Takuto x Ryouta H-scene
  • Takuto x Ryouta H-scene
  • Tachibana Shinosuke x Nojima Hirofumi
  • Messiah

From the BL game Messiah - Takuto x Ryouta H-Scene

Warning: NSFW R18 [Moanings & Sex Noises]

Use a headphone & Listen at your own risks

All the scenes in this game is a bit dark, and the H-scene is so long :v But I like it >o<


Introducing  Tsunderella.

With all these request from the winners, it’s hard to take you seriously Takkun. I was laughing the whole time I was drawing this pfffft!

Takuto: There I did your idiotic task. Now give me my super rare Horaemon plush back!

Me: Okay…

Hiro: Wow Takkun! You might be a better crossdresser than me. * o *

Riki: Maybe in our next mission Takuto could be the one dressed as a woman.

Takuto: Shut up or else…

Kenshi: Uh oh, Takkun is getting angry. Careful of her womanly wrath.

Atsumu:  My Takkun has grown into a fine woman! T^T

Takuto: I hate you all and I hope you guys die. >: (

Winner: Cailiehanami

She requested Takuto in a Cinderella clothing.


Black Foxes Halloween Style😍😘 OMG they all look so sexy😍😘💋💕💫💗💛❤️💍💖💌💚💞💜💘💙 This is just so perfect 😍😘💋💕💫💘💙💞❤️💜💍💌💛💚💗💖😘😘😘 I love these guys so much their just like totally asdfghjkl😍😘

☆ 怪盗X恋の予告状 ☆ Love Letter From Thief X! ☆

Special Story # 24

Here is a CG from the Special Story もし★彼同僚 from the JP version of 怪盗X恋の予告状 / Love Letter From Thief X.

Enjoy! (☆^ー^☆)


☆ 怪盗X恋の予告状 ☆ Love Letter From Thief X! ☆

Special Story # 11

Here are the CGs from the special story アブナイ芸術の秋 (Dangerous Geijutsu of Autumn) from the JP version of 怪盗X恋の予告状 / Love Letter From Thief X.