キャラソンかいました! by おこめまん

[T/N: rough translation, if there are any mistakes pls tell me so I may fix them.]

*lyrics from “Mata ne… no Kisetsu”

I’ll never forget meeting you

No matter how far away we are
We’ll be together just like always

By meeting you, I was able to renew myself
I was able to come to like myself

We’ll see each other again for sure
So wherever we are
The dreams I carry in my chest

Will never be relinquished

Tsurugi: “Don’t look do..wn, smi…le” *sniff* “Farewell… fare..well.. I don’ wawaa.. [= "I don’t wanna say farewell”] *hic* *hic*

Someone: “Tsurugi, what happened?!”

White letters: ‘Let’s cry…’ [in the original 'Namida pororiyo’; porori = to cry; pun w/ Tsunagariyo]

Box: Singing was impossible for Tsurugi | Retired (in katakana)


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“the COOL place is sweltering, COOL FIGHTERS” [T/N: adapted lyrics from “Cool Heat”]

Shindou & Ibuki: “WE ARE COOL” “WE ARE COOL!” “COOL!” “COOL” “COOL COOL!!”

My Last First Kiss Predictions (Makoto and Takamune)

Makoto Morimatchi

I sense a potential love triangle between Makoto, Riku and MC. There is no way voltage has two brothers who are both potential options for the same game and not have there be a love triangle between them in one of their routes, and it occurring in both routes is a definite possibility. Prepare for some tears, because I sense serious angst.

Takamune Kitami

“These days winning is all I can think about” It’s obvious what Takamune’s character development is going to be about - appreciating things other than winning and success. Perhaps this will be the result of a humbling defeat. If his route has a love triange, it’d be between him, Ayato and MC and it will hurt really bad.