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DREAMJOB DESCRIPTION Attention songwriters! SafeAuto is searching for talented musicians and writers to participate in producing original music for a national advertising campaign! Today is your chance to be a part of SafeAuto's successful “Enjoy The Road Ahead" campaign by helping create an original song. So get out your notepads, connect with your inner road-tripping American, grab your guitar and enjoy the road ahead. If you think you've got the talent to work alongside professional composers and producers to make your soundtrack sing, upload a one-minute application video now! Briefly tell us about yourself, then show us why you are the perfect candidate to help convey what it means to enjoy the road ahead. And if you've got 'em, show us your musical chops. Any voice, any instrument, we want to hear it! Tell us about what it's like to enjoy the freedom with your car on the open road—and how SafeAuto makes that happen. The SafeAuto team will select the winning applicant based on the creativity of your ideas, your talent in bringing them to life, and the collective voice of you, your fans, and the DreamJobbing community. Your Dream Job opportunity of helping bring a national campaign to life is here. Remember: It's a fun campaign about enjoying the road ahead, so have fun with it! For example - tell us about what a love song to your car would be like, or how driving makes you feel, or tell us how your car helps you do what you love most in life. The chosen applicant will get $10,000.00 and be flown to California for production of the final track for the campaign. Show us your best and, as always, enjoy the road ahead. Chosen Applicant will receive: $10,000.00 Round trip airfare Accommodations Per-diem Candidate Requirements: The Songwriting applicants for SafeAuto must be eighteen years or older (18+) and authorized to work in the USA. SafeAuto will own the song for commercial use.


anonymous asked:

hello i want to get a job in cartoons (pre production) and recently started practicing my drawing skills which are mediocre but i believe i can improve (and have) but people keep telling me you have to be born with talent knowing how to draw. is this true?

Everyone you know is wrong.

Sounds to me like we have another case of a bunch of non-artists thinking they know how to be artists. Are these people that are telling you this artists? Because if they’re not, how would they know what takes to be an artist?

A common belief amongst people who haven’t mastered a skill is that the skill comes innately and with no practice. The belief arises from the fact that they haven’t been there every moment of every day that the master studies their craft, so they don’t see the work that goes into it.

Everyone seems very aware that sports take a lot of practice and it’s a skill because athletes practice every day. No one looks at a chef and thinks “Oh I bet they just knew from the day they were born how to put the right amount of oregano in this dish”. No one says to a doctor: “Wow, it’s so cool that when you were 3 years old you knew how to spot heart disease in a patient”.  Things take practice. However, when an artist practices, no no no, that’s just innate talent, it’s not a skill.

I think it’s because deep down everyone wants to be able to express themselves through art, yet the vast majority of people have never put in the time to get good at it, so when they try to express themselves it doesn’t come out how they envisioned it. Because of this, they assume it must be some innate talent that other people have and they don’t. This makes them feel better, but it’s wrong.

Like any skill, I think you should have a certain preclusion toward it, but all that a preclusion toward something does is help give you some of the mental wherewithal to make your skills better. You already have the preclusion, so now it’s just a matter of practice. Practicing for a long, long time, but practice none-the-less.


jinkxmonsoon singing Last Midnight from Into the Woods {Broadway Sessions}


Beatboxing is the art of using the body to mimic drum machines, turntables, and other musical instruments. It’s a fantastic skill that has been dominated by men in the past, but that is changing. Holy cats, is it ever changing! Meet Kaila Mullady, NYC-based beatboxer extraordinaire who won the Beatbox Battle World Championship in Berlin in May 2015. Her performance in this video blew our collective socks off and yours are next. We know it’s hard to believe that all the sounds you’re hearing are coming from this one human being, but it’s all her and she’s super awesome.

When The Huffington Post asked Mullady what it’s like to excel in an arena typically associated with male culture, this was her response:

“Music is not gender specific. It’s about soul and expression. Anytime someone tells me I can’t it pushes me further. People just need evidence that it isn’t what everyone thinks it is. I’m here to be the evidence. More women should be heard,”

By the way, Mullady is also the current Vice Beatbox Champion, Loop station champion and three-time Beatrhyme Champion. Yep, pretty freaking awesome.

Visit Kaila Mullady’s website to check out more of her inspiring performances.

[via The Huffington Post]