talent propaganda

Tips for dealing with self hatred

-remember you’re you. no one else. shitty or not, damn, you’re the youiest bastard alive, whatever that may entail

-you can’t make that bitch Wanda change but you can make yourself change. no matter how shitty Wanda is, there’s nothing you can do to make her stop. but you. you got full controls over you, even on days when it doesn’t feel like it. even on those days you’re still more in control of you than you are over Wanda.

-speaking of Wanda who cares if she’s doing better than you, she’s doing her own thing, you don’t got time to be doing her thing. do your thing even if it’s just being you and not dying.

-you’re talentless so what, talent is capitalist propaganda. don’t be a part of the machine. be useless and unproductive. or else the capitalists win. you don’t want them to win.

-you don’t have friends? no one likes you? you’re ugly? that sucks. it really does, no sugar coating or lying there. but bleh, these things come and go anyway, they always do. humans are such shallow ass cunts. if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. looks will get you places, good places, but damn, man, you’ll find your own place. no use worrying. get a dog. watch a YouTuber and pretend their friends are yours until the time comes.

-not doing well in school? ah, school is hard. life gets in the way. everyone sucks at school sometimes, it’s a mental death trap designed to make us all compliant. disregard when you need to, pick it up when you want to. don’t worry so much about doing what you think you’re supposed to. things will work out, or you’ll find shit you were never expecting. that’s something they don’t teach you in school.

-just unhappy? same. what can you do? listen to unhappy music. read unhappy people blog about their unhappy lives. draw unhappy pictures. make passive aggressive comments at Facebook friends and full out bitch on Tumblr. live. just stay alive. time is on hold. there’s nothing to be afraid of.

we’re specks of dust on a bigger speck of dust in a dust bowl.

chances are the aliens will mercy kill us all anyway.