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Order Online From These Delicious Tucson Restaurants!

Tucson, AZ is home to the University of Arizona and a plethora of delicious  restaurants offering delivery and pickup!

Order online from EatStreet - Tucson for delivery or pickup today!

Check Out EatStreet on TechCrunch!

EatStreet proudly announced the closing of our Series A investment in February of this year.  Our goal is to use these funds to continue providing restaurants and our customers with the best online ordering experience possible.  Check out this TechCrunch article featuring this company milestone!

The online ordering market for restaurants has a new competitor today. A startup called EatStreet has made it to Series A by targeting the secondary markets across the U.S. for its expansion. The $2 million round was led by Cornerstone Opportunity Partners, and includes participation from Great Oaks VCIndependence Equity, and the Wisconsin-based accelerator gener8tor.

Read More at http://tcrn.ch/13eYIod

Source: TechCrunch


Penn Station food review.

Penn station is clearly man food.  Whenever I ask my boyfriend what he wants for take out, its one of the first things he suggests.  Like once a week.  I usually say no, but I’ve pretty much tried about everything on the menu at this point, I’m a fan of the chicken & the steak, but have settled on a favorite: the Dagwood.  All the meats, all the cheeses and drizzled with olive oil and oregano.  Nom. 

Loved it, this go around mostly because Will went to pick it up and remembered to get me one of their cookies.  This location has a tendency to be lil slow, so I’m not a fan of going there.  I’m more than thrilled to have it show up in front of me hot & ready!  The cookie for me is the best part of the meal, it so soft, chewy and delish. 

The lowdown: I’d give the food a B+, it was surprisingly well prepared, bread was fresh this go around and hit the spot.


DLF - Google Takeout

So I started ordering delivery online and I was reminded for some unknown reason of when I used to work at Sonic and I would get this:

ME: Hi, welcome to Sonic! May I take your order?

CUSTOMER: Um, can we have a minute please?

ME: Sure! Take your time and let me know when you’re ready.

::about 3 minutes pass::

CUSTOMER: OK, we’re ready. 

ME: Great! What can I get for you?

CUSTOMER: Can I get a………um…………….

ME: *quietly seething and mouthing “Are you SERIOUS” and hoping they don’t hear me*