Okay, right now I’m gonna share with you The Things That Are Bullshit.

This is my sister, tumblr user talaleisu2.  She’s 18; in our country (the States), this is not only the age of majority, but the federal age of consent to sexual contact.  She graduates from high school next week.

She wore this to school today.

None of the teachers, administrators, or faculty said anything.  The dress code at her school mandates that a shirt’s sleeves be at least the width of your first two fingers, and hers qualified, so there was nothing against code about it.  Her bra strap can become visible if the shirt shifts the right way, but the strap also qualifies for the width requirement and it’s tasteful and blends in with the shirt, so again, there was no need for faculty to say anything.

Do you want to know who did?

If you’re about to say “her male classmates,” guess again.

The first thing she said to me upon coming home was, “Every girl in my class called me a slut for wearing this.”

I could tell you something pretty personal about her that would make said accusation utterly hilarious, but since it’s personal, I won’t.  What I will tell you is that her reaction to them was simply a calm, “What I wear does not at all dictate how much sex I have, or want to have.  I’m not asking for trouble; I’m trying to be comfortable in the heat.”

I asked her if the boys had any problem with it.  She said no.

I asked her again if the teachers had any problem with it.  She said the teachers told the other girls to leave her alone.

My question is,

Why are the girls the ones up in arms about this?  When did misogyny – and the image of a woman’s worth as indirectly proportionate to how much sex she has – become so internalized?

These are the things that are bullshit.

my sister was so terrified the buns didnt like her bc they didnt immediately run to her and commence licking and i told her “theyre just getting used to you”

an hour later theyve both climbed on her back and theyre licking her neck and ass and they only hop off to lick up her nose

shes literally kicking her feet shes so happy