Teri umeed tera intezaar jab se hai
Na shab ko din se shikayat, na din ko shab se hai

Kisi ka dard ho kartey hein tere naam rakam
Gila hai jo kisi se tere sabab se hai

Hua hai jab se dil-e-nasaboor be kaboo
Kalam tujh se nazar ko bare adab se hai

Agar sharar hai to bharke,jo phool hai to khiley
Tarha’n tarha’n ki talab, tere rang-e-lab se hai

Kahan gaye shab-e-furqat ke jagney waley
Sitara-e-sehri hum kalam kab se hai

- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Ano bang problema? Bigla bigla ka na lang nagiging cold, tapos kapag tatanungin naman palagi na lang “wala” sinasagot mo. Tangina ano bang gusto? Nahihirapan din naman ako kapag nagkakaganyan ka, ginagawa ko lahat para suyuin ka tapos lagi nalang walang talab sayo, pakibabaan naman minsan yung pride mo, kahit konti lang.

“Talab al-ʿilm is not a side hobby. It’s a commitment that requires an unimaginable amount of energy and time. It demands sacrifices. My advice to everyone remains: look at what you can let go of. How can you rearrange your life better to make permanent room to consistently learn this Deen?

If you have time for recurring gatherings (of gossip), or to go shopping when you are not in *need* of anything, or to aimlessly watch tv, or scroll on your phone for hours, then you sure can make time to learn about Allah. Start with something small, even if it is an hour a week, be consistent and dedicated and ask Allah to open His abundant favours upon you.”

fast nicht atmen können
auf dem Gipfel
in höchsten Höhen

zum Sprung bereit und dann
in Buster-Keaton-Manier
wirbelnd, überschlagend, taumelnd

das Publikum amüsiert sich
über das nicht enden wollende Fallen

aber mir ist so
bang ums Herz

und doch
wäre ich selber Zuschauer
würde mich dieses Bild der Hilflosigkeit
ebenso zum Lachen reizen