tale of love

Okay, but imagine master swordsman Lailah.  Her vessel and weapon in the armatus is the sacred blade, so it would make a lot of sense for her to know how to use it, and after all this time, how to use it really well.  Especially given there’s not guarantee that her Shepherds will know anything about swordplay.  Sorey did have that whole self-taught thing going on, but the likelihood that tiny 12 year old Michael knew anything about swords?  Not good.

And, while the seraphim can guide their Shepherds and the squires in the armatus, Lailah just being content to control their body in the armatus at all time doesn’t seem like her style.  So I bet she teaches her Shepherds, too:

-Lailah showing little Michael the right way to hold a sword, and some basic moves, and then giving him exercises to work on arm strength.

-Sorey getting super excited to spar with her because he’d never been able to train with another sword-wielder before, and absolutely soaking up any of her tips.

-Lailah hovering over her charges at the shops, inspecting swords and giving her opinion on quality and how well it would fit that particular Shepherd in terms of balance and weight.

But also:

-Lailah sneaking around forges to smell the fire and metal and smoke, listening to the ring of hammers, drooling over blades she wouldn’t be able to have, and wishing she had more time to do her own forging.

-Zaveid jokingly betting if he could beat her in a duel, she’d go out with him.  She agrees, says that her choice of weapons is a sword with a smile, and then wipes the floor with him.

-Lailah waxing poetic about different styles of swordplay throughout the ages and across different parts of the world the same way that Sorey and Mikleo get misty-eyed over ruins.

I am a nerd.  

(A shocking revelation, I know.)  

I am a nerd with just enough DIY knowledge to be dangerous, and friends who enable my obsessions.  At the suggestion of one such friend and with a judicious application of red thread, I managed to elevate my $12 thrift store coat from low-key Sherlock to mid-key Sherlock.


I’m not sure if she thought I would take her seriously, but I doubt she’ll be surprised.

i want it to snow


Joyeux Noël à @abadmeanman! I was your @mlsecretsanta 💝🎅✨

It’s a mutual reveal scenario! In which its a direct mirror of the ever infamous umbrella scene (sans the umbrella and rain).

(Shocking, I know) 

So a for the longest ive been wracking my brain on what to get you. Honestly i considered many possibilities and i still am but those, i decided, were better off as separate projects ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because i wanted to go for a sfw approach.

I know it’s not much (trust me i wish i could have done more bc ur a cool dude) but this is the best i could do atm. it was my first time working with animations and i came across a lot of technical difficulties (like finding the right size so the finalized thing fits under 1MB or tweaking with the settings so it doesnt look wonky) but im actually proud of the outcome :)

anyways, i hope u like this and that you have a neato x-mas and a happy new year!💛🎉🎅


finally posting the piece i did for the @mlcalendarproject!! You can download it here!

originally i had such a big piece planned that involved adrienette and djwifi valentines day shenanigans but…computer issues and time prevented that (let’s jut say i lost the piece about three times and had to make this one in about two days lol)

anyways!! i had fun with it!!!

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my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit

this is a secret santa gift for @megatraven <3333 I was told she enjoys some Alyanette, and thats actually my favourite ship from the show, so how could i not?

Anyways, I’m not gonna watermark this because it’s a gift. But please don’t be an asshole and post this to your instagram, or pinterest, or weheartit or any of those horrible places. Reblog and directly link people if you wanna share my art, please and thank you.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year Miraculers!

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