anonymous asked:

To you, what is New York City?

This is going to be a novel, so bear with me:

To me, New York City is the heated sidewalks in the winter. It’s bumping elbows with the person next to you on the subway. It’s seeing a million different faces each day and being filled with sonder. It’s sweating to death in the summer, but still refusing to stay inside. It’s going to Central Park (or one of the other hundreds of parks in the city), whether your purpose is to read, to run, or to just sit on a bench for a moment of peace. It’s hearing laughter as you walk past a playground, it’s hearing drivers beep their horns incessantly, it’s hearing the sound of a jackhammer pounding the concrete at 6am. It’s seeing your foreign cab driver wearing a Yankees hat. It’s watching a man propose to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve at the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center. It’s running in to someone you know and being absolutely amazed that you did (what are the odds of that? Just think: there are over 8 million people walking through the streets!) It’s the face people make when you tell people you’re from New York City. It’s getting lost every once in a while, even though you’ve lived here your whole life. It’s falling in love a million times with a million different people. It’s leaving the city for any length of time and absolutely dying to come back. It’s crying when you see the city in the distance- tears of utter depression when you leave, and tears of pure joy when you’re coming back. It’s having your heart broken by your first boyfriend, but then smiling because you remember how many other people there are to fall in love with! It’s trying to out walk tourists. It’s seeing the glow in their eyes as they take pictures of the Empire State Building. It’s having a $1 slice of pizza and a can of coke. New York City is busy, it’s crazy, and some days it’s absolutely chaotic, but it is the greatest city in the world. To me, New York City is all of the things I just mentioned and many more- but most importantly, New York City is home.