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Heeeey! You are literal GOALZ!! I have a couple of questions for you, so here we go! 1. How much GB of CC do you have? How does your game respond? 2. Favourite CC creators? 3. Where are you from? 4. Where do you get your inspo for your sims? 5. Favourite CC hair? 6. Are you in a relationship or single af? (If youre single heeeeey girl i feel ya) Kisses and hugs from Bosnia!!

Hey jenny!! Awesome questions!! Okay I’m gonna answer them all as best as I can soooo here you go hahah <3

1. I have seperate folders for all of my CAS & furniture CC’s. I have 10 gb for funiture and 15 gb for CAS.

2. There are so many talented CC creators here on tumblr that I really like and need to be appreciated more but here are my top 6 ultimate faves haha @hallowsimss , @spectacledchic-sims4 , @lumy-sims-cc , @leahlillith , @simpliciaty @serenity-cc <33333

3. I wouldn’t say which country I am from because it’s pretty private for me hehe but I’m asian loool

4. Pinterest all the way for builds and sometimes I go to instagram and creep on instagram models for cas inspo sounds weird lmao

5. These are some of my fave hairs atm: [x] , [x] , [x] , [x]

6. In a relationship ;) but it’s pretty complicated right now so meh idk hahahhh

I have seen you commenting on some of my videos and I really really appreciate it, so thank you giiirly <3 much love to you!! <3 xx

idk about you, but the Lazy Town fandom is like the sweetest fandom ever?? Everybody is openly shipping Sportarobbie , sharing headcanons , and most of all : the fanart. We’re posting little doodles made in margins, crappy frist-time drawings , overall cute little things and it’s just SO GOOD?
Lazy Town is bring back beauty in 2016 I swear

(fan)art on tumblr

I’m still baffled by the fact that i get to look at so much art here for free and not only that, I can also choose what kind of art I want on my dash.

The artists of tumblr are amazing, there are so many different styles, there’s water colours, digital art in all its variations, pencil or ink drawings and everything inbetween, there’s photorealistic art (or witchcraft as I like to call it), there are so many colours in your works or none at all, some of you put so much effort into your backgrounds, others convey all the emotions by showing us almost nothing at all, and everytime you put your work on here you have to sit back and hope that at least a few people who look at the finished piece like it enough so they’ll move their cursor to that little heart and click it or even hit reblog. Maybe two or three people leave a nice comment or some cool tags. You can only hope there’s no angry anon who’s pissed because your work shows a ship they don’t like or - god beware - you dared to draw some original characters instead of their favourites. Those anons are obnoxious, wrong and don’t deserve any attention at all.

I can honestly say that I would pay money to see your art displayed the way it deserves. Just imagine a world wide travelling exhibition with art from  @alifetimeaheadtoprovethat, @purrlockholmes, @miesart, @clairedrawsairdraws, @tillieke, @arkarti, @enerjax, @willietheplaidjacket, @rdjlock, @wolfcharm, @hollyashes and @ruiriel to name just a few. I’d be so there!! 

Damn, I wish I had the money to fly you over here to paint my walls. It’d be so amazing to walk into the front door to be greeted by @tillieke‘s life sized John Finnemore modelling a silly hat or to have John and Sherlock watching over you in your favourite reading spot and the Cabin Crew brightening each day when you’re sitting down at the kitchen table. Well, if I ever win the lottery I’ll have to buy some plane tickets.  Until then I will enjoy your art here.

TLDR: Thank you to all artists out there, you’re brilliant!

'Blackout Day' Promotes Black Beauty While the Fashion and Beauty Industries Catch Up
The selfie movement is a positive online community that fights the lack of black representation in mainstream media.
By Amanda Moore-Karim

“Blackout Day is all about creating a space to promote, encourage and inspire the black community to chase whatever dream [is] desired,” - Marissa Rei

A really great article about visibility and representation for black models and creatives in the Fashion and Beauty Industries and our long term goal of creating a space for people to celebrate and network!

Written by the lovely Amanda Moore-Karim who was a joy to work with. Check out more of her work: 

Tumblr: amandaluxe.tumblr.com

Instagram: amandaluxe

Twitter: amandaluxe

- @marissarei

Untitled © Laima Vainina aka Papiira Elpa :