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So many people have done this better than I can, and I don’t want to rehash what other people have said, so I’m not gonna do a full thing for this. That being said, I don’t want to leave you hanging, so I wrote a short thing. Hope you like it!

-So we all basically know how the “rivalry” goes before people know they’re together, but what about after?

-Andrew still doesn’t care, but Neil likes to feed the Twitter trolls, so whenever Andrew does something mildly irritating, Neil reignites the rivalry.

-”Andrew left the sugar bowl uncovered and now we have ants. Minyard-Josten rivalry rekindled.”

-”Andrew gave the cat expired food and made me clean up the puke. Rivalry engaged.”

-Andrew doesn’t do Twitter, but I maintain that he is the king of Snapchat.

-So all he does is take a picture one night of Neil completely cocooned in their blankets with one cat on Andrew’s pillow and the other burrowed by Neil with just his back paws sticking out. The caption says, “I can’t sleep in my fucking bed. #minyardjostenrivalry

Anubis/Yinepu offerings list

- jewelry

- sweets like : chocolate, candy, cake, soda….

- food like : any (I have offered him potato salad :P )

- do things that make you happy

- incense

- white linen (like mummy wrappings)

- take care of dogs and other animals

- worship ancestors (remember, never eat food offered to the dead, but always eat offerings for the Kemetic Gods/Goddesses)

- draw pictures of Him for Him, trust me, He will love it

- a nice, clean ritual

- Ankh

feel free to add your own ideas!!

We need to talk about this

Because not only this stream was hilarious but we learned so much about the characters too omg

Fubuki and Lilly ship SaiGenos and HAVE FUCKING PUPPETS OF THEM and of course Genos continues to be perfect to sensei who feels weird about eating food that look like him

Close-up to lesbians because I love them LOOK AT THE PUPPETS ASDF

The martial arts masters + Iaian looking like the cinnamon roll he is

Side-drawing concept art of how Iaian’s chopped arm looks! I couldn’t take a better picture but that’s some kinda metallic piece similar to his armor.

So I guess Drive Knight is a cyborg after all, we have seen him eating noodles twice during streams. I can’t believe he’s eating them from those little holes is this why he only ever eats noodles my poor cyborg son

Also at the back, House of Evolution nerds + Darkness Blade and Red Muffler

Literally 50 heroes gathered here aND NONE OF THEM STOPPED DRUNK ZOMBIEMAN FROM EMBARRASSING HIMSELF LIKE THIS I can’t believe my headcanons for Zombae are turning to be canon, he IS a fucking dork after all omg I knew it wasn't possible for these series to have such an ideally serious, calm, mature hero LOL Even Dr Genus is here WHY WON’T YOU HELP YOUR CHILD YOU JERK

PLEASE NO MORE ALCOHOL FOR MR. SITCH EITHER PLEASE STOP THE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT omg Amai don’t make such a bitch face in front of little Zenko I AM GOING TO FUCKING SLAP YOU Please also notice Garou sitting on the fence next to precious Busaiku who is being a fanboy 

Also who the fuck is that guy on the floor next to Mumen WHO IS HIM


A more general view. Siblings are being cuties as usual and I still want to slap Amai STOP MAKING THAT BITCH FACE YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS OF SAITAMA’S GREATNESS

If any of you were still sceptical about the nin nins being brothers… look at Flash offering Sonic some food. Flash you jerk, you are giving away his PERFECT camouflage in front of 50 heroes who couldn’t give a fuck about their companion Zombieman drowing in the lake let alone about Sonic’s terrible Ongyo-Jutsu or capturing him

Look at the corner behind the ninja bros!!! At the last moment Murata-sensei drew himself and my fav lightning trio 👌 Stinger, Genji and Max 👌

so there’s that part in enjolras’s intro where it says he was severe even in his enjoyments and i am PRETTY SURE this is not what victor hugo meant but i just keep picturing his friends dragging him to do 1830’s recreational activities and like

Enjolras playing tennis while doing the grumpy cat face

Enjolras feeding baby ducks and CONCENTRATING on giving them all an equal amount of breadcrumbs

Courfeyrac takes him to the opera and Enjolras HATES IT for five minutes then mentally invents a whole allegory where the soprano represents THE PEOPLE and the tenor represents FREEDOM and he winds up gripping the armrests, SO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED

I was eating french fries outside and looking at the sunset and taking pictures of it with my phone and then I saw the smallest plane trail in the sky and I started thinking about the fact there are people on that plane so far away and that they were probably taking pictures of the sunset too from above and all of them have a personal life and story and the stewardess were probably passing with the food cart like “do you want a glass of orange juice or apple juice” and some kid probably kicking the seat in front of him and no one on that plane knew that some lone boy was looking at them from a gazebo in Denmark and I wondered where that plane was heading for like 20 minutes and long story short I became very wistful thinking about how many people there are on this planet yet we are so small just compared to the sun which isn’t even that big compared to other stars and silly things like this and my french fries are cold now ughhHHHHH

The before picture is from my 20th birthday (I turn 23 next month), and I have to say the most important thing my 20s have taught me so far is how to properly take care of myself, both physically and mentally. I learned just how important eating nutritious food is for your body, both inside and out. I learned that while I may not be coordinated enough for sports, I’m pretty athletic and enjoy things like running and lifting weights. I learned that there is no need to keep people in your life who only add drama and negativity and don’t support you. I learned that there are going to be tough times, that’s life, but those tough times will pass and getting through them is easier with a positive attitude. Most importantly I learned that you really need to love yourself, no matter what shape or size you may be, because at the end of the day you’re gonna be stuck with yourself for the rest of your life so you may as well be your own best friend and someone you can be proud of.


Cooking Up Some Magic with @eudiiih

For more food inspiration from Diego, follow @eudiiih on Instagram.

“There is a certain magic about cooking. It’s like creating a potion,” says Diego Oliveira (@eudiiih), an aspiring photographer from São Paulo with a passion for cooking. Diego learned at a young age that there is also magic in taking pictures. As a child, his uncle told him that photography was like “looking at the world through a little magic rectangle.” This phrase sparked dreams of becoming a paparazzi photographer. “I was fascinated by their gigantic cameras,” Diego laughs. While the paparazzi dream was eventually outgrown, Diego’s love for photography was just beginning. “I got into the habit of photographing with my eyes, admiring life, noticing the light of day, the reflections in water or a beautiful plate of food,” he says.

Growing up, Diego learned to love cooking from his aunt. “I would spend most weekends with my aunt, who was a cook, and she would give me small tasks in the kitchen to keep me busy. On weekends, my family would also get together to share food, so cooking reminds me of family and fun.”

Today, Diego blends his passions for photography and cuisine by capturing his culinary creations on camera. He hopes that through his photos his audience can get a taste for his cooking, which is heavily influenced by northeastern Brazil’s strong flavors, as well as food from North America. In order to get his creative juices flowing, Diego’s soundtrack must be just right. “My taste is eclectic. Everything from Madonna to Maria Bethânia,” he says. “Music helps me prepare food and inspires me to photograph the table. Music is fuel.”

Dean downloading snapchat onto his phone and onto Cas’, because “maybe if I can see your dumb face, you won’t need to use those damn emoticons”.

Cas sending Dean snaps of everything. His book, his tea, his food, the shower being turned on, the puddle of his PJ’s on the floor, his own reflection in the mirror, his feet (so, so many snaps of his feet, in various sock combinations). Dean mostly replying with snaps of the road, text overlaid, normally something like yeah, Cas, those socks look pretty neat too.

Dean replying once with a picture of his own face, smiling into the sunlight. Cas taking a screenshot immediately, and earning himself a sharp text.

> Hey, that’s cheating.

> What? I won’t show anyone else.

> … fine.

Cas taking a screenshot every time Dean sends him a picture of his face, and Dean thinking nothing of it - in the back of his mind, he’s assuming that Cas probably deletes them after a day or two - until the day he catches Cas staring down at his phone with a soft, happy expression on his face.

Dean saying, “Who’s got you smiling?”, trying not to sound envious.

Cas blinking up at him - and then turning his phone screen around so that Dean can see his own face, a snap he sent weeks ago. “You,” he says.

Next time Dean sends a snap, there’s not so much text overlaid. Just a single red heart, that Cas can keep forever.

*Slowly opening eyes*  What year is it? D8

Hello lovelies! ✿ It took me a while to feel well enough to blog again, but I feel like I owe you guys an update after my weird ass morphine posts that might worried some people a little, lolol. I saw that David posted a little update :) He has been taking such good care of me, I couldn’t ask for anything better. He bought me all kinds of liquid food from the organic supermarket, brought stuff for me to do in the hospital, photoprinted the most gorgeous wolf pictures and wrote some really cute stuff on that and in the first night home he sat next to my bed guarding me the entire night, helping me through.

There were a few things that made everything a little more heavy:

  • Apparently I can’t deal with morphine, lol
  • Nor with the rest of all my meds
  • I got a cold which is making me feeling even more miserable and I’m not allowed to blow my nose
  • In the first instance they told me the surgery would take about 3 hours - turned out it was 7 hours and really heavy
  • Turns out I have an exceptional predisposition for post operative swelling, derp
  • They misinformed me by telling it will take about a week to recover - it will most likely be around 3 weeks
  • My medications make me extremely nauseous so I really don’t want to eat - which is exactly the most important thing I have to do because I’m constantly close to being underfed and under cooled

Today was the first really great day though. I ate a lot and spent half the day out of bed, and quit taking any pills that aren’t necessary. I’m just very surprised to see myself being completely slaughtered by this operation while I normally would recover much faster. It’s also very interesting to slowly remember more and more parts from my epic morphine trip, lol - my apologies for my rather sassy gibberish.

Before I go to bed again, let me give each of you that sent me one of those incredibly cute messages special wolf nuzzles! I can not tell you how touched I was by all of your sweet, concerned words. You are the most wonderful pack I could ever ask for ♥


@AllRiseSilver  매점에서 에프엑스 이름달고 챙겨왔지롱 요건몰랐을거다 짜식들 pic.twitter.com/y9OEjMFKga

[TRANS] I used F(x)’s name to get these from the store~. You probably didn’t know this, kids

└ @llama_ajol (amber): @AllRiseSilver kk enjoy your meal, oppa ^^

└ @AllRiseSilver: @llama_ajol Ah right, we were following each other, right? It wasn’t like that .. Oppa wasn’t planning to do it secretly like um… Fighting, Ambul^^

@llama_ajol: @AllRiseSilver kk it’s okay. When oppa has a comeback, I’ll also go eat delicious food with oppas’ names kkk

@AllRiseSilver 밥도 챙겨줌…하..눙물……
[TRANS] They even provided me a meal..Ha.. tears…..

@AllRiseSilver  오 대박 에프엑스 봤음!! 사진도 찍어줌!! 짱착해 짱예쁨 숨멎 오오 pic.twitter.com/VVRO7WRI78

[TRANS] Oh daebak. I saw F(x)!! They even allowed me to take a picture with them!! They’re very kind. Very pretty. I wasn’t able to breathe. Ohoh

@AllRiseSilver With 루나 pic.twitter.com/23yAuKF1kL
[TRANS] With Luna

@AllRiseSilver With 빅송 pic.twitter.com/APeWV7hZND
[TRANS] With Vic Song

@AllRiseSilver With 앰벌 pic.twitter.com/t5VrjhCrT5
[TRANS] With Ambul

@AllRiseSilver With 수정 pic.twitter.com/VP7k4SAxGh
[TRANS] With Soojung

@AllRiseSilver With 썰리 pic.twitter.com/tLQPO1X9GF
[TRANS] With Ssulli

@AllRiseSilver 집찍 pic.twitter.com/MsAysQMxEJ
[TRANS] Fan photo taken at home

@AllRiseSilver 빰!!! 오늘은 여기까지 에프엑스 레드라이트 화이팅 pic.twitter.com/QWKHKymQ8s
[TRANS] Bam!!! Stopping here for today. F(x) Red Light, fighting

(trans by nksubs)


#whoifollow on Instagram, by @nigellalawson

In this edition of #whoifollow, British food writer Nigella Lawson shares some of her favorite accounts on Instagram.

“I am an evangelical sharer of the things that make me happy — be they food, flowers, or other images that give me joy. In many ways, it’s of a piece with the pleasure I get in feeding people. All my follows are fueled by my greed, but I follow people not just because they feature food, but because their posts make me actually feel that I’m eating what they eat, or that I need to eat what they’re eating! They’re like food diaries, and I can hear the voice behind the pictures.

“As a Londoner, I find @clerkenwellboyec1 essential, as he takes me to restaurants I might not otherwise go to, and he always seems to know about places even before they open properly. It’s great for getting an early pointer. But I don’t just use his posts as a restaurant guide, I also just love to eat vicariously through him.

“I’m a food writer, a home cook and very much not a chef, but I love food, everything about it — thinking about it, reading about it, writing about it and, of course, cooking and eating it. At the moment, I am deep in the middle of my new book, and so a majority of my posts are inspired by that - the food I’m cooking for it, or the bits and pieces I’ve got around me to furnish it.”

More of Nigella’s favorite accounts below:

  • “@thedelicious posts food that I drool over daily. I find her pictures beautiful as well, and I’m often inspired to come up with recipes just from looking at a post.”
  • “I have developed something of an obsession for @birdsblack. Since following them, I’ve bought their book, cooked their pies and have become passionate about passing on the pie love.”
  • “One of my followers tipped me off about @dennistheprescott, a Canadian food blogger who posts food that makes my tummy rumble. I cannot see one of his pictures without wanting to eat whatever’s in it.”
  • @urbancottageblog posts not just food, but pictures that are so beautiful, they fill me with happiness. I love that there are other people who get pleasure from a picture of wooden spoons!
Being Luke's crush would involve
  • Him teasing you all the fucking time
  • Him blushing at you a lot.
  • Calum trying to steal Luke from you
  • Cuddles
  • him being all over protective
  • Him being so cute with you
  • Luke asking to buy stuff for you
  • Him kissing your cheek in photos or when your sleeping.
  • Him taking pictures of you sleeping
  • Cute little twitter fights
  • Cute videos together
  •  Him playing with you
  • The other boys giving you hints that Luke likes you, but then Luke tries to shut them up 
  • Awkwardness
  • Laughing
  • Giggling
  • Dinner together
  • Him wanting to cuddle in the middle of the night, sleeping.
  • Him making you food and then failing
  • Hearing him sing
  • Him singing for you
  • Him teaching you play guitar, really close to each other bodies and him blushing


-Kelly :] x

What I did:
1) found a workout that I could tolerate (Zumba) until I learned to fall in love with fitness.
2) Stopped eating like a child and learned to eat like an adult. Veggies, fruits, whole grains. I ditched the fast, easy, & cheap food mentality and got serious about food.
3) Took a breath and prepped myself for a journey, not a sprint. It takes time to completely change your life and shed 100+ pounds.

What I DIDN’T do:
1) Diet Pills- although my pictures are constantly stolen and used on the sites. I didn’t take them. You don’t need them. Skinny doesn’t grow on trees. Fat burners don’t grow on trees.

2) Restrict my calories. Although I adopted a vegan lifestyle (and still do!) I did not restrict my calories. I ate between 1,700-2,200 calories. Food is fuel. Feed your body healthy fuel and your body will run at 100%, reduce your fuel supply and say goodbye to an efficient metabolism.

3) Kill myself on the treadmill: while I didn’t limit my fitness options. If I didn’t enjoy something, I didn’t continue to do it. I hate running. And I hate mornings. So I didn’t run and I don’t workout in the morning. I designed a fitness regime that was about ME and not what I read in a magazine.

This is your journey! Make it about you!


#fitness #weightloss #beforeandafter

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Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Sleepy Hollow located in Magic Kingdom.

Adrien meeting Mari's parents 2.0
  • Tom:so you must be Adrien! Our dear Marinette has told us so much about you!!
  • Tom:... keep your hands off my baby girl
  • Adrien:wait we're not like-
  • Sabine:not like what?
  • Sabine:It's obvious she loves you! Mari has pictures of you all over the wall!
  • Sabine:What kind of cake would you like to have for your wedding?
  • Adrien:what pictures- wait, Marinette and I are seriously not... Hold on, what kind of cake I'd like for our what now?
  • Adrien:ur gonna make us food?
  • Adrien:Well is it fine if it's more than one cake? I want our wedding to be purrfect *takes out a list*
  • Marinette:*fangirl screaming from the distance*
  • Marinette:... wait wtf did he just say a pun...?
  • Marinette:not even Adrien is perfect
Being on tour with 5SOS would involve
  • Nakedness
  • Them cooking for you
  • Them waking you up
  • You waking them up
  • Getting pranked on a little
  • Cute little twitter fights 
  • Getting shipped with the boys from the fans
  • Them being messy
  • You cleaning for them
  • You kind of doing their laundry for them
  • Finding your bra or panties gone, and find the boys having them
  • Seeing underwear everywhere
  • Getting mobbed from fans
  • Paps
  • Trying to win over you to cuddle
  • Cuddles
  • Cute/random/weird texts
  • Hilarious facetimes when away
  • Them helping you
  • Them pretending to hate you sometimes
  • Hugs
  • Weird keeks and instagram videos
  • Funny selfies
  • Whining
  • Them wanting kisses or hugs or cuddles
  • Them mocking you
  • Giving you compliments
  • Invited to the concert
  • Probably helping them with their hair or picking their clothes
  • stealing each other phones
  • When you have a boyfriend they be all protective
  • Help packing 
  • Stealing each other foods
  • Take pictures of you sleeping in your bunk

Requested. Thank you I needed an idea. If you guys like these request! I have no ideas for the would involves. :-( 


The Signs When They're Eating

aries - *inhales the whole thing in one bite* “I AM THE HULK”

taurus - *doesn’t realize how much they’ve eaten* *moaning mid chew*

gemini - “yummy yum yum yummy” *eats in small bites to savor it*

cancer - “fooooooooooooOOD, i love you” *big bites tbh*

leo - *rips food into smaller pieces while talking* *chews louder than they think*

virgo - *cuts food into orderly patterns* *is picky about ingredients* *then inhales it like a tiger rawr*

libra - *takes pictures of food before eating it* “this is gonna look good on my ig”

scorpio - “is that blood or ketchup?…just wondering..” *eats quietly*

sagittarius - *covers their mouth while chewing but still manages to get it everywhere* “i’m luvin’ it”

capricorn - *giggles when they burp but is very good with manners around other people* *but when alone they eat like a savage*

aquarius - *names their food in their head before eating it* *very messy at times* *also sticks their tongue out before putting the food in their mouth, wth*

pisces - *good manners too but silly* *makes food jokes* “what did one tomato say to the other tomato that was behind it? KETCHUP”