Do I prefer Nohr or Hoshido? (this post has minor spoilers)

CHARACTERS: To me personally I feel like the characters that in Nohr are more interesting over the Hoshido characters. The Hoshido characters look bland in my eyes. I had some trouble making those character summarized posts i did awhile ago for the Hoshido characters. I could hardly remember the Hoshido names but I know the majority if not most Nohr names. 

STORY: Now I have seen both sides stories up to the end and I do have to say that the Hoshido version has the more tragic walk through over Nohr. Watching some of the Nohr royalty get really sad/mad over your decision because you were raised with them your whole life, so basically watching their own step sibling leaving them was really tragic. In my eyes thats a well written story. The ending was what made me secure Hoshido to have the best story.

NOHR or HOSHIDO SIBLINGS: It seems like the Nohr royalty had a bigger impact and cared about you a little bit more over Hoshido if you decided to side with Hoshido (especially Camilla and Elise). Now lets talk about Takumi. He really doesn’t like you from the start and then hates you when he blames you for a certain someones death (thats why theres #blameTakumi2k15). He kinda is a dick to you sometimes when siding with him. There was a part of the story where he was possessed and he kept on saying how no one appreciates him at all. Then Aqua cures him after and he has no memory of this. Then Aqua said this to Takumi, “I appreciate what you do for the family and you matter to us.” (Takumi has no memory of saying what he did). Then after that he becomes nicer towards you, so he has the biggest character development over everyone else. So in the end Nohr care about you more but Hoshido has the best charcter development 


The aqua bae, two families are better than one.

but I do prefer Nohr