takumi mishiro


Storm Lover Bakappuru Sai Event - Afternoon Session

Miura Hiroaki’s confessional line as his character,
Mishiro Takumi!

[”tatsu” =  “to pass” | “to stand” | “be erected” it just depends how you use it in the context]

Miura Hiroaki: However, if I’m together with you time will instantly “pass” by.
Because if I’m with someone that I love, of course time will “pass” and that can’t be helped. Heh.
[everyone waving nope towards the dirty joke]
Hey! Hey! What’s wrong everyone? Just by hearing, “to pass”. Are you thinking about something weird? If I’m together with you, time will pass by as I was referring too. For a girl who thinks about weird things…
Needs some pun-ish-ment. *Kiss*

Man this was so hard to translate due to the different context of “tatsu”. Like I understood the inside joke but still it was hard xD