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Wherever you will go
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Wherever you will go Plastic Cover - matabangutak

Ito na naman ako, isang lalakeng nangangarap kumanta, isang lalake na parang nag vivideoke lang sa kanto, pag pasensyahan niyo na kung sa pangalawang beses eh sumubok ako sa ganitong larangan. Mag boblog na lang ako promise.

Salamat sa mga mag titiis makinig hanggang sa huli, hanggang sa bumirit ako sa huli. Tunay kayong kaibigan.


#TalentTuesday - Elijah Dominique #KillTheUnderground

As a New Yorker, we know there is no way to avoid the tunnels of the subway. Elijah Dominique has found a way to document the stories of the tunnels that we all know too well with his subway series, #KillTheUnderground. He is far from a one trick pony! He is a skilled editor, portrait photographer, landscapes, etc. But we’ll let his photos do the talking. 

Follow Elijah Dominique

Twitter: @elijahd0m

Instagram: @elijahd0m

Tumblr: http://visualsbyd0m.tumblr.com

Here without you
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Here without you plastic cover - matabangutak

Akalain mong bumirit ako hanggang huli? Kahit pilit?

Walanghiya, ayaw ko na, kahihiyan tong pagkakakanta ko dito, sayang kasi effort ko kaya pinost ko na rin, sabi ko na nga bat blog lang ang talent ko, pero ang pasukin ang talent na ito naku wala,, nakikiuso lang ako kasi talent tuesdays lang ngayon. Pasensya na sa maririnig niyo ha? 

Instrumentong Tulog lata,

Boses na wasak na lata.

Pero ang pogi ng kumakanta. 

Bahala na, diyos na ang bahala. Talent tuesday entry.

SUPER POCKIES! [Talent Tuesday Entry]

Name: Alyssa Alzate

Alter-Ego: Ms. Congeniality

Special Move: Lethal Giggle

Description: Alyssa loves to smile, thus enabling it to share with others, her smile is contagious while his laugh can choke anyone to death.

Name: Bryan Martin

Alter-Ego: Cheerio

Special Move: Cheers~!

Description: He and Irish Dawn gave powers to the group and holds the Chocolate flavored Pocky Wand. His Cheering powers heightens the five senses of the other Pockies.

Name: Irish Dawn

Alter-Ego: Globe AutoLoad

Special Move: Autoload MAXX!

Description: She is the most respected member of the group and holds the Strawberry Flavored Pocky Wand. His Autoload powers enable her to drain energy and give energy to the weakened members of the group.

Name: Yugel

Alter-Ego: Gewgle

Special Move: HACK!

Description: The gadget and IT specialist of the group, his HACKING knowledge is unsurpassed. His keyboard is his main arsenal and ROBO-TO in his back helps him in combat and hacking.

Name: Mark

Alter-Ego: ???

Special Move: Double Shift

Description: The group’s shapeshifter. He can shapeshift into anyone and copy their abilities. No one knows the real image of Mark. He is always behind the mask.

Name: Jennifer Lois

Alter-Ego: Heartflutter

Special Move: The Heart Beats

Description: The only winged pocky. The heart tattoo in her chest release butterflies, and when these butterflies come into contact with anyone, that victim will feel the emotion that Lois is currently feeling.

Name: Nichole

Alter-Ego: Eekol

Special Move: Eekol Moves

Description: Mr. Incognito and the most handsome member of the group, he is oftened chase by girls. His fast movements allows him to flirt with several girls at a time.Though naughty, his serious side is something everyone feared.

Name: Toni

Alter-Ego: Doodler

Special Move: Strike of Perfection!

Description: An artist, Toni is gifted with the magical doodle set. His paintbrush can create anything and bring to life.

Name: Suni

Alter-Ego: Suni

Special Move: Fan Art

Description: An ancient mystic. His fan can create tornadoes and bring pictures into life. He is once partnered with Tony to create a army of Pocky.

Name: Kiefer Mhel

Alter-Ego: Dagger Dy

Special Move: Dimesion Slash

Description: A lone warrior. His search for his loved one gave him the curse of Immortality, and can only be broken when someone uses the key attached in his neck to open his heart. His immortality gave him the time to train and slash dimesions with his cursed sword.

Name: Czyrelle

Alter-Ego: Green Pasture

Special Move: Nature’s Wrath

Description: Along with Arcell and Kris, the three of them are found in the Forest of Doom. Trained by Bryan Martin, Czy can now control the Earth. This happy girl is hesitant to use her powers for hurting others.

Name: Louie Ralph

Alter-Ego: Luwirap

Special Move: Washed Up Story

Description: Along with Ceara and Peter, the three of them are blessed with mind hacking abilities. Luwi can brainwash people and create stuffs in their mind.

Name: Deus

Alter-Ego: Deusdork

Special Move: Chord Strike!

Description: The musician of the group. His Electric guitar, can, well, generate electricity and summon thunderstorms.

Name: Roan

Alter-Ego: The Whisperer

Special Move: Pain Defense

Description: Little is known about this girl, she is left in the doorsteps of the group headquarters and is trained to be a super pocky. She seldom speaks. His ability creates barriers the absorb and retaliates the absorbed damage.

Name: William

Alter-Ego: Liam

Special Move: HOAX BY WILL

Description: A monk who mastered summoning elemental powers using the beads in his belt. His right eye is covered because it can create a powerful illusion to anyone who sees it, and that person will be trapped inside the illusion, forever.

Name: Ryla

Alter-Ego: Wonderland Alice

Special Move: HEAL

Description: A priest who believes that peace cannot be achieved without fighting the bad guys. He came to aid the pocky with his healing power.

Name: Kristoffer

Alter-Ego: RAWR!

Special Move: RAWR!

Description: This barbaric boy onlys knows to RAWR! His high-pitched RAWR! can send enemies flying and deaf. He is found in the den of Lions with Czyrelle and Arcell.

Name: Peter Paul

Alter-Ego: Peteriffik

Special Move: Sparrow Transmission

Description: One of the blessed with mind powers. Peter can telepathically speak with others, and is limited only to speaking. His Sparrow Transmission directs one member into what to do [much like of a puppet].

Name: Arcell

Alter-Ego: Teddy Bear

Special Move: Claws of Fury

Description: This girl is this Bear costume since she was little, and the costumes mysteriously grows with her. She was trained how to be a Bear and thus, making her a Bear.

Name: Byron

Alter-Ego: Evil Archer

Special Move: Piercing Darkness

Description: His archery skills is extraordinaire. He usually strikes in the shadows making it hard for enemies to detect incoming attacks from him.

Name: Dana

Alter-Ego: Confession Release

Special Move: Verisaterum

Description: A chemist who creates weird concoctions. Her Verisaterum extracts the truth within anyone who drinks it.

Name: Ace

Alter-Ego: Happy Go Lucky

Special Move: Ace of Spades

Description: A gambler who accidentally drank one of Dana’s concoctions. His arsenal of choice is Cards, which he can explode by will.

Name: Ceara

Alter-Ego: Mira the Mystic

Special Move: Blank

Description: One of the blessed three. She can read minds and make people think blank for 5 minutes.

Name: Jeffrey

Alter-Ego: Hayato

Special Move: HEIGH-AYTO!

Description: His family is one of the legendary ninja who is blessed with supernatural powers. HEIGH-AYTO! Enables them to control their hieght and size.

Lumayo ka man.
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Lumayo ka man sa Akin Plastic Cover - matabangutak

Ang napakabagong kanta na sisikat palang sa Pilipinas.

Pansin ko lalayo ang followers pagkarinig nito, hindi bat mas cool dahil sobrang minamahal ko ang kantang pinoy? Kahit dun na lang ang credit, lumalayo ang kanta sa akin, talagang hindi ako mahal ng boses ko.

Kaya lumayo man ang boses ko sa akin, ang daliri ko naman ay palaging malapit sa akin, patuloy pa rin ako mag ttype ng blog. Belat.

Talent tuesday entry.

Anong sinabi ni Rodel Naval saken? Haha!

Ang sakit sa ulo ng ginawa ko. 100 sa Videoke to pag kinanta eh.

  • Goodbye (I'm Sorry)
  • Then I Turned Seven

Goodbye (I’m Sorry) by Then I Turned Seven (JD Tan cover)

Ipagpaumanhin ninyo kung medyo depressing ang tema ng awiting ito. Ito lang kasi ang makapagde-describe sa kung ano ang nararamdaman ko. Kung gaano ako ka-down sa mga oras na ito.

‘Alam kong hindi ito magtatagal at magiging ok din ako. Ngunit kailangan lang talaga kita sa mga oras na ito. Kailangan ko ng yakap mo. Kailangan kong maramdaman na nandito ka’t patuloy na minamahal ako.’


Post ko dapat ‘to para bukas. Kaso may pupuntahan ako eh! Baka 'di ako makapag-ol. Haha! Gitara-gitarahan daw ako. Kunwari marunong. LOL!

  • Listen

Hindi ko alam kung ano ginawa ko dito pero isa siyang piece na kaya kong tugtugin sa piano pero nilipat ko lang dito sa software ko at nilagyan ko ng kung ano ano. Hindi ko maalala ‘yung title ng piece na 'to eh at paulit ulit lang dahil hindi ko kayang tugtugin dito sa laptop 'yung buo.

P.S. Masmaganda siyang pakinggan na may headphones/earphones/headset or whatever dahil maarte 'yan.