‘You have to let me in.’ Her hands ran up his arms. 'I want this. I want you, but I won’t let you shut me out. If you do, we don’t stand a chance of surviving.’

He tried to turn his head away, 'I’m a monster, why can’t you see that?’

'Because you have never been a monster to me. You have always been a man. A man that has taken care of me and always made sure I was safe.’ His body was tensing up and she was afraid she had pushed too far. She turned to walk away, but he grabbed her wrist, pulling her close to him. 

'I love you.’ He whispered into her hair, breathing in her scent and letting it calm him.

‘He loved you.’

She nodded, “Yes, he did. But, he didn’t love himself. He saw himself as a bad guy, a guy who destroyed the good and ruined everything in his path. So, he forced himself to do just that. To ruin us, destroy what we had.’

‘Would you go back?’

'Yes.’ Because as sick as it was, even if he chose to break her again, she would do anything to have him one more time.