pencil and pen on 12"x16.5" canson mi-teintes paper

“Art flowing in my vein, like blood” that’s something that I believe since the first time I choose art as my career and (mostly) as my life. Drawing is my routine activity everyday, the hobbies became a job. But the different is with the common job, this is the job the I choose because I like the job, genuine feeling.

This illustration also the part of “Design The Incredible Art-Piece for Samsung” competition in Talent House

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Final push for my collection!

I’m in a competition for Las Vegas Fashion week in order to showmy Fall collection this spring for an emerging designer competition. It’s a really great thing and provides alot of support that I really need!

So if you have the time, please vote for me! There’s only one day left!


photography: Julia Elizabeth
Model: Hope

My entry to "Design For Ed Sheeran"

My opening statement is: I am shit at drawing and I have very little talent for this kind of stuff, but I honestly did my best!
I know there are a lot of submissions out there but pretty please, take the time to check out mine <3 I’ll even bake you some brownies (provided that you live in NY, otherwise they will be imaginary or digital :P) and you’ll surely get major karma points if you vote for me and make me a happy girl. 
CLICK RIGHT HERE + to see the submission, though here’s a picture of it anyway:


Night Falls on Talent House.

External image

Stumbled upon a website called Talent House recently, it gives creatives the opportunity to display their skills through setting enticing competitions, including the one i’m attempting. Chromeo, a leading electrofunk duo are about to start touring and they need an awesome t-shirt to swoon their romantic fans with. This is my task.


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Entry for the deadmau5 Next Head contest, thank you for your support!

Inspired by the patterns and bright colours of Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ candy skulls. The colours are blacklight reactive, making the mask vibrant both in the dark and the light. Alternatively, they could be turned to LED lighting, or a combination of both. The mouth visor is mesh for visibility.

So I’m participating in a competition on Talent house and need your help in order to show at fashion week las vegas. All it takes is a vote, though! (you can vote twice- twitter and facebook)

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so many people asking for this video


Please vote for my friend’s mau5head! 

Based off of the yellow rat that shoots electric bolts from its cheeks that I’m sure we all know (if you live under a rock, that would be Pikachu), I bring you PIKAMAU5. Or. Deadchu. Which sounds a bit strange. But if you like that, I won’t complain.

My design features:
- Glossy yellow plastic base with dark brown/grey eyes and detail on the ears and back
- Small patches of light under the outer plastic shell around the cheek area, just like Pikachu’s so so ~*~kawaii desu~*~ cheeks (in red, of course)
- Pink tinted metal mesh mouth that flips up into the head for when it gets hot or hard to breathe. Or if you’re afraid of walking into a pole or something.
- Tail made of a softer/more pliable plastic material (for safety reasons) that screws into the back; removable
- Yellow electroluminescent wire trailing the outline of the head

Hm. I guess that’s it. Hope you guys dig it andIhopeIdon'tgetsuedoranythingwoooaaarrrghhh.




Thank you in advanced! :D


Talent House is holding a contest called The Secret 7" where you create 7"x7" artwork for an artist’s song. 45 artist are then picked and their artwork is printed on albums and auctioned off to help raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. This piece was for Florence + The Machine’s song, “Only If For One Night.” I’ll show you guys the final image once voting is up!

Hello everyone¡, I am participating in the Victor Frankenstein movie with this artwork, I need your vote to be considerer for the jury so if you like my artwork, please vote for me in the link below, thank you very much¡


Everyone has two faces, good and evil. Two different sides of a card. That is what I want represent it here. One side we have Victor and Igor and the other, the monster, but who is good and who is evil?I decided to draw them with invert colors; the characters are white and we have the blackness in the background because sometimes nothing is what it seems.

And I had a dream
About my old school
And she was there
All pink and gold and glittery
I threw my arms around her legs
Came to weeping, came to weeping

And I heard your voice as clear as day
And you told me I should concentrate
It was all so strange and it’s so surreal
That a ghost should be so practical

Only if for a night
And the only solution was to stand and fight
And my body was loosing all the satellites
But you came over me like some holy life
And although I was burning
You’re the only light
Only if for a night..
Only If For A Night- Florence + the Machine

>>>>>>>My entry for Talent House Secret 7’’ contest.<<<<<<<
I based myself on those first verses of the song, of her meeting her grandmother’s ghost.
I am a big fan of Florence’s music, so that contest was perfect for me XD I am not expecting to win or anything, but it will certainly help to get me known to the world.

The votes only open on January 20, but until there you support me on the site. Please, help me on this, it means a lot to me Ç3Ç

Ballpoint pen, Pentel watercolor, Faber Castell coloured pencil, Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Win the chance to design an outfit for Leona Lewis

Hey all as I was reading my morning metro on the train I came across an article about Leona and what she is doing for her fans!!

Leona is running a competition and she is giving fans/designers the chance to design an ethical outfit for her. As you know Leona is a big supporter of animal rights and everything she wears is ethically and in no way tested on animals like some designers do for their outfits. So if you want to be in for the chance of winning the chance to design an outfit for Leona head over to the site and enter today!! Good Luck!