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Tal Peleg is a visual and makeup artist from Israel. Peleg specializes in the dramatic — her work showcases intricate and ornate scenes and stories on a miniature scale.

18th of Sun’s Dawn

Qau-dar knows enough of magics to know, this one knows no-thing of magics. Means not that this one can not be much pride-full of Ma’Riahni, yes. She is learning much, from tall mer. Magics, most-ly. Some-times, this one wonders, is she too young to learn all this things? Yes, she has magics stop ring for ear, but she is ja’khajiit. Nature of ja’khajiit, it is destruc-tion. Some-times, this one thinks, is good, really? Give ja’khajiit skill to make e-ven more destruct with fire and ice? 

Tall mer, he of-course says she must learn, so when she learns she under-stands not use. 

This one thinks tall mer is wise.

But tall mer knows not ja’khajiit, also. Sheggorri mer.

Still. No one can say, this one is not most pride-full of Ma’Rihni. More pride-full than any-one is. She is most skillef-full and beauty-full tal of this one.

E-ven if she makes ice in on-ly warm place this one is finded in this cold bleak land of cold, cruel mer and sheggorri mer.

12 Uses For Essential Oils

  1. Place 7-10 drops on hotel room floor for fresh air
  2. Add 12 drops per 1oz. skin care oil and massage aching muscles.
  3. Use in a diffuser near bedside for clear breathing
  4. Add 2 drops to 1 cup water, pour on the hot rocks in suana
  5. Place 2-5 drops on shower floor for an invigorating shower experience
  6. Use in a candle lamp diffuser to generate a positive, energizing space
  7. Place 2-5 drops in bowl of steaming water, place towel over head and breath deeply.
  8. Combine 24 drops with 4 oz. water and spritz air space to clear your head and refocus
  9. Add 3-5 drops to warm water and soak sore, tired feet
  10. Place a few drops on a cloth to remove stubborn stickers
  11. Combine 12 drops with ¼ cup of Dead Sea Salts for a spa-quality bath
  12. Blend 1-3 drops with 1tsp. sweet almond oil and rub chest.

Mccall Pack (insp.)


My favorite song

Rest in peace Whitney Houston; you were a gift to us.

Dove Winter Care Beauty Bar

Regular bar soap can strip away your skin’s natural oils and in the winter time skin loses more than 25% of its ability to retain moisture. This bar is enriched with ¼ moisturizing cream and natural oil to keep your skin sexy, smooth and moisturized!

Try this beauty bar out during the season to prevent roughness and flaking.