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AU/fanfic ideas
  • Akashi is the son of Furihata’s parent boss and they happened to know each other since they were little. Akashi had Furi took care of him ever since which is why Furi never had friends until high school where he enrolled to Seirin without telling Akashi, hoping that he can finally have a ‘normal life’ without Akashi tailing him around. Unfortunately, Akashi found out and he enrolled to Seirin as well.
  • Outside school, Furi is actually a bassist of a band he formed with his friends during middle school. When he’s not doing basket, he practiced with his band. Through Kise, GoM feat. partners went to live house and Furi’s band happened to perform there. They’re awed by Furi’s performance while Akashi is basically love-struck.
  • Furi worked night shift in convenient store. Akashi’s work caused him to go home late and he always visited Furi’s convenient store before going home to buy same things (it can be anything but it’s always the same thing). Furi secretly remember them and one day when the items are out of stock, he talked to Akashi for the first time and their relationship grew from then.
  • Fashion blogger Furi and his secret fan Akashi. Enough said.
  • Or fashion blogger Akashi and his secret fan Furi.
  • Furi and Akashi are complete stranger who fell for each other in a long flight. Furi actually have a gf/bf and he is actually in his way to see his gf/bf but upon arriving in his destination and meeting his lover, he immediately broke up with his lover even though he knew he would not be able to meet Akashi again. However, somehow they meet each other…
  • Young master Furi and driver/caretaker Akashi. Young Master Furi.
  • blind pianist!Furi was scouted by producer Akashi who then make him world renowned pianist.
  • Doujinka!Fudanshi!Furi who secretly makes doujins about gay basketball players aka. his friends. Akashi found out about his 'secret career’…and…
  • Idol!GoM and make up artist!Furi.
  • Lawyer!Akashi takes Furihata’s case for pro bono but he got emotionally attached with Furi.
  • Jormungand!AU. Basically Furi as Jonah and Akashi as Koko.
  • Photographer!Akashi accidentally took picture of Furihata who cried after he broke up with his girlfriend and he find himself becoming obsessed with the brunette.
  • Furi is spirit of sakura tree and Akashi falls for him. But Furi’s life only last for two weeks because that’s how long Sakura blooms.
  • Florist!Furi and mute!Akashi. Akashi converse with Furi via flower and that’s also how he confessed to the brunette.
  • Seirin!Akashi. Instead of going to Rakuzan, Akashi went to Seirin because he wanted to make a new team to prove his 'nurturing’ ability. Everyone else but Kagami and Kuroko are still in Seirin. Out of first-year trio (Fuku,Kawa,Furi), Furi is the only one who’s brave enough to talk to Akashi and was the first one to make an attempt to talk to him, which is how Akashi found himself becoming fond of Furi.
  • Rakuzan!Furi. Basically, Furi’s impression of Akashi is “is he a chuuni???” aka. Furi thinks Akashi is a chuunibyou, which is why he’s not afraid of Akashi. His role is Akashi's tsukkomi and he’s not afraid of hitting or reprimanding Akashi if he did something overboard. Basically, their relationship involve a lot of Furi making 'I’m done with your shit’ face, Furi hitting Akashi (preferably with paper fan), Furi attacking Akashi 'mentally’ by reminding him about his height, Furi being sass over Akashi, Furi being “I can’t with you” toward Akashi. At first, Akashi tried to intimidate Furi but since Furi thinks Akashi is a chuuni he never take Akashi’s words seriously, long story short, Akashi stopped trying to intimidate him and they fall to a routine of bokke and tsukkomi who secretly have hots for each other. 

Basically…everyone is free to write something out of these…rather, I’d be thankful if someone make something out of these (=´ω `=).