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Heart on the Line (part 8)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1081

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Donee with more Tellius IkeSoren art 

Made Soren’s eyes a bit too big here for my own taste but I totally blame that on his concept art, which has him modelling outfits while staring at the viewer with eyes that take up half his face. ANYWAY, have some Ike mega cleavage too.

While looking through RD concept art, I always thought some of Soren’s clothes looked kinda similar to a Qipao so I tried to sorta draw one for him that’d resemble his purple Sage robes too. 

Most of the Goldoa royal family actually also shares this whole Qipao-esque fashion as well and I kinda wonder if that was intentional….

I have an even higher res version of this too but not posting it cus then you guys would see all my mistakes it’d take up too much space? Yeah.

PS: On the concept art notes, it’s specified that Soren wears really tight white tights instead of pants with his Sage and other RD outfits eyesemoji.jpg

My kitchen window altar.
I rent a smallish apartment and have a small child. I don’t have anywhere to have an altar that doesn’t take up a lot of space and is free from little hands. So my kitchen window is sufficing. I made my curtains from antique tea towels. My incense is burning on an old blue, iron spoon rest. My marble mortar and pestle. A book of Irish blessings. Dried lavender from my moms garden. Candles. Jars. Bottles. A sign that says “I love you to the moon and back” for the Goddess. A ring holder that holds my wedding rings and my stackable rings with my sons name and birthday. And currently, a badge promoting the unionization for my job. We really need the union. So I’m charging it and hoping the universe hears me. And also, a little blue antique milk jug that I can’t remember where I got it or why but for some reason, something is whispering to keep it and use it for a witchy reason someday. There you have it.


Boring community garden photos for 2017.

Photo 1 is: lettuce, leeks and garlic
Photo 2: eggplant, pepper and cucumber
Photo 3: tomatoes

Everything is from seed this year with the exception of the cucumbers and some basil. I decided not to do zinnias at the garden this year. I adore them but they take up too much space and I’d like to focus on vegetables. I will put in marigold, nasturtium and sunflowers.

I’m skipping all squash. The bugs have gotten the best of me. I’m done.

Daily Positivity

I love my fellow aces and aros. You all remind me of a cookie. Warm, fun, and loved by all. You are loved. You are wanted. You do not take up space, and you certainly are not burden simply because of your sexual and/or romantic orientation. You are a a wonderful cookie and I cherish you all. 

Hestia <3

I know that we’re supposed to love our bodies and take up space, but the main reason I want to be 130 pounds again is that airplanes are goddamned torture chambers.

Or I want to be disgustingly rich so I can fly first class.

It’s this sheep’s lucky day! Open heart surgery to fix a broken heart was a huge success and the lamb is expected to make a full recovery. 💔🐑✂️
I finally found a use for one of three sheep hearts that have been taking up space in the freezer since 2015. I made an incision into the right ventricle and practiced various suture patterns in preparation for my upcoming surgery and anaesthesia OSCEs. The heart muscle is a surprisingly good tissue for suture practice because it’s so strong and doesn’t tear easily. I managed to perfect my simple interrupted, cruciate, horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, simple continuous and buried simple continuous. I even had a crack at a lumber and halstead pattern and was satisfied with the result. The only pattern I found tricky on the heart is the ford interlocking because it just everts too much.


Okay so he board is set up. It takes up a little more space than I thought. lol.

I will be PMing Players with their loyalty cards and we can see if anyone is a Traitor.

I will also PM everyone their opening hand.

Sir Palamedes is Open and I dealt out his loyalty card along with all the others.

@kieranhiggins as Sir Galahad

@vkmspouge as Sir Kay

@fuckyeaharthuriana as Prince Gawain

@snarkytroodon as Sir Percival

@libris46 as Prince Tristan

@queeringcamelot as King Arthur


@arthurian-mythia as Merlin

Good luck all of you.

Sir Kay will be going first because he has played before and I need him to set an example for everyone.

Feel fee to reblog as you like I will keep track of move threads by the ones @arthurian-mythia is tagged in.

Headcanon that after Matt is rescued, he starts travelling the galaxy, fighting on behalf of the rebellion and doing whatever he can to screw over the Galra. But he also develops a habit of picking up souvenirs on each of the planets and moons he lands on - just little stones or leaves or sticks, whatever he can find - whenever he thinks of Shiro or has a moment where he wishes Shiro is with him. He collects and keeps all of these little trinkets in a box that he carries with him, promising himself that one day he’ll get to show Shiro his collection.

Then he and Shiro are finally reunited. Matt brings out the box and explains what it is before handing it over. Shiro thinks it’s adorable that Matt made a little collection for him, but then he opens it up and is absolutely gobsmacked when he looks inside. 

Because the box is filled to the brim and there have to be hundreds or thousands of little rocks and shells and plants and twigs and just so many things from so many planets and this is how often Matt thought of him and this is how much Matt missed him this is physical proof of Matt’s feelings for him and he’s just so overwhelmed he has to put the box down and rest his head in his hands and just breathe because holy god, Matt.

And then Matt has to sheepishly admit that this is just the first box.

masterofenthropy  asked:

Hi HeyWriters! I was wondering: do you have a tip to create a weak point on main characters? I´m making a story, but I´m having trouble since my main character is TOO overpowered. Could you help me with this?

(All of this is written under the assumption your character has superpowers or “special” abilities, so forgive me if you meant a different kind of power.)

I created a character concept when I was twelve. She had all the superpowers of my favorite heroes and then some. As time wore on she gained more and more until eventually my adolescent brain invented logic and realized she was actually ridiculous. Here’s how I depowered this character, who’s name is Ace, without completely ruining her coolness.

Step One:

Don’t be greedy. Any ability that does not contribute to the story needs to go. It’s taking up space that could be filled with credibility. I decided early on that Ace didn’t need most of her abilities, and by the end of the story she only relies on a few to get the job done. Also, if a character can do more than one thing that are all basically the same thing some of those should probably go (invisibility and camouflage, superspeed and teleportation, etc.). 

Step Two:

Apply real-world science. If you try to make your depiction realistic, you’ll want to have an idea of how these abilities might work and how they might not. Of course, you should suspend disbelief for some things if they’re truly essential to your character, but others can be adapted. For Ace there are some powers that only work under the right circumstances, and others that her body rejects or that give her physical pain when she uses them. Most importantly, special strengths come with special weaknesses. Sensitive hearing means loud noises are more jarring or harmful, regeneration means metabolism speeds up and the person needs to eat as much as a body builder. Any superpower you pick out will have a drawback, I guarantee it; if not a physical one then a social one (I’ll get to that).

This scene from The Incredibles is an excellent demonstration of superpower drawbacks.

Step Three: 

Consider how the character feels about all this power and why they obtained it in the first place. Ace was not born with abilities, but over time she chose certain powers for the purpose of defending herself or others. Some of her powers fade away when she stops using them, like any skill you fail to practice, and some abilities she just plain old refuses to use for personal reasons. Some are too difficult or time-consuming for her to master, and some even trigger memories of her traumatic past thus she discards them. This way she has a choice in the matter and her choice is not to bite off more than she can chew or what she doesn’t want in the first place. 

Step Four:

How do other characters feel about all this power? Perhaps some or all of your character’s powers intimidate, frighten, or anger others in the story. One of Ace’s friends dislikes how unstoppable she is, and others are taken aback by some of the things she can do or how she looks when she does them. On the whole, she hides what she can do or picks small things to do instead of big things, downplaying her own power when necessary. How your supporting characters react to the force of nature that is your MC is the most important aspect of her power.

Here’s an example from the X-Men of how other characters might react. 

For additional opinions and advice, read this https://mythcreants.com/blog/five-characters-that-are-too-powerful/ and take to heart its ending line: “There’s only one fix that avoids all the pitfalls of overpowered heroes: refrain from making them really powerful in the first place.”

Yes, Ace is a flawed concept and all the advice I just gave is only a patch kit for that flaw. However, overpowered characters continue to excite readers and viewers alike, so I would never suggest we dispense with them altogether. Just, when you’re getting a headache from how overwhelming your character is, it’s good to consider dialling it all back and focusing on the power of their personality instead.


Super apologize for taking so long to respond, and thanks for asking in the first place.

lately there have been little things throughout my day just reminding me that I’m beautiful and that I’m lovely and that I’m allowed to take up space and that I’m allowed to be loud and I’m allowed to be soft and I’m allowed to think positively about myself and I’m allowed to not want negative people in my life and I’m allowed to feel everything all the time and its just really nice to have reminders that life is lovely and there is good in everyday and I’m allowed to love myself

@whoacanada posted this, and I’ve seen it a few times now, and finally caught a bit of time so this happened. also tagging @especially-shitty @audiaphilios @pale-silver-comb and @rhysiana who I’ve either seen reblog this, or think will enjoy it. Maybe a birthday present for @iboatedhere too.


There’s a figure skating exhibition in Montréal which Bob is guest announcing at, so the whole Zimmermann fam goes to watch.

Jack is still in his in between phase of adolescence, not quite grown into his limbs, face still rounded with the last bits of stubborn childhood fat. His whole body still a little too large, and his confidence bowed under the extra weight and his blooming anxiety about his future, his sexuality, and life as the child of two incredibly successful, beautiful people.

But underneath that, is a clever, witty, ridiculous flirty man waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

Enter one Eric R. Bittle. Just over five and a half feet of lean muscle and able to move it all with a speed and grace that leaves Jack breathless. Watching Eric skate, watching him bring the story of his music to life in sweeping arcs and gravity defying jumps and spins, is a revelation. Jack loses himself in the sparkling whirlwind of movement and glowing blond hair that is Eric Bittle.

When his routine ends, in a glorious final spin that leaves Eric with outstretched arms and his head thrown back, a triumphant smile on his face, Jack is mesmerized by the line of Eric’s neck and the way he can see the heavy breaths Eric is taking. Jack can feel his heart beating in time with the rise and fall of Eric’s chest. When Eric looks up, he looks radiant, and he looks right at Jack. The full impact of his smile hits Jack right in the gut.

He must make a sound, because Alicia looks at him with a knowing gleam in her eyes and asks “Ça'va, cher?” Jack can only nod, eyes glued to Eric’s figure as he makes his way off the ice. He misses Alicia’s grin, but takes comfort in the arm she wraps around his shoulder, difficult with the way he’s almost taller than her now, even at 16, but still nice.

He’s not entirely sure how, but he ends up in the hallway outside the locker room with his parents. Bob is talking with the skaters as they come out, Jack mostly a silent presence, making awkward attempts at conversation when addressed and getting slightly irritated at the way everyone looks at him like he’s adorable despite them mostly being not much older than him. (He’d checked Eric’s age at least, and was incredibly pleased that he was the same age.)

Then, Eric is just. There. In front of him. Smiling that same sunshiny smile that is even more spectacular up close. From this close, Jack can see the warm honey and bourbon flecks in Eric’s big brown eyes, and how they radiate kindness. He feels like he’s taking up too much space, feels all the clumsiness in his limbs that only seems to disappear when he’s playing hockey.

When Eric speaks, his accent catches Jack off guard, but in a good way. It makes him feel warm and soft, and he hopes he isn’t blushing.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Zimmermann, it is such an honor to meet you! I’ve followed both of your careers, and y'all are such an inspiration!” Eric’s exuberance makes Jack smile, he feels it stretch across his face and can’t even be embarrassed about it because when Eric looks at him Jack sees it reflected back at him.

“Oh. Hello! You’re Jack, right? The next Zimmermann to watch out for?” He says it with sincerity, and a hint of a chirp, and Jack doesn’t feel any of the pressure he usually does when people talk about his legacy.

He takes just a second too long to reply, and his dad nudges his arm a little to get his attention. He catches a smirk on Bob’s face in his peripheral vision, and a quick wordless exchange between his parents, and has a sudden flash of his dad telling him about how he wooed his mom by speaking to her in French at any given opportunity.

So when Jack responds, a second or two past what’s strictly socially acceptable but not so long it’s awkward, he can only say “Bonjour, Eric,” as he presents his hand, almost sighing when Eric slips his own surprisingly soft hand into Jack’s, shaking it with a firm grip and a smile still on his face. “Vous étiez incroyable.”

He’s vaguely aware that he should be mortified, but Eric’s cheeks turn a delightful pink and it makes something in Jack want to rise to the challenge of keeping the color there.

“Oh my,” Eric laughs, “You can call me Bitty, Jack. Though I must admit my French is terrible, merci beaucoup.” His accent is quite awful, really, but when Jack notices their hands are still together, that they’re just holding hands now, he can only grin wider.

“De rien, Bitty.” Bitty looks down slightly, notices their hands and his eyes widen. He looks up at Jack from under his impressively thick lashes with a look of wonder on his face.

Bitty mutters what sounds like “Oh, lord,” and Jack chuckles under his breath.

Jack couldn’t agree more. So he squeezes Bitty’s hand and says just quietly enough that Bitty has to lean in a little “D’accord.”