I was busy thinkin’ bout boys

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Always busy dreaming bout boys

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Head is spinning thinkin’ bout boys

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Scott’s a True Alpha. That means he didn’t get his power because he was born with it. He didn’t get it by stealing or killing someone. He earned it. You’re not strong just because you can lift a lot of weight now. You’re strong because you endure. Satomi calls it strength of character. You’re lucky to have him.

Brett Talbot

Let him be remembered for his strength, kindness and love for his family and friends.

people who are and are not allowed to die on the final three episodes of Teen Wolf as told by me


THEO: because he deserves a chance at happiness and he’s more than made up for being an asshole

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LIAM: because he’s a cute lil puppy and there would be no Thiam without Liam and let’s be honest we all need more Thiam in our lives.

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NOLAN: because Nolan is a misunderstood smol bean and if we’re stating facts Froy Gutierrez legit invented cuteness.

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SCOTT AND MALIA: because they’re goals as fuuuuucccckkkk

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MASON, COREY, JACKSON, AND ETHAN: because gosh they make cute couples

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LYDIA: because Lydia is a bad bitch and you can’t kill a bad bitch

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MELISSA: because we seriously do not deserve this woman

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DEREK: because we get him back tonight and if they kill him off I’ll burn down the Teen Wolf set

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STILES AND NOAH STILINSKI: because they’re literally the only ones who hold the pack together sometimes.

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GERARD: because he should’ve died in season two

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MONROE: because she really needs to get over herself

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GABE: because you shot at my babies and now shit has hit the fan

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ALL OF THE HUNTERS: because you all need hit in the face with a shovel (except Nolan)

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Lydia is basically a mom that is done with her kids shit

<b>Points at the counsellor </b>

<I>Fuck you </I>

<b>Points at Gerard </b>

<I>Fuck you </>

<b>Points at anyone hunting the supernatural </b>

<I>Fuck you, you fucking fucks </I>

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“so now i think i’ve accidentally made every guy i’ve met since i arrived here fall in love with me.”

Lydia laughed, “well it could be a lot worse.”

teen wolf as types of moms

scott mccall

  • soccer mom af
  • helps his kids with their projects and assignments
  • somehow manages kids, spouse, and work all at once
  • shows up at every one of his kid’s recitals or games or whatever
  • always has a full container of brownies or cookies in the car
  • prepared for everything
  • organized af
  • claps a little too loudly at his kid’s dance recital
  • shows off his kids to his coworkers all the time
  • all the other moms are jealous of him

stiles stilinski

  • helicopter mom
  • he’d just be so worried about his kids after all he’s been through in his life
  • no sunscreen under spf 70
  • super nosy
  • thinks of worst-case scenarios first
  • “i told you so"
  • attends every teacher-parent interview
  • can turn a playful conversation into a lecture in under 2 seconds
  • his kids sometimes feel like he doesn’t give them enough space
  • but they know that he means well for them

malia hale

  • hot mess mom
  • forgets she has kids sometimes
  • forgets important events
  • “i thought your hockey game was next week?”
  • “mom, you said that last week.”
  • accidentally gave her children dog treats instead of crackers to school
  • always running late
  • coffee in her hand 24/7
  • ready-made dinners
  • forgets to make cupcakes for bakesales so she brings storebought ones and says that their her own

lydia martin

  • cool mom
  • hot mom
  • is v laidback
  • “kids will always be kids”
  • does hot yoga
  • she guides her kids, not control them
  • a tough discipliner
  • doesn’t approve of disrespect
  • all her kids’ friends want her as their mom
  • dresses her kids in only hermes, YSL, lacoste, burberry, prada, gucci, chanel, and/or armani
Teen wolf

Everyone deserve to have this set of shirtless teen wolf cast/character’s 😍😍😍😍😍

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Teen Wolf side characters everyone loves without needing an explanation

(In no specific order)

1. Coach (If you don’t love him then idk you need help)

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2. Danny (hes been there since the beginning and he’s nicey)

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3. Greenberg (I know he’s barely a character but everyone supports Greenberg)

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4. Brett Talbot (RIP. So young, so hot, and gone)

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lowkey i’m kinda pissed we didn’t get to see the pack all dressed for graduation in cute little caps and gowns…

Teen Wolf 6x13 spoilers.

I always liked Brett. He was bi. He danced with men and women. He flirted with Mason and Corey. He got a scholarship to a school, so his sister could make friends. He pushed all of Liam’s buttons, well before the other was a werewolf, and he ended up caring for Liam. He lost all his family in a fire, and he and sister were taken in by another pack. He fought back against the people that attacked him. He was smart, he left clues knowing his sister would look for him. He was a minor character, but sometimes people find connections in those people too.

But leave it to Teen Wolf to ruin things. I know people have to die to make things exciting, but Brett and Lori deserved better. Brett was attacked by a woman in an authority position. He was hunted, poisoned, shot at, and shot by an arrow.

But Brett kept going, trying to save his sister, and in the end they both get hit by a car. A trap laid out by Gerard Argent. A trap to kill two teenagers.

If Argent survives this season, I’m going to scream. I want Derek to literally rip his face off.