The Lover’s Takuya x Joon Jae Scenes with English Subtititles - Episodes 01-12(FINAL)

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● Takuya & Joon Jae | call it what it is

*Spoilers* The Lovers Finale

Omg I feel sick with excitement, THE TAKUJAE FEELS! The ending was so so perfect I don’t even know where to begin! The whole drama felt like Koreans dealing with modernisation and finding their place as adults in the world. Im so happy the lecturer and his fiancee didn’t end up together, they felt all kinds of wrong as a couple, I think they were both kind of selfish characters by nature and there was no give and take in their relationship. I loved Oh Do and Doo Ri, their relationship was all about compromise and adults that were working hard on just being themselves and building a life where they were happy and comfortable, I’m also really glad they still didn’t get married in the end. I love that Man goo and Joon young had a baby, I love them as a couple because they defy all odds, their chemistry is strong and they bring out the best in each other, and despite the judgement from society they still decide to be together and are proud together and make a life together. Lastly takujae, I think the best thing about them is that they kind of found each other and couldn’t see anything or anyone else after that, it wasn’t an easy relationship nor an easy relationship to come to terms with but they are very earnest and honest in their affection. Despite minimal amounts of skinship for the ending (this is Korea afterall) it was so satisfying that they made it work and that joon jae went to him in Japan because the whole series there was Takuya’s time limit of staying in Korea hanging over their heads. Only one caveat to the takujae ending, WHY DID YOU FALL ASLEEP JOONJAE!?? I was so lost, like firstly how long does it take this boy to eat? secondly please tell me he took a shower after he woke up and thirdly the day changed from morning to night hella fast!

All in all this was a damn good drama, Ive always hated the melodrama and shoujo feels to some of the current kdrama, I love romance but I don’t feel like its satisfying when the characters and plot line are simple and everything just falls into place for a happy-ever-after. In the Lovers, the couples all struggled; struggled to remain real, and struggled for the sake of love and it was as moving as it was heartbreaking. Maybe because I’m older now, just the realism of the drama makes you appreciate the good and bad of relationships and relationships aren’t always as simple as falling in love; its the parts that come after it that are the real challenge.