the wall and shackle of obsidian kept him locked to the wall. Dominator smirked and turned back to Sylvia, “Well, well, well, Isn’t this familiar?” She stared back at the Zabornak with a vicious, sharp-toothed grin. “You let him go this instant!” Sylvia demanded, marching towards her.

Dominator laughed, “Oh my gosh, you actually think we’re gonna fight!” She wasn’t taking this seriously in the slightest and it only made Sylvia madder than a hornet. “Oh that’s precious” Her laughter died down and as Sylvia attempted to swing a punch at her she was stopped by a wall of magma. Honestly, she didn’t know what she was doing. She had actually come up here to talk to Dominator, see if she could change her mind about letting Wander go; it’s what he would’ve done in this situation, but when she saw Wander hurt like that, something had just snapped. Sylvia was his protector, she had intense protective instincts over him; they were best friends! Wander wasn’t supposed to get hurt, not if she could help it. Heck, she had fought a literal planet before because it was keeping them apart and hurting Wander, the was no chance she wasn’t about to attempt to beat the tar out of Dominator.With sudden pain jolting through her fist as it hit the wall she stepped back, only to be enwrapped in the substance, just as she had the first time. The first time, she had failed Wander, and left him behind here; she swore she wouldn’t do that again. Being so unprepared to fight her, and seeing Wander hurt like that, pained her; she felt like she wasn’t in control. Like she was powerless, and…weak. Which wasn’t something Sylvia felt often.

Dominator lifted the struggling steed up and looked content; she wasn’t even breaking a sweat. “Put me down and fight me you Grob-flarbin-” She went on a tangent of calling her intergalactic cuss words and Dominator chuckled, “I already have, and you lost.” She pointed out. In Dominator’s eyes this was a perfectly fair fight. She then began to smack Sylvia’s head against the ground repeatedly in either an attempt to snap her neck or beat her skull in, whichever happened first. Wander, watching in complete horror began screaming, “Stop! Stop, please!” He begged, feeling a whirlwind of emotions ranging from fear, to anger, panic, and worry. Sylvia was bleeding from the scalp and Wander feared it might already be too late. Dominator heard the tone he spoke in and snapped to attention, stopping for a moment to turn and look at the mess behind her. Terror. She had broken him… but it wasn’t how she thought she would. After all the torturing she had put him through, all it took was a few measly seconds of hurting another? That made no sense to her… he wasn’t affected by Sylvia’s suffering; he shouldn’t look like he was in pain. But there he stood, staring at her with accusing, unbelieving eyes. And it actually made her feel… bad? Not a good bad either; it didn’t make her feel like a villian, she felt like a monster. But wasn’t this what she wanted? His whole view of her was finally shattered just a she wanted. She had ripped away the most innocent thing in the universe’s innocence. She wasn’t as ecstatic as she thought she would be.

“Please…I’ll do anything, let her go.” He offered. You’d already do anything for me. She thought, her grip suddenly loosening on Sylvia in distraction, to which the Zabornak used to her advantage and dropped to the floor silently. Without hesitation she grabbed the nearest object, which happened to be a chair, and flung it at Lord Dominator’s head while she was still turned.

Of course she’s fine, Wander thought, Sylvia could survive anything. Dominator flung forward and held her head, groaning in surprise and pain. Sylvia wasted no time in grabbing Wander, the shackles coming off as Dominator’s power disappeared from her lack of focus at the moment. The adrenaline rush was back and her mind was running a marathon. This was actually working! Of all the plans, the Wander approach was the best one?! As they escaped into the hallway and ran past several surprised bots, Sylvia knew they had gained a trail, and their time was limited. “Where are the escape pods?” She asked frantically. Wander seemed reluctant to tell her for some reason. “…Sylvia.” His tone was gentle as if he were sorry for something.

“Where are they!?” She repeated herself, much more serious and stern; she wasn’t messing around.

“…They’re on the left wing” He finally answered. She furrowed her brows and ran at her top speed towards where she assumed they must be in the left wing, seeing as there were only so many hallways that led to areas that would reach the outer shell of the ship. Finally, after what seemed like forever to the both of them, they reached the pods. Sylvia quickly climbed into one and tried to pull Wander in too, who stood at the exit. “Wander what are you doing? Get in!”


“Dominator’s bots will be here any minute, we don’t have time to stall.”

“Sylvia…. Please, listen.” His voice was shaky and Sylvia widened her eyes in surprise, quieting, and allowing him to speak. “I can’t go with ya Syl…” He stared at the floor with indecisiveness, but he knew he had already made his decision,

“What?!” She wished she hadn’t heard him right, “Why not?!” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing; he couldn’t possibly want to stay here! Wander could be ridiculous sometimes, and most often it was hard to understand him, even when his heart was in the right place; but this was completely bonkers.

“I gotta stay here. She needs my help Sylvia, and I know I can help her. I just need more time!” He insisted and Sylvia was about to knock some sense into him, if he weren’t already hurt so bad.

“Wander, she is evil! She’s going to kill you!” Trying to get through to him was like talking to a brick wall, she should’ve saved her breath.

“I’m gonna be fine.” He stated firmly. Even after this, he couldn’t give up on her. Before Sylvia could try to reason with him, he held her hand, squeezing it comfortingly as if he never would get to again. “Trust me Syl…And if you wanna help…” He released her hand and took a step back, regret already in his gut. “Don’t come back.”

Before she even had the chance to react Wander had already closed the pod door. She banged on the window with all her might, yelling with anger and desperation. He was making a big mistake and she knew it. “Wander!” He pushed the launch button and watched it detach from the ship. It was over now; he was stuck on this ship. Sylvia was safe, but he knew he had something even worse to face; Dominator’s wrath. Wander never even got the chance to turn around before he felt a firm blow starting from the top of his head to the rest of his body. Everything went black. Truthfully, he wished it could stay like that forever. He didn’t want to have to wake up. But at the same time, he hoped he would. He hoped he could awake without any pain and get back to helping like he always did. He hoped Sylvia wouldn’t be mad at him. And most importantly, he hoped he could help Dominator. There was no way anyone could be completely evil all the way through. Not that evil anyway.

A black science-fiction author predicted Donald Trump’s campaign slogan 16 years ago

“Make America Great Again” has propelled Donald Trump to the position of presumptive Republican nominee, but he didn’t make it up. In Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Talents, published in 1998, she uses the phrase as the slogan for an evil Christian demagogue running for President. The book actually has some alarming parallels to the 2016 election. 

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Since princeofconjurers found the entire card pack, I have to put these all together in a masterpost for y’all.  These are from an online card game called Legend of the Cryptids, which has an expansion pack themed explicitly for the Phantom story.  As you can see, about half the cards are atmospheric and lovely, and half are hilarious and confusing.

1) The Phantom of the Opera / The Phantom Unmasked (special power: Vow of Devotion)
Lore: “The Phantom is a monster that should never have come in contact with humans. Yet he cannot help but talk to his beloved Christine in her dressing room. Though he cannot show her his face, he answers her cry for help while concealed in a mask. He hides her away to keep her safe during his death-defying battle with the demon master Gaston. He would risk his own life for his angel of music.”
“Having won the battle against the evil Gaston, the phantom steels himself to disappear once more and leave Christine to her performing. However, she stops him with just one word: “Erik”. He knows not how she discovered his true name, a name abandoned long ago when he first becasme a monster, but he knows that he will never be able to hide anything from her ever again.”

2) Christine of the Angels / Fearful Christine (special power: Sublime Voice)
Lore: “Christine has become the heading star of the opera house. She’s known far and wide for her skillful acting and captivating singing voice. However, there is a secrect to why her talents seem to have blossomed over the last few months. She has been given lessons from a mysterious voice in her dressing room. Taking courage from her “guardian angel” of music, she stands once more in the spotlight.”
“As Christine’s fame on the stage grows, so does her misfortune. The people around her find themselves having terrible accidents at the hands of some evil presence that envies her talents. She has no one left to turn to… no one but the nameless angel she has only ever heard in her dressing room.”

3) Raoul the Valorous / Purposeful Raoul (special power: Courageous Strike)
Lore: “Raoul yearned to help Christine fulfill her dream of the stage. He pledged to protect her on her slow path toward fame, until the Angel of Music appeared and ruined everything. It was her mysterious tutor, not him, that supported her, guided her, and eventual made off with her in the night. Raoul chased the scoundrel under the opera house in order to save his precious Christine.”
“The waterways beneath the opera house were truly like a maze to Raoul as he made his way through them to the monster-infested palace. If he could free Christine, he would find a way to escape from the crumbling cavern and get back to the surface. As long as she was safe, nothing else mattered. Despite this conviction, Raoul still wondered why the filthy angel would hide Christine down here and vanish.”

4) Prima Donna Carlotta / Anxious Carlotta (special power: Sonorous Voice)
Lore: “Carlotta is an up-and-coming actress at the opera house, sharing the spotlight with Christine. Her pristine singing reverberates throughout the auditorium and her dignified acting belies her young age. Whenever she take the stage, all eyes naturally gravitate toward her. Despite having natural talents, she continued to refine her qualities through strict self-discipline. She will not allow her efforts to falter until she becomes the one true star of the opera company.”
“Carlotta has finally accomplished her dream of becoming the star of the opera house. She always performs for a full house and leaves the stage to a wild standing ovation. However, no matter how much praise or adulation she receives, there remains a gaping hole in her heart. She was thrust into greatness only due to the sudden disappearance of her fellow actress, Christine. She prays for her safety as ceaseless tears fall from her cheeks.”

5) Daroga the Investigator / Sneaky Daroga (special power: Precise Infiltration)
Lore: “The Persian spy cares not about the details of her mission, merely the reward. She can infiltrate any building and steal the secrets within before anyone notices she’s been there. This time she was asked to uncover the mystery behind the disappearances at the old opera house. However, her instincts told her this mission would be dangerous the second she entered the building.”

Truly, an amazing set of choices.  Do I most love that the daroga is a strange, naked, sexy lady for some reason?  Or the fact that Raoul’s designs and costuming are obviously based on the 2004 film and Patrick Wilson’s amazing shirt?  Or that Carlotta is represented as a young, unsure girl who really loves and worries about Christine (actually yes, I DO love that)?

Or is it possibly the mention of “demon master Gaston”?…

Gaston, Chaos Master is possibly the best part of this amazing trainwreck.  His special power is “Prelude to Collapse” and his lore is fantastic:

“Gaston’s palace lies deep underground. Unwittingly, foolish people built their opera house directly on top of his lair. Though the destruction of a simple building would be nothing to such a monster, Gaston does nothing. After all, what better play thing for a demon master than a popular theater, full of the money and dreams of humans?”
“The chaos master nurtures the greedy hearts of those who come to his opera house seeking fame and fortune before consuming them. However, the one he truly desires is the shining jewel of the stage, Christine. Just as he is about to seize this rare chance, she disappears. In a fit of fury, he climbs to the surface, destroying anything that interrupts his search for the maiden.”

Imagine explaining to Leroux that he would one day be commemorated as a demon puppetmaster who is the true evil force who wants to kidnap and possess Christine, and that the Phantom would do battle with him to save Christine while Raoul in turn attempts to do battle with the Phantom in a sort of chain of Christine-rescuing.  Imagine it.

Bleach characters react to Luleiya's tumblr

As requested by anon. :)

If you’re not aware, Luleiya is an artist on tumblr who draws gorgeous things, including a whole lot of UlquiHime fanart. She has also illustrated a number of Bleach Lists stuff (x x x). You should check her out! Bleach characters have, according to this list. And now they will react to what she has drawn about them!

Ishida: This individual’s art is gorgeous.

Ishida: Clearly, she is highly talented.

Ishida: And yet she uses this talent to make Ulquiorra seem….adorable?


Ishida: Why must she use her talents for evil?

Ichigo: Uh, you should talk, dude.

Rukia: Inoue, this fan art of you….you’re so…….GORGEOUS

Matsumoto: And just look at all of these outfits!

Matsumoto: You’re rocking them!

Chad: You clearly have the legs to pull off anything.

Orihime: G-guys!

Nnoitra: Ulquiorra, what is this?

Nnoitra: Why are there pictures of you as a tiny hollow child dressed in human world clothes?

Nnoitra: There somethin’ you want to tell us about how deep your human-loving ways go?!

Ulquiorra: I can assure you that I did not attend preschool as a human, Nnoitra.

Nnoitra: Then how come there’s a PICTURE?!


Hichigo: I dunno why all of you are concentrating on the so-called “cute” pictures.

Hichigo: I want more of THIS guy - the violent and sadistic one!

Hichigo: Somethin’ about Ulquiorra’s inner demon getting free?

Hichigo: Now THAT’S more like it!

Hichigo: I so want to fight that guy.

Grimmjow: Can’t believe there’s only a few pictures of me.

Grimmjow: I’ve been robbed!

Ulquiorra: Woman, these pictures confuse yet fascinate me.

Ulquiorra: Why is that?

Orihime: Um…..well I guess because it’s like you lived after your insight into the heart! It’s like we got a chance to become friends and more than friends! It’s like you had five lives, and all of them were with me.

Orihime: And these pictures have so much heart.

Orihime: How could they not call to you?


Ulquiorra: They also make me a little sad.

Orihime: I know, Ulquiorra-kun. I know.


Re-posting some of my ocs references <A> 

I forgot that these weren’t on my blog anymore!!

We have in order:

Emerald Knight: 25, female, demisexual, taken by @triiifocal. Angry mare whose only aspiration is to be a royal guard. However, her temper and potty mouth get her kicked out of training every time. She is strong and practices hard though.

Benitoite: 22, male, heteroflexible, single. A laidback sales pony who goes out and digs up his own gems to take to market. He can be a fast talker and quick seller when working, but after work he loves nothing more then a nice drink.

Copper Pipes: 19, female, trysexual (she’ll try anything), always single/polygamous. Bratty delinquent who only wants to have fun. She’s often excited and quite violent, if you don’t look fun to tease, flirt, or fight with, she wants nothing to do with you.

DayLight: 18, female, axsexual, not interested. Energetic, excitable, and downright nosey, she wants nothing more then some big adventure and excitement in her life. But, she’s stuck job hopping from one 9-5 job to the next.

Patchwork: 33, female, unknown, not interested. Obsessed with alicorns, the rise of new ones drove her to change herself from an earthpony to an alicorn too, using her talent to stitch things together. She has many evil plans.

OverCast: 23, male, bisexual, single - long as you’re hot. Cocky, arrogant, and crude, he looks out for numero uno and doesn’t much care whose hooves he steps on in the process. He isn’t evil, but doesn’t follow any moral code either.