tale of love

He killed her in the most twisted way imaginable– by writing her into stories he shared to the class. Fully aware that she had to hear the loving tales of his new woman, fully aware that she had to fake her smile and appreciation for the beautiful way he described her. He stabbed her with his words. Knowingly.

But that didn’t phase her. Yes, it hurt. But she could play mind games just as messed up and twisted as he could. It was a battle of the brains for the victory of a heart. This was the pain game.

—  The Pain Game
Wind — [Farewell to Naruto]
Cover by Ronya

So… I finally watched the last episode of Naruto today… And…. idk if y’all know this about me…. but….. I am and always have been sincerely in love with this flaw-filled mess of a series… it means so much to me…. so…. I had to do SOMETHING to bid the series that shaped most of my childhood farewell. What better than quickly cover my favourite song of the entire show…

• Original song: Wind by Akeboshi
• Music Box Arrange: [here]

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Different anon, but would you mind naming some of your comfort fics?

Not at all! In no particular order:

i want it to snow

Never underestimate the power of supporting a small scale fanfic writer. They may end up writing novel length fanfiction that is beloved the whole fandom over. They might go on to write original fiction and be published. And they might just be really happy and keep doing what they’re doing.

All are good things.

Support the writers <3


Joyeux Noël à @abadmeanman! I was your @mlsecretsanta 💝🎅✨

It’s a mutual reveal scenario! In which its a direct mirror of the ever infamous umbrella scene (sans the umbrella and rain).

(Shocking, I know) 

So a for the longest ive been wracking my brain on what to get you. Honestly i considered many possibilities and i still am but those, i decided, were better off as separate projects ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because i wanted to go for a sfw approach.

I know it’s not much (trust me i wish i could have done more bc ur a cool dude) but this is the best i could do atm. it was my first time working with animations and i came across a lot of technical difficulties (like finding the right size so the finalized thing fits under 1MB or tweaking with the settings so it doesnt look wonky) but im actually proud of the outcome :)

anyways, i hope u like this and that you have a neato x-mas and a happy new year!💛🎉🎅


finally posting the piece i did for the @mlcalendarproject!! You can download it here!

originally i had such a big piece planned that involved adrienette and djwifi valentines day shenanigans but…computer issues and time prevented that (let’s jut say i lost the piece about three times and had to make this one in about two days lol)

anyways!! i had fun with it!!!

reblogs are appreciated, but reposts are not!

my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit