1170 Talents

Here’s a link to a list of 1,170 potential SHSL Talents.

In a skype chat, we figured there were 78 classes at Hope’s Peak by canon time, and if they had approximately 16 students in each class, minus the 78 SHSL Good Lucks there would be 1,170 titles. Now, it’s stated on the DR3 wiki that the SHSL Student Body President is the only one to ever share a talent. How many other talents could there possibly be?

And so, we made a list of potential ideas. Canon talents are listed at the top, and our own ideas are underneath (we forgot DR0, so those talents are somewhere among the main list).

If you’re a DR OC roleplayer, or want to make a fanstory, or just want to look at a list of cool talents for whatever reason, please feel free to use this for reference! A fun game to play is to randomize a number and make an OC with whatever talent you get. Have fun!

Billy Talent Lyrics Sentence Meme
  • “Can’t you see there is no logic to love?”
  • “Don’t think I’m losing my perspective ‘cause I know one thing for sure. They’ve been watching, they’ve been listening.”
  • “Every time I close my eyes, I’ve lost another day.”
  • “Hold your breath and count to four.”
  • “I just can’t go on pretending we’re in love.”
  • “I know that when I stare into your eyes I can see all the years of lies.”
  • “I said I’m sorry, but I was sober.”
  • “I tried so hard to get behind your mental barricade but every time it leaves me feeling damaged, torn, and frayed.”
  • “I’m broken, you can’t fix it.”
  • “I’m in the crowd but I’m all alone.”
  • “I’m scared of my reflection.”
  • “I’m tired of all the drama that unravels in your head.”
  • “I’ve been dead for 20 years! I won’t let 20 more go by.”
  • “If you wanna leave that’s alright.”
  • “It’s hard to imagine that you’d never come home.”
  • “No time to be afraid, my love, I will see you again.”
  • “So get on with your life 'cause we’re just wasting time.”
  • “Tell me why do they all get to live, and I have to die?”
  • “The truth about conformity is it bites without a sting.”
  • “The world will survive if we stand side by side.”
  • “Today I don’t feel pretty and I’m tired of trying to fit right in.”
  • “Well, I’ll just turn these tears into wine.”
  • “When I drink your medicine, it just makes me sicker.”
  • “When you break my heart, I fall apart 'til you stitch me up again.”
  • “Why is war justified while the innocent die?”
  • “You can steal my body but you can’t steal my soul.”
  • “You don’t need to pretend to need me.”
  • “You never gave yourself a chance to shine.”
  • “You’re much better looking when you’re in disguise.”
  • “You’re the target market of a corporate joke.”


The weather was gorgeous that day on Jabberwock island. Though on a tropical island, that much was to be expected. He walked around with the white haired boy who was guiding him around the island. 
It was fairly obvious, at least to him that this boy wasn’t all that he seemed. Though he wasn’t in the mood to call him out on it….

They moved into the lobby of the hotel. Where a lone girl sat playing a handheld video game. He walked over to her, “Hello. My name is Izuru Kamukura” his voice was flat and bored, not a tone at all suited for meeting someone for the first time. 
He could tell a few things about this girl immediately. However, oddly the rest was hard for him to get a grasp on…a general first for him. perhaps she may be worth hanging around. 

anonymous asked:

Name an OC that isn't yours but who you like a lot || Any OC OTP?

Some OC questions

These beautiful people are Mark Valentine (Dominic Sherwood) and Matt Davidson (Sam Claflin) they belong to the amazing and talented Jess (@bloody-gorgeous-rps) and I am starting to see a trend with British men here, Jess! My favorite ships will obviously be Laymatt (Matt Davidson and my character Layla Nolan who is a Natalie Dormer FC) and also Cark (Candace Blake which is a Katherine McNamara FC and Mark Valentine.) 

ereans  asked:

RinHaru for 002 & Rei for 003 <3

rinharus~ <3

when or if I started shipping it: feb 2016 thanks to my v persistent and talented rp partner of many years
my thoughts: love it, sign me tf up, will go down with this ship. they’re so beautiful and complex and intense and all the things i love in a ship dialled up to 100
What makes me happy about them: the way they need each other, how their lives are inexplicably intertwined no matter what au you put them in…
What makes me sad about them: s1 miscommunications ;; 
things done in fanfic that annoys me: marriage, kids, the usual. rh fic surprisingly has less tropey stuff than a lot of other pairings 
things I look for in fanfic: globetrotting boyfriends
My kinks: spanking, breathplay, roleplay (costumes…), toys, double penetration, sloppy seconds, waxplay, rough sex, scratching, facefucking, cumplay, bloodplay, frottage, rimming… it goes on 👀
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

rin: makoto, kisumi, seijuro, momo, rei 

haru: sousuke, nagisa, gou

My happily ever after for them: rin pursuing his dreams while haru sorts himself out (assuming he never went pro bc that’s my personal read on the last episode)… and finding happiness together despite distance and differing goals


How I feel about this character: i own his manjuu…he is v endearing 
All the people I ship romantically with this character: rin, sousuke, iwatobi-chan 
My non-romantic OTP for this character: rinrei
My unpopular opinion about this character: dont think i have one tbh… 
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: proper resolution for s1e12/handling of his feelings in that episode… it was wrapped up for iwatobi+rin minus rei 
my het ship: reigou
my fem/slash ship: rinrei again
my OTP: rinrei
my OT3: rinsourei
my cross over ship: n/a
my kink: glasses off
a head canon fact: i don’t write him enough to have one i dont think
my gender bend: rei would make a super cute nerdy girl…