talented and underrated

The fact that Namjoon released a solo track after so long, and that too as a collab with Wale is extremely noteworthy. He always puts Bangtan before himself and it’s so good to see that he’s getting such opportunities and being recognized for his individual talent. Also, he rapped in English…a language that he taught himself. That’s seriously impressive.

What it’s like to stan b.a.p:

- 6 Dorks
- talented af
- underrated af
- they are all visuals
- Deepest music videos
- Derpest interviews
- Great fandom, and with great I mean, being there for each other, laughing and crying together, sharing memes and photos of the members best hair styles, discussing moral topics, helping through hard times, accepting everyone no matther what religion, origin, sexuality or bias
- lack of “on crack” videos
- greatest leader of all time
- Zelo will forever be a baby altough he is tall af
- 3 shy and quiet members and 3 loud, chaotic and 24/7 screaming members so there is a perfect balance
- Jongups progress
- half of the members have abs so no need to suffer
- Hiatus will forever be a topic
- Him Chan will forever be a diva  princess
- Daehyuns solos are lit af
- Youngjae has an incredibly great voice
- ‘Wake me up’ is the first time Him Chan actually got lines
- Acting on point
- You can’t chose a bias, and If you think you did, you get bias wrecked in like 0,00362 seconds
- No worries, you will get used to them getting shot regularly
- Getting eng sub on a vlive takes ages
- No one supports b.a.p as much as b.a.p does
- B.a.p and babyz are cheering for each other on a daily basis


Seventeen in a Nutshell

95 Line: all in love with each other. the oldest but you’d swear they’re the maknaes. Just a mess. Always there to listen to the younger members though. All softies.

96 Line: Judges you, judges each other, judges everyone. The underrated geniuses. Also the biggest idiots. All variety Kings.

97 Line: the cool kids. Underrated talent and visuals. Have the most idol friends. Dabs. They’re all crazy. 70% lost, 30% Dabs.

Maknae Line: just trying their best but their talents are often overlooked (yes, even Vernon). Lowkey savage. Babies. Please love them.

After spending an abnormal amount of time just watching Jongup fancams I’m still in awe at how much of an amazing dancer he is, he’s ALWAYS so Precise and Fluid in his movements, but also slightly aggressive like on stage he could just be snapping his fingers or just walking 2 steps but he makes it look so elegant 

 In conclusion, he makes dance moves look simultaneously easy and like they’ll kill you

Underrated K-Boy Groups

So I made a list of very talented underrated k-boy groups that deserve way more recognition…Here are a few.
Cross Gene
Unit Black
Monsta x
Boys Republic
Block b
The Legend
Teen Top
Highlight(were beast)
CN Blue

Feel free to write down which groups are underrated in the comments:)

I awoke in a dream
An evil one, a setting sun
I licked your hatred
You set me free
In summer, in the boiling blood

Oh baby, I’ll carry your disease
That darkness that lives inside you deep
Oh honey, I’ll put up a fight with death
He’s never coming near my love again

All the world moves inside my baby,
I see it there
Rows and rows, mouths of fjords –
I swim in them in my dreams

Oh baby, I’ll carry your disease
That darkness that lives inside you deep
Oh honey, I’ll put up a fight with death
He’s never coming near my love again

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