got7 gets drunk


  • maybe we should go nrb {~karaoke}
  • orders pizza.. & then……..eat……
  • wau, i’m so good at bboy. everyone watch
  • watches episodes of Real Got7 after everyone goes to sleep;
  • hahahahaha


  • only slightly less drunk than everyone else
  • manages to herd babies to the dorm
  • gently tucks water bottles underneath arms
  • youngJAE, do not run away from me again
  • why are the ice caps melting so rapidly
  • youngJAE, this is a moving vehicle!!! staaay


  • yo, this garbage can is trying to fight ME (mark: no!! -in english & chinese)
  • yelling!!@! 
  • n0 i cuLD t0taly tAkkke anUthER SHOT
  • suddenly appreciates his members soooo much;
  • crying


  • only drinks soju; krn genes
  • cooks 5 course meal
  • specialty: clam pasta
  • in hindsight, probably should not have been operating a stove
  • thinks about that one ahgase who calls him Prince Jinyoung
  • wonders how she is
  • i’ll probably see her at the next fanmeet; yea


  • hey, can you call the convenience store for cheetos!! actually never mind, cancel that order (got7: wat)
  • actually no, call
  • :D 
  • hi! I’m youngjae! hi! I’m youngjae! (got7: lol we know who you are)
  • guys, we should hug right now


  • hangs out exclusively with the vape crew out in the back yard
  • yeah, I vape
  • drunkenly dabs super fast and then in slow motion
  • really down for that hug
  • all the selfies


  • hyung, let’s talk about how our lives have been and how we’ve grown as people (jinyoung: yugyeom I will end you)
  • coco, you are     so      soft.
  • hyungs, I was really hurt when you pulled those pranks on me (got7: o sry yugyeommie)

stagnac-ja  asked:

Tęsknisz za kimś? Jeśli tak, kim jest dla Ciebie ta osoba?

Takkk, cholernie tęsknię. Dla mnie ta osoba jest jedną z najlepszych, jakie mnie w życiu spotkały, a ja dla niej na ten moment jestem nikim ;)