How to crochet Bofur's scarf.

For those of you who crochet instead of knit, like myself, some projects can be hard or impossible to do.  I thought that would be the case for my Dwarf Clothes project, where I wanted to make Bofur’s scarf:

His scarf is made via a knitted drop stitch, but as I stated earlier this is about crochet, not knitting. 

When I asked the internet what kind of crochet stitch I should use to simulate a knit, tumblr user talcifer pointed out that the Tunisian crochet stitch would do the trick:

If you don’t know the Tunisian stitch (like me) I’ve found a video from a YouTube channel that I enjoy for learning stitches.  You’ll need an Afghan hook to make this stitch, but it’s totally worth it to then be able to make a faux-knit for Bofur’s scarf.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

xxx Mastadons