takkun love


Pairing: Leokumi

Word Count: 553

Rating: General

If there’s anything undisciplined about Leo it’s his sleeping habits.

Takumi’s used to it by now. Once Leo’s gotten his mind occupied into anything it’s nigh impossible to get him to do anything else, including eating or sleeping. Especially the latter. While setting a tray of food next to him is a good way of ensuring that the little scholar doesn’t starve, there’s nothing that can be done to ensure that he rests. Even dragging Leo off to a bed isn’t quite enough and Takumi should know.

He’s tried.

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Valentines Event (From Voltage)

All that is happening here are mere imagination of the creator herself (me) so the script is not officially made by Voltage. In case you can’t take the joke in the heart, then don’t follow/read this. Everything’s at your own risk so I warn you all. :p

DAY 6 : If you think Voltage stopped from the 2 times arrows idea, then you’re wrong. Because to add fuel on the fire, they included 4 popular men that is on par with the latest guys. To make things worst, those added guys still have their games on even though they are not fully aware of it.

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Ughhhh I have so much to say about this scene and how close to FLCL this whole show is, but ultimately anything I could possibly try to put into words (because how do you write down a feeling like this?) can be summed up in these two frames. 

The nonsense, the symbolism, the hardships both Kokona and Takkun face regarding the lack of an identity in a world that is forcing them to grow up – and then Papika. She might not have a yellow Vespa, but she’s got a flying hoverboard (I really hope it’s not lost forever) and that freedom of spirit that’s so characteristic. 

Takkun fell in love with Haruko by the end of this absurd journey and hell, Kokona is falling too.

Contrary to popular belief, this game is actually not a romantic love story about a young woman and an art thief. It’s actually the lustful saga of a programmer and his unquenchable desire for pork noodles.They are the game’s main couple.

Takuto x Pork Noodles. OTP.


This is the best sub story I have ever read and I honestly I think this would always be my fave crossover!!!!! 10/10 would recommend if u love takkun n soryu!!!! It’s funny n it’s sweet n it’s everything to make u fall in love with these two idiots all over again 😚

(N I love how everyone just insults everyone)