Entrance to Salih Tala'i by modenadude on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The real door of this potentially historic mosque is really in the Museum of Islamic Art (which just opened this week after being closed for nearly a decade of renovations!!) but this imitation is pretty spot on.

The gorgeous metal peices are nailed onto the slab, slit by slit, so meticulously detailed onto the massive doors of this, the final Fatimid mosque.

They look great :)

A quick history of the mosque that sits just at the entrance of al-Qahira’s souther gate, Bab Zuwayla: It was supposed to be the original home of al-Hussein’s head when it was called from Karbala to Cairo centuries ago. But plans changed and the head was moved to the area north of al-Azhar, which is now surrounded by the Mosque of al-Hussein.

My favorite part of this mosque is that while it’s at ground level now, it was above ground nearly 1,000 years ago. The shops (that are now below ground) were at street level. The reason for this change in elevation is due to the repaved streets of Cairo not having been initially broken down, creating layers and layers of unneeded additions. Neat, eh?