I will not pretend

I will not pretend white people have not historically done despicable things to others based on race

I will not pretend that men have not historically used and abused women and depraved them of basic human rights

I will not pretend cis people generally understand the issues of the trans community

I will not pretend religion hasn’t lead to mass murder and genocide

I will not pretend that “fat” people have suffered a huge amount of harassment from “thin” people

I will not pretend that the mentally ill have not suffered greatly from being abused by those who have no mental illness 

I will not pretend that Capitalism causes there to be more poverty and increases the gap between the rich and the poor

I will not pretend that heterosexuals historically have not tortured the LGBT community


I will not pretend that every white person is racist

I will not pretend that every man is a sexist abuser and/or rapist

I will not pretend that a person hates trans people just because they’re cis

I will not pretend that religion has not helped people through hard times and inspired breathtaking artwork

I will not pretend that thinner body types are not also shamed and stereotyped in harmful ways, nor will I pretend that a person hates fat people because they’re thin

I will not pretend that a person lacking mental illness automatically hates and abuses the mentally ill, nor will I pretend mental illness is an admissible excuse for hurting someone else

I will not pretend Communism is the solution to Capitalism

I will not pretend a heterosexual cannot understand and help the LGBT community

 I will not pretend that hating someone and calling them a terrible person because of how they were born

I will not pretend people do not have feelings just because their race, gender, or sexuality differs from my own

I will not pretend the way someone is born has any impact on their


Nah but for real, I don’t care how much you hate a teacher, director, or instructor. Unless they are literally abusive, if I catch y’all disrespecting them I might just slap you out. They’re just doing their job, it ain’t their fault you’re bored or annoyed. They do a lot more for you than you do for them, so don’t go around calling them fat, old, lazy slobs or purposely disrupt them. They’re there to help you, don’t be an asshat.

Watching DBZ with my grandmother is a trip tbh
  • Grandma:So this Trunks kid is a Super Saiyan
  • Me:Ye
  • Grandma:And he's from the future?
  • Me:uh-huh
  • Grandma:Goku's grandson?
  • Me:Nope
  • Grandma:Gohan's grandson?
  • Me:Nah-uh
  • Grandma:Vegeta's grandson?
  • Me:.... Noooo....
  • Grandma:Vegeta's son?
  • Me:Yep!
  • Grandma:Wait, so his hair's like that because he and Bulma?-
  • Me:Yes!
  • Grandma:OH MY GODDDD!!!!