Stellium houses
  • A stellium is indicated by the presence of 3+ planets in the same house
  • 1st house stellium or emphasis: Tremendous emphasis on the self expression, self development, and mobilizing talents
  • 2nd house stellium or emphasis: Seeking comfort, creative investment, the need for financial security and powerful use of the Voice
  • 3rd house stellium or emphasis: Acute intellect, talents for writing and communication, and the need to circulate information
  • 4th house stellium or emphasis: A powerful connection with the mother, the use of home as a temple, and inescapable conditions of childhood
  • 5th house stellium or emphasis: A life of joviality and recreation, a close affiliation with the inner child and a genuine adoration of creativity, life, and celebration
  • 6th house stellium or emphasis: Need for routine and discipline, somatic concerns, nervous tension, and acute cerebral talents
  • 7th house stellium or emphasis: Tremendous mediation and collaborative skills, identity confusion, and social aptitude
  • 8th house stellium or emphasis: Potent sexual magnetism, overwhelming desire to evoke secrets from invisible worlds, and psychic experiences
  • 9th house stellium or emphasis: Tremendous quest for intellectual expansion, the development of self philosophy, and aggressive intimacy with God
  • 10th house stellium or emphasis: Inspiring ambition, leadership, goals, dreams, life in the public eye, and success
  • 11th house stellium or emphasis: Socially receptive and loved personality, a tremendous need to unify, and dreamers and planners of better worlds, dreamer
  • 12th house stellium or emphasis: Self seclusion, overwhelming and and yet beautiful psychic vision and resonance, and the need to unite once more with infinity
  • -Cherry
Astrology Keywords & Compatibility

Aries ~ Self, Intuition, Direct

Leo ~ Act, Passion, Express

Sagittarius ~ Perceive, Wisdom, Receive

Libra ~ Beauty, Scale, Balance

Aquarius ~ Unique, Logic, Hollow

Gemini ~ Thought, Exchange, Quick

Capricorn ~ Skeleton, Observe, React

Taurus ~ Heart, Judgement, Solid

Virgo ~ Brain, Critique, Analytical

Cancer ~ Spirit, Sensitivity, Mystic

Scorpio ~ Core, Intensity, Pressure

Pisces ~ Psyche, Fluidity, Transcendent

Sun ~ Ego, Personality, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Leo)

Moon ~ Mood, Emotion, Feminine
(Sign Ruler: Cancer)

Mercury ~ Mind, Communication, Both
(Sign Ruler: Gemini & Virgo)

Venus ~ Love, Attraction, Feminine
(Sign Ruler: Libra & Taurus)

Mars ~ Energy, Drive, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Aries)

Jupiter ~ Expansion, Luck, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Sagittarius)

Saturn ~ Restrictions, Fears, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Capricorn)

Uranus ~ Change, Originality, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Aquarius)

Neptune ~ Dreams, Healing, Feminine
(Sign Ruler: Pieces)

Pluto ~ Power, Transformation, Masculine
(Sign Ruler: Scorpio)

1st ~ Self-Image, Ascendant, Rising, Identity
(Aries & Mars House)

2nd ~ Body, Possessions, Self-Worth, Money
(Taurus & Venus House)

3rd ~ Speaking, Communication, Environment, Writing
(Gemini & Mercury House)

4th ~ Family, Home, Roots, Security
(Cancer & Moon House)

5th ~ Self-Expression, Creativity, Romance, Entertainment
(Leo & Sun House)

6th ~ Work, Health, Routine, Service
(Virgo & Mercury House)

7th ~ Partnership, Marriage, Descendant, Competitors
(Libra & Venus House)

8th ~ Sexuality, Transformation, Inheritance, Death
(Scorpio & Pluto House)

9th ~ Belief System, Higher Learning, Adventure, Travel
(Sagittarius & Jupiter House)

10th ~ Career, Midheaven, Reputation, Responsibility
(Capricorn & Saturn House)

11th ~ Aspirations, Wishes, Groups, Organizations
(Aquarius & Uranus House)

12th ~ Karma, Undoing, Secrets, Talents
(Pisces & Neptune House)

Fire ~ Vital, Extrovert, Positive, Independent, Reactive, Masculine
(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Air ~ Mental, Extrovert, Positive, Bias, Rational, Masculine
(Libra, Aquarius, Gemini)

Earth ~ Physical, Introvert, Negative, Independent, Rational, Feminine
(Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

Water ~ Emotional, Introvert, Negative, Bias, Reactive, Feminine
(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Cardinal ~ Leader, Initiator
(Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer)

Fixed ~ Static, Strength
(Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio)

Mutable ~ Follower, Adapter
(Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces)

Compatible Signs:
Fire + Fire

Fire + Air

Air + Air

Earth + Earth

Earth + Water

Water + Water

Cardinal + Fixed

Fixed + Mutable

Mutable + Cardinal

Cardinal + Fixed + Mutable

Incompatible Signs:
Fire + Water or Earth

Air + Earth or Water

Earth + Fire or Air

Water + Air or Fire

Cardinal + Cardinal

Fixed + Fixed

Mutable + Mutable

Opposite/Match Signs:
Aries + Libra

Leo + Aquarius

Sagittarius + Gemini

Capricorn + Cancer

Taurus + Scorpio

Virgo + Pisces

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Seeing as a lot of people find astrology useful in terms of guidance with careers and such, I decided to make a post pointing out some of the best places to look for suitable career paths in the natal chart!

The Midheaven/10th House Cusp: Not surprisingly, this is a good place to start. As the highest point in the chart it shows us who we grow to be and further more careers that we would excel in. Looking at the planets and aspects here can show us the nature of our career lives.

Moon Placements: Of course we all want careers where we feel happy and nourished, looking at where the Moon is in our chart will show us what’s necessary for us to truly content, inevitably telling us what we will and won’t appreciate in our careers.

Saturn Placements: Not only the ruler of the MC, Saturn shows us where we work hard, where we need to push ourselves to the limit. While it’s not always necessary of course, by choosing a career path that appeals to our Saturn, we’re more likely to make peace with our Saturn issues (having to actually work with them) and as a result, reap more benefits when the Saturn return comes around. 

2nd House: The 2nd House while not the house of career, is the house of finance. We can combine the information we learn from our 2nd House with that of our 10th House to understand where we’re good at making money (2nd House) and applying it to what we’re talented in (10th House)

6th House: While this is more so the house of menial work, or serving others, it shows us how we can help others and what we’re skilled in. This can also help us choose a career that plays to our strengths. 

Midheaven Persona Chart: While Persona charts are more advanced and I would recommend them to people who are already comfortable interpreting charts, they’re very helpful when looking at a specific placement. They put the placement under a microscope and help us interpret the ins and outs of the 10th House Cusp more accurately. 


Uranus is about revolution, change, and individuality. You may find that the area the house your Uranus is in is unconventional, strange, or unique in your life.

Uranus in 1st house: your self expression or experience, how you see the world
Uranus in 2nd house: your money (or the way you earn it), self image, talents, possession
Uranus in 3rd house: the way you think and communicate, your siblings/relationship to them
Uranus in 4th house: your family, home, or close relationships
Uranus in 5th house: your hobbies, children, romance
Uranus in 6th house: your work, daily routine, health
Uranus in 7th house: your relationships or partnerships, others
Uranus in 8th house: your secrets, intuition and psychic ability
Uranus in 9th house: your way of thinking/learning, life philosophy
Uranus in 10th house: your career and image, how others see you
Uranus in 11th house: your friends, groups, humanitarian ideals
Uranus in 12th house: your subconscious and inner thoughts/mind

Imagine Noodle at School

•Her school announces a daddy-daughter dance and she raises her hand and asks if she can bring all 3

•Noodle trying to have a friend over but Murdoc scares her so badly they just go to the other girl’s house

•Talent Show. Just…imagine it.


•"So is this ‘2D’ guy your brother or your father?“ She just shrugs

That’s all I can think of, feel free to add more!

Chocobros at Hogwarts

Harry Potter x Final Fantasy XV

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Noctis Lucis Caelum

  • House: Gryffindor
    The Sorting Hat had the hardest time trying to sort him between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but eventually settled on Gryffindor. Not because he’s “brave and fearless” exactly, but because Noctis would like the strength to protect his friends. 
  • Blood Status: Pure-blood
    He is directly linked to royalty, and some people say that he’s a descendant of Merlin. His father was Minister of Magic up to his death. 
  • Boggart: Marilith, the creature that gravely injured him as a kid, and is the reason for his bad back and legs that even the best Healers couldn’t fix. When he grows older and eventually slays her, his boggart changes to him not being able to save his friends, leading to their death. 
  • Wand: Cypress wood, Dragon heartstring, twelve and a half inches, not very flexible or springy, but durable. 
    Cypress wood is associated with nobility, and one great wandmaker was always honored to meet a match with cypress wood, because he knew that that wizard would die a heroic death
    Dragon heartstring leads to powerful wands, and while they can change allegiance easily, the core bonds strongly with the current owner. Be warned, it can be prone to accidents, almost temperamental. 
    Low flexibility means that the wand isn’t very prone to adapting or willingness to change. 
  • Patronus: Carbuncle 
  • Favorite class: History of Magic, because that means he can sleep through it. 
  • When Noctis arrived at Hogwarts, everyone was already gossiping about who he is or who his family is, so he remained very lonely in the beginning. He had Ignis and Gladio, who were three years ahead of his year, but he thought that it was embarrassing to rely on them for friendship, so he mostly stayed alone. 
  • Some of the Slytherins call him “Blood Traitor” because his lineage is so prestigious, yet he acts very casual with everyone, and is almost awkward, as if he was beneath them. 
  • He was excused from Flying Classes because of his bad leg, which would lock up and tense if he was on a broom for too long.  
  • He can be found in the Gryffindor dorms on his free time, sleeping on either one of the couches or in his bed, or in the Great Hall. 
  • But he also has a habit of going to the Great Lake to fish, which the teachers always tell him not to do, but he does it anyway. 
  • His wand is chipped at some places, but otherwise still in good quality. He doesn’t treat his wand very well, and always has close call moments where he almost snaps it.
  • Such a pureblood pleb, and wouldn’t understand muggle customs very well. Prompto told him the Chocobo Moodle outfit was the height of muggle fashion as a joke, and Noctis took him seriously. He wore it out in muggle public, even when Prompto told him that it was a joke, he continued to wear it anyway. 
  • He has a black cat as a pet that his father got for him as a gift, and they both take afternoon naps together. He uses the family’s owl to send letters to his father. 
  • He has the best affinity for Apparition out of everyone in his school year. 

Prompto Argentum: 

  • House: Hufflepuff 
    No question whatsoever, this boy was made to be the most loyal and unyielding wizard that has ever walked down Hogwart’s halls. 
  • Blood Status: Muggle-born
    Prompto was actually a result of a magical experiment with all intents and purposes were to make artificial life, so the proper classification would be Magical Creature. The experiments were put to a stop once the Ministry of Magic found out what that wizard was attempting to do, and Prompto was taken in and put up for adoption. There was a mix up, and he ended up being adopted by the typical nine-to-five muggle couple. 
  • Boggart: His boggart would be his friends hating him for his origins, calling him a monster or turning him away for what he is. Once he was constantly reassured that they don’t care what he is and, “What does it matter where you’re from anyway?” His boggart changes to his friends dying one by one. 
  • Wand: Ceder wood, unicorn hair, twelve and a half inches, springy 
    Ceder wood is meant for people who have a strong character and unyielding loyalty. Ceder wands find people with powerful judgement. 
    Unicorn hair is the most versatile of the typical three cores, and is the most faithful, as they tend to stick to their original owner. It is also the hardest core to turn to the Dark Arts. 
  • Patronus: the one and only chocobos. 
  • Favorite class: Care for Magical Creatures, but he has a strange talent for Charms that can make Ignis slightly jealous. 
  • When he came to Hogwarts he was a bit on the chubby side, so they submitted him to some bullying from some rather mean Slytherins, but the people of his house saw him as a reliable and nice guy. He’s just a bit insecure and shy. He then met Noctis and everything changed. 
  • Colin Creevey 2.0
  • Despite everything he was genuinely excited to go to Hogwarts though! His parents were a bit hesitant, because they always saw him as different, but eventually let him go when a professor came to talk to them. 
  • He brought an old camera with him to capture all the wonders of being a wizard. 
  • He went through a Neville-level transformation! He started to slim down a bit late first year by running laps around Hogwart’s Quidditch pitch early in the morning or across the Great Lake. He finally slimmed down to what he looks like now during the summer of his fourth year. 
  • He loves Hogsmead, and always gets so excited or a cup of butterbeer or a trip to Honeydukes. 
  • Even though he slimmed down, he still likes to treat himself more often than not. He can’t resist cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties, and licorice wands.
  • It’s a surprise that his wand is still usable. He’s very clumsy with it, and during his first year he always flicked it very hard or slammed it against the tables. He has chips, splinters, and wear and tear. 
  • He has a little dwarf owl that he begged his parents to get for him. It doesn’t grow to be any bigger than his hand, and he loves it to bits. It’s the color of a toasted marshmallow, and can barely carry any packages that’s any heavier than a letter, but Prompto always encourages it and awards it as if it were able to bench press Gladio. 
  • Someone please give me Prompto’s DLC outfit, but Hogwarts version. 
  • He gets super excited when he learns how to get his pictures to move and talk. During the summers when he’s away from Noctis and them, he usually talks to the pictures that he has of them. 

Gladiolus Amicitia

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  • House: Gryffindor 
    Truly is the house of the brave, and Gladio has the heart of a lion. There was no doubt that he would end up here, but the Sorting Hat did ponder for a second or two about placing him in Ravenclaw. 
  • Blood Status: Half-blood 
    While the Amicitia are an old and prestigious wizarding family with a family tree that can be traced back thousands of years, Clarus ended up falling in love and marrying a half-blood witch. The Amicitias are known for being the Shields to the Caelum family, a tradition that was born thousands of years ago, and created by an Unbreakable Vow by their ancestors, but as the years went by the newer generations made the tradition more relaxed and easygoing than it was years ago. 
  • Boggart: failing as a Shield. Even though the whole helpmate thing isn’t as serious as it was before, Noctis gets into more trouble than Gladio would like, and with the tensions between the pure-blood supremacists and everyone else, he worries for his friends. 
  • Wand: Blackthorn wood, dragon heartstring, fifteen inches, and only the slightest bit flexible. 
    Blackthorn wood is an unusual wand wood, but is known for being best suited for warriors. 
    Dragon heartstring produce powerful wands and flamboyant spells. Their owners are usually fast learners, and just like stated above, they are prone to accidents, and are just the slightest bit temperamental. 
  • Patronus: a bear. 
    The guys call him “Papa Bear” to tease with him sometimes. Bears represent strength and wisdom. 
  • Favorite Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts without a doubt, but he enjoys the reading material for Astronomy, Alchemy, Muggle Studies, and Magical Theory. 
  • Some nasty Slytherins would gossip and call him “a waste of proper blood,” due to his half-blood heritage that “soiled” his family’s lone line of purebloods. 
  • But they would only say this at a distance, and a fool would try to say it to his face. 
  • He would get detention for fighting, but it wouldn’t be for wizard dueling. Nope, Gladio uses his fists only. 
  • When he turns seventeen, the first thing he uses magic outside of school for is making the three-minute cup noodle wait go by faster. 
  • He can be found exercising on his free time, or in the library reading every book on every shelf. Girls who are smitten with him would probably catch glances at him from around the shelves’ corners. 
  • He was on the qudditch team for a short period of time in the Beater position. 
  • Unlike Prompto, whose wand is in poor condition simply because he doesn’t take good care of it, Gladio’s wand is worn down because he’s dueling all the time. He’s either practicing spells, or has his wand disarmed from him. That or he’s literally knocked off his feet. He spends money every now and then for the upkeep of his wand. 
  • He doesn’t have any pets, but they have a family hawk to send letters and Iris wanted a cat or a ferret. 
  • If he had a Yule Ball during his time in school, he would have a line of girls just waiting to ask him out, but he would turn them all down for the quiet girl that hangs around the library. 
  • Unfortunately, being charming and handsome is a double-edged sword. He always has to watch out for his food being spiked with a love potion. 
  • “Want to dare me to camp in the Forbidden Forest?” 
    “No, that’s crazy.” 
    “I’m going to do it anyway.” 
  • Swears that he fought a dragon with his bare hands. 
  • J.K. Rowling likes to name her characters after flowers, so Gladio ‘s family fits right in! 

Ignis Scientia: 

  • House: Ravenclaw
    Smart, talented, organized and almost perfect and everything he does, Ignis’ wisdom beyond his years brought him to the house of the wise. 
  • Blood Status: Pure-blood 
    Just like Noctis and Gladio, his lineage is ancient and prestigious. Many of his relatives have been known for being upstanding members of wizarding society, or boasts having many high-end positions in the Ministry of Magic. 
  • Boggart: being useless, being a burden. It’s the image of everyone leaving him behind because he’s no longer an asset to them. 
    Ignis works twice as hard as everyone else to be as efficient and helpful as he can be, sometimes taking things over completely so that he can prove that he’s needed in order to having things run properly. Of course, everyone knows this, but sometimes he needs to tell that to himself. 
  • Wand: Beech wood, phoenix feather, thirteen and a half inches, surprisingly swishy. 
    Beech wood is for the young and wise beyond their years. Full-grown, they would be rich in understanding and experience. Not for the narrow or weak-minded. 
    Phoenix feather is a rare core type, but you can always expect great things from the wand’s owner. They have the longest range of magic, but can have a mind of their own. These wands are also the pickiest. 
    People with surprisingly swishy wands are either very loyal or very unloyal. The owners would have a hard time coming out of their shell, and opening up to people, but once they do, they’re known as charming, has unwavering loyalty, and has the ability to make hard decisions. 
  • Patronus: a phoenix 
    Ignis’ name basically means fire, and this pairs up with the fire bird quite well. Phoenixes are also known as elegant, and while they can be independent and stubborn, are also being affiliated with healing and caring. 
  • Favorite class: Transfiguration, but he does well in every class. 
  • Ignis would be a prefect during his school years, and a teacher’s pet, or “insufferable know-it-all.” 
  • He takes full advantage of the prefect’s bathroom. He would lock himself in there for hours on end, getting rid of all the stress from classes and taking care of his kids friends Prompto and Noctis. 
  • He would stand up for the muggle-borns being picked on and the little underclassmen that are being bullied. 
  • He watches over his family/childhood friend Noctis, and would feel a bit upset that Noctis pushes him away in favor of loneliness. 
  • A Hufflepuff prefect would let him in on the secret of getting to the Hogwarts kitchens, and he would start baking to cheer Noctis up and in hopes that he would share them and make friends. 
  • Is rarely seen without his partner, Gladio from Gryffindor. 
  • If we are talking about canon Harry Potter timeline, Ignis would lose his sight during the Battle of Hogwarts. 
  • He uses his Hogsmead trips to get more quills and parchment. It’s a very business-like trip. Gladio would have to drag him to the Three Broomsticks for a cup of butterbeer. 
  • His favorite sweet treats would be pumpkin pasties and toothflossing stringmints, but everyone wonders how he can eat that with a straight face. 
  • Noctis used to collect Chocolate Frog cards when he was kid, and while Ignis wasn’t very adverse to eating that many sweets, he used to buy a whole bunch to help Noctis out, so Ignis eats Chocolate Frogs every now and then for the nostalgia. 
  • Ignis wanted a cat, but decided that an owl was more useful, so he got a great horned owl with the same swept up hairstyle as him. 
  • He doesn’t play quidditch on a team or professionally, but when he plays with his friends, his positions are either chaser or keeper. 
  • Unlike his friends, his wand would be in perfect and pristine condition. He polishes it regularly, and cleans it to keep those pesky fingerprint smudges away. 
Jupiter in the 12th House

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The 12th House can often simultaneously represent freedom and imprisonment at the same time. Our dreams and subconscious, free, but also contained spaces are represented in the 12th House. Prisons and hospitals are often represented in the 12th House because prisoners and patients are restricted to stay in the building, but they are free from the brutality of the societal norms outside.

For those with Jupiter in the 12th House, the subconscious is not a prison, but a playground. It is a retreat, a place to escape, but also a fun place to discover. With that being said, those with Jupiter in the 12th like to spend a lot of time to themselves because they have the most fun when they are in solitude. They feel as if they are free to escape into themselves and not worry about the burdens of the world around them. Due to this, they can often feel weirdly distanced from others, for they feel their subconscious, their place of refuge, feels like a different world.

The outside world can often feel like a prison for these natives while their private self feels like freedom. Jupiter is the planet that shows what talents easily comes to us in the natal chart, and with Jupiter in the 12th House, people with this placement may feel that their talents are often brushed away. People with this placement can often feel that they aren’t showing their full potential because they are not allowed to. The native can also be unaware of their talents, so therefore, they can either be directionless or will follow a path that doesn’t truly utilize their skills.

The skills and talents that come with this placement lies in spirituality and intuition, for these are the items covered in the 12th House. Their talents lie in a realm that may not be considered realistic or societally applicable, for their skills are most effectively applicable for situations that are expansive, unstructured, and subjective… These are characteristics of items that expand beyond the daily workings of society. Individuals with this placement would often be gifted in subjects that expand beyond the daily workings of reality such as religion and philosophy. People with this placement are skilled in thinking beyond what meets the eye, for they are easily to give deeper meaning and reason for how life works. Jupiter in the 12th natives can be great teachers due to this.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity. Jupiter is the planet that can twist circumstances for abundance, for better or worse. Those with this placement can be lucky in the most unknown cases. It is often said that those with this placement can have a guardian angel watching over them, since bad events often do not occur due to unknown, but lucky circumstances. However, due to this luck, some individuals with this placement may push their luck, for they don’t often hold the painful weight of consequences until it’s too late.

The subconscious mind of Jupiter in the 12th House is constantly expanding, and with expansion, there is a need to fill the mind with knowledge. There is a deep fascination with the world, for there is often a deep need to discover and learn new things. Hope and beliefs is hidden, but strong in these individuals. After all, they can perceive the world to be a place with limits, and their hope and optimism drives them to go beyond the limits they see. Optimistic wisdom is often naturally present in these people, and their words can often be surprisingly profound.

The lesson that often needs to be learned with those with Jupiter in the 12th House is to find freedom in all places, while still acknowledging the workings of reality. Instead of constantly escaping from the real world, those with this placement can learn to create their own freedom with the optimism and hope found within them. As the planet of Jupiter, natives with this placement often create the most positive opportunities when they choose to use their talents to sacrifice and help others.

Those with this placement are gifted in giving hope to others and providing a different, insightful perspective due to their expanding mind. It can be hard at first for natives to apply their talents into the real world, but through these struggles, they can learn to heal others by expanding their minds positively and encourage thinking what is present beyond the naked eye.

With self-awareness, those with this placement can naturally become wise and profound individuals. At their worst, those who are aware of their secret talents and skills can use this to overly inflate their ego, subconsciously justifying the existence of their skills to consider themselves higher than others. With this inflation of the ego, natives with this placement can struggle to root themselves to reality, failing to realize that everyone, regardless of their gifts, are students.

Obsessions ♇

I obsess over…

Pluto in the 1st house: Myself and how I appear to others.

Pluto in the 2nd house: My possessions and money.

Pluto in the 3rd house: My mind and intellect.

Pluto in the 4th house: My parents and home life. 

Pluto in the 5th house: My talents and self-expression. 

Pluto in the 6th house: My job and self-improvement. 

Pluto in the 7th house: My Relationships and romantic affairs. 

Pluto in the 8th house: My self-awareness and the metaphysical world. 

Pluto in the 9th house: My opinions and converting others. 

Pluto in the 10th house: My ambitions and research.

Pluto in the 11th house: My friendships and groups.

Pluto in the 12th house: My mind and hidden truths. 

Haunters: The Art of the Scare takes viewers behind-the-screams of some of the most popular haunted houses. It will have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest later this month before hitting Blu-ray and digital on October 3.

Directed by Jon Schnitzer, the documentary features interviews with producer Jason Blum (Get Out, Insidious), filmmakers Sylvia and Jen Soska (American Mary), actress Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights creative director John Murdy, and the creators of the most popular and controversial haunts in the world.

Read on to watch the trailer and read the synopsis.

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Every once in awhile, when I haven’t been actively re-watching AHS because I’m an investigative addict, I like to go back and watch the seasons in a different order. It’s exciting because you can link so many different clues to so many different seasons, and different clues can turn into reminders and tall tales and clues for seasons we haven’t seen yet. It’s like watching it brand new again in a whole new perspective and you see the AHS universe linked in ways you hadn’t seen before. Especially since Ryan Murphy said all the seasons are linked in the same universe, I have a fascination with finding the perfect order for watching the seasons. I can’t wait to find out where the new season Cult will fit into place!

Most recently, I started with Freak Show. It’s one of the best places to start because of how colorful and child like and wide eyed the season is. It introduces us to a world we all grew up familiar with, but as children never fully experienced (hopefully); killer clowns, freak shows, ghosts who appear on Halloween night, sociopaths, the underdog wanting to be acknowledged. It’s a typical, American horror story we’ve all indulged in that began during the rise of society after the depression. The moments in time where humanity slowly began to consciously evolve and realize the darkness lurking right under our noses. We began seeing ‘freak shows’ in every hometown carnival across the country. This season is the only season so far that FULLY takes place in the past (40’s & 50’s), which makes me need to mention that they are amazingggggg with their time pieces. Yet, season 4 is the only season that doesn’t bring us to present day while every other season does. So if you want to start in the past, this is the best place to begin where you can dive right into the world of AHS with child-like wonder. For some, it is harder to witness ‘monstrous’ humans than it is to witness ‘monstrous’ ghosts and ghouls.

Next on this list is Asylum. Asylum literally follows up right after Freak Show, where we see Pepper being placed into Briarcliff. It takes place in the later 50′s & 60′s. Time line wise, it just makes sense that Asylum would come next and we are also introduced to present time in this season. During Asylum’s present time, we see a couple wondering around the abandoned Briarcliff and get murdered by Bloody Face Jr who later gets murdered by his now elderly mother, Lana Winters. This season takes place mostly in the past and also gives a good foundation to continue building off of Freak Show to bring us fully into the present time of the AHS world.

Next we have Hotel. Hotel is set in the present but gives us A LOT of flashbacks to many different timelines dating back to the 20′s. This is where we are first introduced to Dr. Montgomery which makes us wonder what type of man would abort a baby from a woman in her last trimester. We are also introduced to a species we are all highly familiar with, blood sucking vampires, the first non human living monsters of all the seasons. We also learn that the hotel is home to many murderous spirits who cannot pass on or leave the hotel. This is also where we are first introduced to Queenie who seemed to have some magic powers but was killed, or was she? At the end of this season, we meet a medium named Billy Dean Howard who shows up to the hotel with a camera crew and tv show. From the looks of her tv show, you truly cannot tell whether Billy Dean is the real deal or not. We get to see her in action speaking with spirits because we ourselves see them as well, but her viewers do not.

In the fourth spot, we have Roanoke. Roanoke tells the original American horror story about a settling colony that we all grew up learning about in school. We are now fully delving into the darkest parts of the AHS universe. This season takes place mostly in the present but is completely affected by spirits from the 1500′s, and we get to see the dark twist on the original settlers. We also see yet another building as well as acres of land being haunted by the original settlers who cannot pass on or leave the land via black magic spells placed upon them all. We watch as two more tv shows take place inside the house and on the land. This is where we first learn through another medium we are introduced to that screaming “CROATOAN” will dispel any spirits that are around. This medium also comes across as pretty phony for awhile, but proves to be dedicated to helping the family, until his sad demise at the end. Also, in the end of this season, we get to see the lovely & aged Lana Winters yet again in another interview.

After Roanoke, we arrive at the Murder House. In Murder House, we have yet another building and piece of land that is haunted by ghosts who cannot pass on or leave. We have been in this house before with the Countess when she tried to abort her monster baby. In this season, we get the full low down on the monstrous Dr. Montgomery. I love the perspective of meeting him vaguely with her, and then revisiting to his story later. We also meet Billy Dean Howard again who proves to us how legitimate she is. In a conversation with Constance, Billy is hesitant to explain that the neighbor is impregnated with the antichrist. During her hesitation, Constance makes a comment to get her to continue speaking without caution by saying, “For Christ’s sake, Billy Dean, the cameras aren’t rolling in here.” I love this perspective of seeing Billy Dean first as a possible scared phony in Hotel, to seeing her as an actual, talented medium in Murder House. We also see how she uses the same “CROATOAN” method as the other medium in Roanoke used. When Violet attempts to use the method, it does not work for her. Maybe it’s because she is dead herself already at that point, or maybe there was a blood moon out. In this season we also hear about the Pig Man and Butcher story which is botched but is clearly derived from Roanoke. Billy Dean even makes a few references to Asylum and also explains why spirits will haunt places and people and not be able to pass on or leave. This season gives us so many reminders of past seasons while also giving us many flashbacks of multiple different eras of time beginning in the 20′s.

Last but definitely not least, is Coven. This season takes place in the present with flashbacks to the 1800′s and throughout the 1900′s. In this season, we meet Queenie again who we assumed was dead, but we learn she has some awesome magical powers hidden in her. We also meet another witch, Madison Montgomery, who is very bougie and cynical, much like her possible Murder House Montgomery family. She even has a better Frankenstein touch than her ancestor Dr. Montgomery did. After all these seasons of seeing mediums working their magic and seeing the black magic in Roanoke, we finally get to delve into what magic truly means in the AHS universe. In the coven, we have evolved from dealing with ghosts and spirits to bringing people back to life after dying, visiting and returning from hell, divination and pyrokinesis. We get to delve more into the world of the magic that we first saw with Lady Gaga’s witchy character in Roanoke. I cannot wait until they do that Murder House/Coven crossover season which I think will give us even more details on AHS magic in past centuries, linking Lady Gaga’s witchy character to the rest of the Coven. 

~ Houses of Astrology

first house: life spirit, rays of radiant personality
~ expression of the Soul. When you look into someone’s eyes and see the star they bust from. the first house is ruled by Aries ~ a lot of first house planets gives tremendous emphasis to the self expression, self development, and mobilizing talents ~

second house: the sensual body, resources. voice and comforts
~resources from Heaven. beautification of the material plane. the second house is ruled by Taurus ~ many second house planets emphasise seeking comfort, creative investment, the need for financial security and powerful use of the Voice

third house: immediate cerebral perception, awareness of surrounding environment, literature, siblings ~
telepathy, messages, Soul brothers and sisters. the third house is ruled by Gemini ~ many third house planets indicate acute intellect, talents for writing and communication, and the need to circulate information

fourth house: psychological base, ancestral roots, home, mother
~ relationship with the Goddess, inherited karma, residence of the Disciple and Spirit Guides. the fourth house is ruled by Cancer. many fourth house planets suggest a powerful connection with the mother, the use of home as a temple, and inescapable conditions of childhood

fifth house: creative essence, delight, amusement, romance
~ the Dance of the Soul, godly love and generosity. Laughter of angels. the fifth house is ruled by Leo. a fifth house emphasis can indicate a life of joviality and recreation, a close affiliation with the inner child and a genuine adoration of creativity, life, and celebration

sixth house: service, conditions of health, labor
~ Service to the animal Kingdom, fusing of the higher and lower mind, godly servitude. the sixth house is ruled by Virgo. many sixth house planets suggest a need for routine and discipline, somatic concerns, nervous tension, and acute cerebral talents

seventh house: projections, partnership, relationships, fine arts
~ reunion with the Twin Flame, uniting body and soul. the seventh house is ruled by Libra. a significant seventh house influence can express through tremendous mediation and collaborative skills, identity confusion, and social aptitude

eighth house: crossing the threshold, regeneration, magic and symbolism
~ the pathway to discipleship, provocation of the unconscious, sublimating power into healing rays. the eighth house is ruled by scorpio. many eighth house planets indicate potent sexual magnetism, overwhelming desire to evoke secrets from invisible worlds, and psychic experiences

ninth house: universal meaning, scripture, long distance travel higher learning, philosophy
~ the Spiritual Pathway to the divine temple, the Ancient wisdom of all teachings, the holding place of all esoteric wisdom and Akashic record. the ninth house is ruled by Sagittarius. ninth house emphasis suggests a tremendous quest for intellectual expansion, the development of self philosophy, and aggressive intimacy with God

tenth house: profession, public image, father, dreams and aspiration, social standing
~ Gods, Gurus, and Mentors. solidification of Divine plans. the tenth house is ruled by capricorn. many tenth house planets indicate inspiring ambition, life in the public eye, and success

eleventh house: friends, communities, hopes and collective joy
~ Spiritual dreams and ideals, humanitarian service, elevation of consciousness through collective group activity. the eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius. eleventh house emphasis indicates a socially receptive and loved personality, a tremendous need to unify, and dreamers and planners of better worlds

twelfth house: solitude, self undoing, prayer, dreams
~ The inner, esoteric experience, soaking into the collective ocean, Divine savior. the twelfth house is ruled by Pisces. twelfth house emphasis can indicate self seclusion, overwhelming and and yet beautiful psychic vision and resonance, and the need to unite once more with infinity


Sun in the fifth house natives seem to have a childlike attitude, be good with kids, or have the desire to have children of their own. They are very fresh, expressive, and love to do things that are fun. These people’s hobbies are a huge part of who they are. Depending on what sign their sun is in, they will have different interests. Generally, they are really creative people who have a lot of unique ideas and ways of expressing themselves. They hate not being able to express themselves through some form of art or an activity. Their pride comes from their hobbies and talents.