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Rules for Dating Tony (Birthday Party)

Tony woke slowly, alone in his bed, because last night hadn’t been a date night with anyone.
He kind of enjoyed it, the few nights he got to sleep alone, because with everyone home now it didn’t happen very often.
So he took a long minute to stretch and scratch his hair and sprawl his legs out–
–and kicked somebody.

“What the hell?” He sat up and stared sleepily at the curled up form of Natasha, just red hair peeking over a stack of blankets. “Widow, what are you doing in my bed?”

“Like you don’t know Stark.” She mumbled and scooted closer against him.

“And you’re cuddling? You’re not a cuddler. Come on, your date night isn’t until Thursday, everybody else will get mad if we break the rules.”

“I’m not breaking any rules.” She yawned and sat up. “I just wanted to say happy birthday.” She leaned into him for a long, slow kiss, then pulled away to squeeze his hand. “I bought us ice cream but figured you didn’t want that in bed with you. Happy Birthday Tony. I can’t wait for tonight.” Then she climbed out of bed and he had just a split second to admire her legs in those tiny shorts before she slipped out the door.

Maybe it was a little unsettling that she had been able to sneak into his room and lay there for who knows how long with out him knowing just to kiss him good morning, but he grinned anyway because he loved it.

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Miss Molly [Part 4]

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  

Warnings: death ment. suicide ment. domestic abuse ment. implied sexual assault meant. self-harm ment. sexual implications. use of d*ke. alcohol. 

Billy Hargrove was leaning against his car, lips pulling at a cigarette, while Tommy H and the other boys screwed around. It was Tuesday night and they’d been bouncing from place to place, drinking and carrying on, eventually ending up parked around a bonfire in a woodsy clearing somewhere on the outskirts of Hawkins. The fire pit was already there, along with a litter of beer cans and other trash, so it was clearly well-traveled. 

All of them were drunk. Billy was drunker than he thought, but he didn’t feel it. 

“WHOO!!!” Tommy screamed in triumph, crunching his can and tossing it to the side. “Winner!” He yelled. 

“That’s bullshit, man, there’s no way you chugged it that fast.” One of the others complained. Billy thought his name was Eric. He’d seen him before but he hadn’t bothered with names. 

“Half of it’s down his fuckin’ chest.” Chad Bowman pointed. 

“No it’s fucking not.” Tommy said defiantly, and then grinned. “You’re just a lightweight, Bowman.” 

“That’s a disqualification.” Another pointed out, and a few nodded in agreement while Tommy and a few more opened their mouths. 

Billy had a restlessness in his shoulders. It was always there, had been for years, and he worked it out with basketball, with partying, distractions like pretty girls and loud music, and a fuckton of cigarettes to keep it sated in the moments in between. More often than not, it came out in anger, and sometimes it was more difficult about going away than usual. Tonight was one of those nights. He watched the boys bicker and threw the butt of his cigarette to the ground. 

“We’re shotgunning beer not playing fucking chess.” Billy said, pulling out his pocket knife to open one. “C’mon, again. I’m in this time.”  

They each grabbed a beer, shoved a knife through the bottom, and the rowdy party fell silent as they chugged as fast as they could. Tommy was the first to throw his can again, with Billy following just a second or two after. 

“HELL YEAH!!” Tommy threw up his arms. “SHOTGUN CHAMPION, BABY! WHOO!!” 

“No, no. Now I’m calling bullshit.” Billy said. “You’re pouring it out somehow.” 

“Yeah, or the good-girl dyke is whipping you into shape, Hargrove.” Tommy pointed out. Billy whiped his mouth and reached for his cigarettes. 

“Let me guess, she threatened to steal your car again if she caught you drinking.” Chad snickered.  

Billy inhaled deeply, letting his head drop back as he released a billow of smoke into the crisp night air. “I’d rather talk about what girls are showing up here. Tonight, by any chance? I wouldn’t’ve come out if I knew we were just gonna jack off around a campfire.”

“We called. You know girls, they spend two goddamn ours on their makeup.” Chad said. It was a change of subject, but Tommy wasn’t having it. 

“I think he likes her.” Tommy said mischievously, lighting up his own cigarette. “What do you think, Marshall? Bowman?”  

“He seems awfully whipped to me.” The one who was apparently Marshall said. 

“I said, I’d rather not talk about her.” Billy said, taking a step toward Marshall, who was a blonde, muscular boy from one of the neighboring towns. “That alright with you?”    

Marshall held up his hands, backing down. 

“Nah, Hargrove just likes a challenge, that’s all.” Tommy said. Billy glanced at him. “He’s after the dyke ‘cause she’s the only girl in the school who’s not itching to crawl into the back of that car.” He nodded at Billy’s Camaro. 

Billy cracked his neck and pulled another beer from the cooler, hoping to ease the tension gathering in his neck since he could not name the source. 

“Theeeeere they are.” One of the boys pointed. Billy swallowed his beer and looked to see headlights coming up the dirt road. 

Thank fuck. He thought, just as four or five girls climbed out of the car. 

“What the fuck is this, Chad? You told me to get all dressed up just to bring me out to the sticks?” The girl who drove asked, shutting the door and approaching in a tight skirt and a pair of heels. 

“Don’t you look like a stunner, though, baby?” Chad asked with a smile. 

“You know I always do.” The girl wrapped her arms around his neck and promptly got around to shoving her tongue down his throat. 

The rest of the girls sectioned off to chat with Marshall and the boys. One approached him. 

“What’s your name, baby?” He asked, leaning against the door of his car. 

This, this was what he knew how to do. 

“Theresa. But my friends call me Terry.” She said, with a small smile. “You’re that Hargrove kid, right? From California.”

“The very same.” He nodded. “Smoke?” 

She looked at the pack before taking one, pressing it between her lips. He watched her as though she were already taking her clothes off. She took notice, but pretended she didn’t. 

“I’ve always wanted to see California.” She said excitedly. “Palm Beach, Hollywood…that just sounds like living the life to me.” 

“I can take you there tonight, if you’d like?” He offered, sipping his drink. 

She looked at him, eyebrows raised, and let out a laugh. “All the way to California? My parents would lose it.” 

“Well, after a fashion.” He smiled. “A little preview, what’dya say?”  

She bit her lip, eyes briefly daring to travel down his body, before she looked back up. “Sure.” 

His smile widened and he moved to the side, opening the passenger door with a swift flick of his hand. “Climb on in.”  

Billy Hargrove was not at school on Wednesday, exactly a week after his first study session with Molly. Today was supposed to be their second. 

She looked at his empty seat in chem lab and ground her teeth. They didn’t talk a great deal, but she’d approached him enough to at least ensure that their deal was solid. He’d assured her that he would willfully come this afternoon, and here he was: gone. 

“Tommy.” Molly approached the dark-haired boy at his lunch table. Billy’s seat was empty there, too.  

Tommy looked up at her, and then glanced at his friends. “Are you lost?” 

“Unfortunately no.” She said. “You know where Hargrove is today?”   

“Why, are you trying to go psycho and steal his car again?” 

“No, dickhead, we’re going steady.” Molly said sarcastically. “I asked you a question.”  

He glanced at Chad Bowman and then back. “I don’t know, freak, probably sleeping off a hangover. He was pretty trashed last night.” 

“Yeah, or he’s sleeping off something else with that Terry girl in the back of his car.” Chad said, and Tommy giggled. 

“Theresa James?” Molly asked. 

“Yeah, yeah that’s right, he did take off with her.” Tommy looked back to her. “What’s the matter, dyke? Jealous?”  

But Molly was already walking away. How stupid could she have been to take him on his word? Clearly, pretty stupid since he’d skipped the day altogether, cleverly evading her car-stealing method of persuasion.

Is that how he wanted to play it? Act nice so she’d let her guard down? No. Not with her. Not when her entire future was on the line. She went to all of his classes and got his assignments, and was the first person out the door at 3:10. 

Molly had yet to get a car, but he lived near the school. So, she walked. And because she was fuming, she walked faster. Finally, she was stomping through his yard and up to the front door no later that half-past. His car was the only one in the drive. 

She knocked on the door and thought she saw one of the curtains flick, but no one answered. 

“Hey! I know you’re in there you fucking dick.” She called. 

“Get the fuck out of my yard, dyke.” She heard him call through the door. 

“Billy, I swear to god-” 

“GO. AWAY.” He yelled. 

So his fuse was even shorter than usual today? Good. She thought, So is mine

“NO. WE HAD A DEAL.” She yelled, hitting the door again, but there was no answer. “HEY. HARGROVE.” Not a word.  

She took a step back, breathing heavily, before she made a decision. She pulled a paperclip from the side pocket of her back pack and a bobby pin from her hair, kneeling down so she was eye-level with the door handle. 

When she finally got the door open, she slammed it closed and marched straight down the hall to his bedroom door, deducing which one was his from her last visit to the house. She opened it, too, to find it empty. But the bathroom door was closed. When she pushed this one open, he stopped it with his hand. 

“What do you want from me, dyke.” He said, but he didn’t sound angry, just tired. 

It pulled her up short, but the slur ignited her fury again. 

“Why you’re screwing me, Hargrove.” She said. “And if you call me a dyke ONE MORE TIME . .” She hit the door and then pulled back, finding tears running down her cheeks. 

There was a decided pause, and then the door opened just a crack. 

“Jesus, are you crying?” He asked. 

“YES.” She yelled stubbornly, sitting on his bed and furiously wiping her cheeks. She heard him curse under his breath, and the door opened. She turned away, hiding her face. “But I’m NOT CRYING OVER YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT. AND I’M NOT FUCKING LEAVING.” 

“Well then don’t fucking leave, Reynolds. God, I’ll do the schoolwork or whatever just stop fucking crying. I can’t handle you losing your shit in my goddamn bedroom. 

She managed to compose herself. “Why weren’t you at school?” She finally looked up. He was looking away from her. “What, you can’t even look at me now? They’re tears, not the black plague, and I wasn’t even crying over you-”

“No.” He said quietly. “Just leave, Reynolds. I’m sorry I called you a dyke, okay? Just leave.”   

It was not the voice of Billy Hargrove. Nothing like the one he’d used when he was asking her about her drawings, and certainly nothing like the one everyone else was used to hearing. Her brow furrowed and she stood, and he backed into the bathroom, watching her warily but still hiding half of his face.

“Don’t shut the door again.” She warned, approaching him. 

“I asked you to leave. Why can’t you just do that?” He snarled, suddenly hostile again.  

“Because you’re scaring me, Hargrove.” She admitted, though her voice was still stern. “Now look at me.”  


“Hey, c’mon.” She winced, “Please?”

He looked up at the word and let out a breath, and then slowly turned his head. His eye was swollen, with a cut above his brow.  

“Jesus.” She moved closer.

“Got in a fight with some drunk bastard last night, it’s fine. Looks worse than it feels.” He said. He wouldn’t look at her. 

“That’s too fresh to have happened last night with Tommy. It’s gotta be from at least this morning-” She stopped. He glanced at her, his eyes wide and wary, lips pursed as realization dawned on her. “Billy, did your dad do this to you?” 

“You don’t say a word to anyone, you understand?” He moved toward her, fear turned to aggression once again. “Not a goddamn word–ow, fuck.” He pulled up sort when she grabbed his face, careful to avoid the worst areas.  

“Hold on.” She turned and left the bathroom, moving down the hall, opening doors and closing them before coming back. “C’mon.” She said. 

“What? Where?”   

“My house.” She said. He looked at her blankly, and she rolled her eyes. “That cut needs to be cleaned and Susan doesn’t have anything.”  

He rose his eyebrows. “What, now you wanna play nurse? I don’t need your help-”

But she held up his car keys to silence him. He looked behind him, where he’d been sure to hide his keys when he figured out she got in the house, but they were gone. 

“You can’t beat me, Hargrove. I’m too good. C’mon.” She jangled the keys and walked out the door, still talking as she went. “I mean it’s the least you can do. I’ve got a busy schedule, you know. I don’t take time out of my day to kick just anyone’s ass and yet here I am, walking to your house to put you on yours, only to find someone’s already done it for me. Unbelievable.”  

He looked after her, half in outrage, before cursing under his breath and following. 

When she got to her house, her father was home, but her mother was not. 

“He’ll have questions if he sees you like that.” She said in a low voice, leading him into the kitchen. “I’ll distract him in his office, you go straight to my room.” 

“Or I could just go home because I don’t need anything from you. Especially not your pity.” He said flatly. 

“C’mon, you aren’t fooling anyone.” Molly said distractedly, “I know you know how to sneak around a girls house while her parents are home.”  

He smiled in spite of himself, clicking his tongue in the corner of his mouth, watching her as she leaned stealthily into the center hallway, and then looked back at him, nodding to the stairs. 

“Hey Dad. How was your day?” She opened the office door and closed it behind her, bidding him a final look as he moved silently past her. 

Billy was sitting there for almost ten minutes before she came in, shutting the door behind her. 

“Aww, you made me food.” He mocked. 

She looked down at the TV dinner in her hand, “This is mine. You’ve been alone in your house all day and I skipped lunch because I was putting the finishing touches on my plan to run you down with your own car.”  

His lips twitched. “Then I assume the beer is for me?” He nodded at the Coors Lite tucked under her arm.

“No, that was mine too.” She put it down on the dresser. “But I guess we can share it, you look like you need it more than me.” 

She took a bite of the mashed potatoes in the TV dinner and then nodded at the bathroom, her mouth full. “Leth go.”  

His lips twitched and he stood, following her to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet. “So, how’d you know I was with Tommy last night?” 

She glanced at him, and then pursed her lips. “I asked him about you when you weren’t in chemistry.”  

He smiled. “You missed me!”  

No, I wanted to be fully informed when I dragged a probably-naked Terry James out of the backseat of your Camaro and beat you to death with a tire iron.” 

He grinned at the mention of the girl from last night. “Out of jealousy.” 

“Out of rage.” She corrected, grabbing a wash cloth from the closet and running it under hot water.

“Uh huh. And.. you walked to my house?” He asked. 

She glanced at him, and then back to his wounds, saying nothing. He let out a chuckle that turned into a hiss when she gently pressed the rag to his cheekbone.

“Big baby.” She murmured, intent on her work. But he was no longer smiling. 

She looked down. “I joked about him.“ 


"You’re dad. I made jokes about him.” She said. “I called you an asshole for being rude to them. I shouldn’t have done that." 

He scoffed. "It’s whatever, Reynolds." 

"No, it isn’t.” She looked at him. “I’m sorry." He seemed to consider her words, watching her as she cleaned the rag. Eventually she spoke again. "Do you…wanna tell me what happened?”

He shook his head, fiddling restlessly with his lighter. “He’s not a fan of my uh … extracurricular activities.”

Molly’s lips quirked. “Like Terry James.” 

He glanced at her. “Among other things.” 

She nodded. “Doing keg stands and picking fights.” 

“Yeah, thanks.” He said, narrowing his eyes, and then looking forward. “I came home around two or three. Pretty drunk I guess, or at least drunker than I thought.” He smiled but it didn’t touch his eyes. “Otherwise I could’ve put up more of a fight.” 

She nodded. She thought she saw a tear but he turned away from her and pretended to cough, when he turned back it was gone. 

She wiped his face down with the wet cloth and then retrieved a bottle of peroxide. 

“When I was fourteen, the guy I was in love with put me in the hospital.” 

The words fell like lead in her stomach and in the silence of the room. She chewed her lip, her breathing heavy in an effort to keep her face straight, and when she looked at him there was unmistakeable fear. Whether it was in memory of what she spoke about, or fear of opening a can of worms, or fear of how he’d react, he didn’t know. Only that it was the last thing he’d ever expected to see on this fiery girl’s face, and that it was so great that her eyes clouded over with tears when they met his own. 

She smiled and fanned her face, tears falling down her cheeks. He just watched her, brow furrowed. 

“God, I hate doing this.” She said, as though she were being ridiculous. “But yeah, uh, I was a teenage stereotype,” She nodded, going to clean the cut so she wouldn’t have to look at him while she talked. It stung, but he didn’t interrupt her. “The popular suburban girl who got everything she wanted but was just, uh, hellbent on rebelling anyway. Just like Carol or Stacy or Terry James.” She flashed a smile that didn’t touch her eyes. “Nothing special about me at all except I was dating this guy who was … eighteen.” She was no longer crying, but her eyes still held unshed tears. “God, he was gorgeous though, and charming, and rowdy … A lot like you.” She her hands, fiddling with the peroxide-soaked cotton ball to stop them from shaking. “I guess that’s part of the reason I hated you so much, you’re just … too familiar.” 

Billy flinched at the words, “Why did he hurt you?”  

“You mean the last time, or all the times before that?” She said, with a laugh. “The whole eight months was him hurting me, it never stopped. Even when I thought I was fine, he was …” Her face folded for just a second and more tears escaped, but it was back under control as fast as it happened. “Anyway, uh, three weeks in the hospital because of him and then three weeks for every time I did this.” She pulled up her sleeve and two jagged scars climbed up her forearm, parallel to one another. They looked almost like claw marks, crooked and dark pink against her skin.

He turned and grabbed her hand so he could look at them. “You tried to kill yourself?”  

She nodded. “Twice. Of course everyone found out about what he’d been doing to me. Small town in Texas, you know something like that’s gonna spread like wildfire. So, he got a bullshit three-month jail sentence and I got a reputation. That’s when I did it the first time.” She folded her arms, sitting on the ledge of the bathtub, across from him. “Then, everyone found out about that, and all my friends stopped talking to me, and my teachers and everyone else. Suddenly, everything I thought I was was gone. So I did it again.” She said, hugging herself “By this time I was just so angry. And everyone’s either telling me that I asked for it or giving me bullshit about staying positive and moving on like, like I can just flip a switch and all that anger and disgust with myself will go away. And my parents get me this A-lister shrink who takes one look at my history and says ‘You know what I think, Molly? I think your just a girl who wanted what other teenage girls want. Someone to like you, no matter who it is. Frankly, I think you got exactly what you wanted and then realized you didn’t want it anymore, and here you are.’” Now she was crying, unable to hold it back any longer. “Like I actually wanted what happened to me. Like I was child throwing a tantrum.”  

“What’d you do? When he said that, I mean.” Billy leaned forward. 

She took a breath, pointedly not looking at him and toying with the ring on her finger. “I kicked his fucking teeth in.”   

“The shrink?” Billy asked, shocked. 

She nodded, glimpsing the scars on her arm and pausing to pull down her sleeve. “He’d hit a bit of a nerve, turns out. I don’t remember doing it. He pressed charges of course but,” She took a breath. “My parents were respectable and Dad knew the judge, so they made it go away.” She stood, screwing the cap on the peroxide and throwing the rag into a hamper. “After that’s when my parents realized they’d probably better start listening to what I wanted before someone died, whether it be me or whoever decided to piss me off next, and … I wanted out of Texas. Out of that little one-horse town and everything that even reminded me of it. So, we came here. And I got my shit together. Well enough, at least.”

“A girl with secrets.” Billy repeated his words from the previous week, but his voice was soft. “Why would you tell me all that?”

She shrugged. “I’m saying we’ve all got demons, Hargrove. Yours are safe with me.” She rose an eyebrow. “As long as you don’t go telling people you saw me cry. I have a reputation to uphold, you know. As the gay, emotionless lizard-person.” 

He snorted in spite of himself  and looked up at her, squinting in the bathroom light. “So, you’re finished? Am I pretty again?”  

She tilted his chin up and grinned. “Not bad, I guess.” 

Scary Movies - blurb

for @spiderwritings (reader x sam hollandcongrats on runner-up honey :-) 

playlist: 1. all about you // mcfly / 2. nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco / 3. don’t worry baby // the beach boys / 4. my girl // the temptations / 5. something about the way you look tonight // elton john / 6. the way you look tonight // frank sinatra / 7. can’t take my eyes off you // frankie valli / 8. easily // bruno major / 9. i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys / 10. if i believe you // the 1975

“do we have to?” sam nodded his head, cocking it to the side and beckoning you to come closer. “i promised tom we’d watch it - and i know he’ll grill me with questions. please don’t make me watch it alone.” sam pouted at you, lowering you down on the couch and hovering over you “pleeeeaaseee.” you sighed, placing your hands on both sides of his face and rolling your eyes. “you’re lucky that i love you - i hate horror movies.” he smiled, leaning down to kiss you softly, knocking his nose against yours. “i know, i know. i love you too, babygirl.” sam situated himself behind you. “ready?” you shook your head ‘no’, causing him to laugh in your ear but press play, anyway. his grip around your waist tightened, resting his head a little higher than yours on the pillow. most of the movie consisted of sam helping cover your eyes whenever gore came up and laughing when the slightest jump scare popped up and a scream left you. “careful there, darling, you’re cutting off my blood circulation,” you rammed your elbow into sam’s side, smiling in satisfaction when he grunted. “the movie’s over!” you cheered, hopping off the couch, and out of sam’s grip (much to his dismay), before picking up a pillow and hitting him with it. “what the hell, babe!” “that’s,” a hit, “for making me,” another hit, “watch that fucking movie!” you hit him again and again between each word, smiling wider every time his laugh got louder. “hey, stop!” sam caught the pillow before it hit him, yanking it down. he ended up pulling you back on top of him. you smiled at how close you two were. “well, hi there, pretty baby.” you blushed, smiling at him. “hey there, pretty boy.” one of your hands came up to his face. sam closed his eyes, expecting you to caress his cheek, but his eyes opened again, feeling your finger poke across his face. his eyebrows pulled in, bringing a hand up to catch yours, “what are you doing?” you smiled at him, turning your head to kiss his hand lightly. “i’m counting your freckles. you wanna know a fact?” his eyebrows were still pulled in, in confusion, but he had an amused smile on his face. “there’s a freckle for every reason i love you.” you winked at him, getting the reaction you hoped for - his cheeks burning as he flipped you both around, straddling you now. “shut up, you’re such a sap.” “you love it.” you puckered your lips dramatically, closing your eyes and waiting for a kiss. sam smiled, rolling his eyes even though you couldn’t see him. “i really do.” he whispered, leaning down to place a full kiss on your lips

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to Sirius sleeping. I smiled remembering what happened yesterday. We were married! I tickled Sirius’ cheek to wake him up. When his eyes opened, I kissed him softly on the lips.

“Goodmorning my husband..” I said.

“Goodmorning husby.. You look hot.” He smirked.

“You look hotter..” I giggled.

“I miss our son, can we go get him so he can cuddle us?” Sirius said with puppy eyes.

“I was about to say the same thing..” I smiled.

Sirius took the hotel phone and called James’ room so he could bring Teddy to us. Minutes later we heared a knock on the door.


The door opened and Teddy came rushing in, his arms open, ready for a hug. Sirius picked him up from the floor and gave him a big hug.

“Oh my Teddy bear I missed your cuddles!” He chuckled.

“Are you two still naked?” James asked, his hand on his eyes.

“No we’re not you idiot!” Sirius laughed.

“Okay okay. Well, you got your deliver, my job is done, goodbye!” James said, leaving the room with a salute.

“Dadda!” Teddy said, crawling in the sheets so he could hug me.

“Oh c'mere my baby!” I chuckled.

We spent the morning in the big bed, cuddled into eachother. We had breakfast together, looking over the beautiful Parisian city.

“Oh by the way, we have to take the plane tonight..” I said to Sirius.

“Where are you taking me for our honeymoon love?” Sirius smirked.

“I was thinking about.. maybe a beach house in Greece?” I said, smirking too.

Sirius’ mouth just dropped and he was frozen in place.

“Pads?” I asked, laughing.

“We’re not going to Greece..?”

“Actually we are!” I said, laughing even harder.

“You know how big of a Greek mythology geek I am right?” He asked.

“That’s why I chose Greece Honey..” I said.

“I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOUUUU!” He said, jumping in my arms.

“You’re happy?” I asked.

“I’m more than happy! I get to go on a honeymoon with my husband in Greece?! How better could it be?” Sirius said.

After he said that, we both looked at the small Teddy sitting in the giantic bed, alone. He was smiling to us, looking like an angel.

“We can’t leave him behind babe.. look at him..I would miss him way too much.. Look at how cute he is.. Would you mind if we took him with us? Babe just imagine him running around the beach?” Sirius said, pouting a bit.

“Would we be the first "Just Married” couple to take their baby boy on our honeymoon?“

I looked at him and he looked at me. We both looked at Teddy…

"Fuck it! He’s coming with us! We’ll put him in his crib earlier so we can have sex on the beach..” Sirius said.

“Sirius! Would you not say that in front of him!” I laughed.

“He doesn’t even know what it means babe c'mon!” Sirius laughed, kissing my lips lovingly.

“Well we should start packing because we’re leaving soon!” I said, running to the bed and tickling Teddy.

“You leavin?” Teddy said, pouting and looking at us with glossy eyes.

“No baby.. We could never leave you! C'mere my love..” I said, taking him in my arms.

“How would you like to go to Greece? We could talk about Athena and Aphrodite and Homer’s poems? Maybe?” Sirius said, looking at Teddy.

“What?” Teddy laughed.

“Well I need to teach you some Greek mythology my baby!” Sirius laughed.

We packed, said our goodbyes to our family and jumped in the plane heading to Greece.

I’ll write when we get there!

May 21st 1998



beach weather are pretty much the best thing in my life right now and since they inspired the theme behind my entire blog, i just saw them live, and they have a new ep just out, i thought i could make a connections post for their previous ep! these lyrics could be used for any kind of connections tags, use them as prompts or starters… anything you see fit! below the cut there are #43 possible choices. please like/reblog if you found useful or are an rph.

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No Promises - Monster Woo Series [Part 5]

As Woo wrapped his arms around you on the sofa, so scrolled through the shows trying to find something that you could watch. While you knew that you would both fall asleep during anything you put on due to the activities from earlier in the day [and what just happened in the shower] you wanted something to break up the silence of your apartment.

“Baby,” Woo softly called to you from his place by you. Your head was resting on his chest and your were partially on top of him but both of you had not wanted to be far apart for the moment. You landed on some drama rerun and turned to look at him. The way that Young Woo was staring in your eyes made you blush, having not seen that side of him before in the months that you’ve been together.

“You’re really something else,” he stated simply causing you to wrinkle your nose slightly at him complement. Leaning forward you gave him a slight kiss on the lips.

“Right back at you, Oppa,” you stated as you put your head back to his chest and listened to his steady heart beat. As you laid there for a while letting your mind wander as Woo rubbed circles on your back you noticed that his heart rate had increased, making you look up at him. You had expected him to be asleep but he was still staring at you with that new look. He gave you a small smile as he leaned forward and gave you a kiss, slowly deepening it yet pulling away before you became winded.

“I love you, baby,” he stated in a whisper.

For a second you weren’t sure if you heard him right. While you had been dating for a while and knee how each other felt, you hadn’t yet vocalize it.

A smile appeared on your face as you moved closer so that you could reach his mouth better. Leaning forward you planted another kiss, trying to deepen it, you tried to move yourself to a better position.

“Umphf!” Woo groaned into your mouth as he pulled away, brows furrowed and lip between his teeth. You looked down as he was tenderly protecting his manhood, which you had accidentally kneed while trying to get closer. You rubbed circles on his lower stomach, not knowing how to comfort him in his time of pain. You giggled slightly as he acted as if the world ended.

“I confess to you and you did that? Come on, baby! I was trying to give you my heart and now your laughing?” He groaned again, a slight tinge of red on his cheeks.

“Kim Young Woo!” You jokingly stated as firmly as you could. “I love you too, pabo!” He stopped writhing around and stared and you, and slow smile starting to appear on his face. He looked overjoyed from your simple confession.

“How about we take a little nap and I’ll take you out where ever you want to go tonight to celebrate? We can go to a nice restaurant, the beach, space, anything you say,” he suggested as you resituateded on the couch.

“How about burgers abound the aquarium?” You suggested. His chest rumbled in slight laughter.

“I sure did find a simple, unique girl,” he noted as he nuzzled into your neck, settling in for a nap while to still felt the smile on his lips.

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Oh, sarò banale ma mi piace qualsiasi genere, mi abbandono completamente nelle tue mani, dimmi tu, :)

from the ritz to the rubble, fake tales of san francisco, fireside, old yellow bricks, knee socks, riot van degli arctic monkeys
sadderaze, the beach, wiped out!, cry baby, single, everybody’s watching me, afraid, flawless, rip 2 my youth, prey dei nbhd
icon, syre, the passion, watch me di jaden smith
friction, I’m so sorry, dream, whatever it takes degli imagine dragons
sussudio, another day in paradise, against all odds, in the air tonight di phil collins
revenge, orlando, jocelyn flores di xxxtentation
kathleen, oxygen, cocoon, 26, outside, tyrants, red dei catfish and the bottlemen
e poi roba a caso di frank ocean che tanto va bene tutto

classic love song mbti

INFJ:  The Chiffons - One Fine Day

ENFJ:  Mary Wells - My Guy

ESFJ:  Marilyn Monroe - I Wanna Be Loved By You

ISFJ:   Johnny Tillotson - Poetry In Motion

ESFP: Otis Day and the Knights - Shout

ISFP: Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go

ESTP: Dion - The Wanderer

ISTP:  Elvis Presley - I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

ESTJ: The Ronettes - Be My Baby

ISTJ: Frankie Valli -  Can’t Take My Eyes off You

ENTP: Four Tops - I Can’t Help Myself

INTP:  The Beach Boys - God only knows 

ENTJ:  Connie Francis - Stupid Cupid

INTJ:  Ruth Etting - Happy Days and Lonely Nights 

ENFP: Do You Love Me - The Contours

INFP: Bobby Darin - Dream Lover 

Derek Luh Imagine - Birthday Girl.

Anon: “Could you make a Derek imagine for me? It’s my bday :)”

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY G, secondly, I hope you like it!

Contains swear words (cuss/curse words) and a hella cute Derek Luh

– Y/N’s POV –

A soft tap awakens me, gently pulling me from my dreams. I open my eyes and smile at the sight before me, my handsome boyfriend and a large teddy bear in his arms. “Good morning mami,” Derek grins excitedly, squealing almost. “Happy birthday!”

I laugh, rubbing my eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight beaming in from the window. “Thank you baby.”

He leans down and kisses me passionately, stroking his thumb over my cheek. “Your presents are downstairs, but first I made you breakfast.” He tells me, grabbing a tray of food from beside him.

I sit up once fully awake and allow him to place the tray on my lap. He sits beside me and settles the teddy bear between us, we watch tv and enjoy eachother’s company whilst I eat my lovely cooked breakfast.

After breakfast, I change into some sweats and a random t-shirt before letting Derek guide me down the stairs to the living room. “Okay you can open your eyes now.” He chuckles, removing his hands from in front of my eyes.

A smile immediately takes shape on my lips as I see piles upon piles upon piles of beautifully wrapped boxes of all different shapes and sizes. “Happy birthday mami,” Derek whispers, snaking his arms around my waist as I stand and admire the presents. “Not all of them are from me but the majority are.” He adds, resting his chin on my shoulder.

“You’re the best baby.” I smile, turning to kiss his cheek.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Go wild.” He laughs, releasing me to slap my ass and let me rush over to my presents.

While I open my presents, Derek sits with me and watches me with an admirable smile on his face. With each revealed present, I thank him and kiss his cheek.

After successfully opening all of my presents and texting everybody who was kind enough to gift me something, Derek lifts me up and throws me over his shoulder. “Oh, and I have one more surprise.” He slaps my ass again, kissing my hip.

“Derek put me down,” I laugh profusely, returning a slap to his own ass. I hear the front door open. “Derek no, I ain’t dressed yet.” I groan, covering myself as he carries me outside.

“You look fine mami, beautiful as always.” He chuckles, lowering me down to the ground. I stable myself before turning around to look at whatever he is looking at.

Parked on the driveway is a dark grey BMW M4 with a large red ribbon placed upon the top of it. “You’re crazy, you’re actually fucking crazy!” I squeal, covering my mouth in shock.

“It’s all yours baby girl.” Derek winks, reaching into his pocket to retrieve a car key and hand it to me.

I jump on him, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, kissing him repeatedly. “Derek I love you so so much! Oh my fucking God I can’t believe you right now!”

He hugs me back just as tight, kissing my neck. “You better believe it baby, I only get the best for my Y/N,” He replies, setting me on the floor again.

I take the key and unlock my brand new car, hopping in right away as does Derek in the passenger seat. As I appreciate the feel of the leather, tears build in my eyes. “What are you crying for mami?” Derek laughs, leaning over to hug me.

“This is the best fucking morning ever, all thanks to you,” I cry into his comfort, squeezing him tightly. “I love you forever Derek, no matter what happens,” I promise, still holding on to him. “Oh my God you’re too good to me baby.”

“Take me for a ride then babe, show me what you got,” He grins mischievously, placing his hand on my thigh. I start the car whilst wiping my eyes, squealing when I hear the engine come to life. “Aye, seatbelt!” He frowns, pointing his finger at me.

“Fine, you too,” I giggle, reaching for the seatbelt beside me. I rearrange all of my mirrors to suit me before slowly pulling off of the driveway, smiling so much my cheeks hurt. “Shit, you didn’t lock the front door did you?” I question Derek, glancing over at him as I stop the car midway on the drive.

He huffs before climbing out of the car, running to the door and locking it. He climbs back in and buckles his seatbelt again. “Now can we go?”

I laugh, nodding my head. “Yes, where do you want to go?”

“Take us to the beach baby girl,” he smiles, massaging my thigh with his hand. “You look so beautiful baby.”

“You look handsome yourself daddy,” I wink, stopping at a red light. “Thank you Derek, for everything, I can thank you enough.”

He scoffs, patting my thigh. “Oh mami I’m sure you’ll thank me plus more tonight.” Derek winks.

I blush, thinking about the long night we have ahead of us tonight.

Paparazzi/Fans Follow You

Preference where you guys get followed by Fans + the Paparazzi in LA

masterlist | request | rules

Luke: You were in LA to support the boys’ concert and to spend time with Luke since you haven’t seen him in weeks. You both thought that it was a lovely day to go out for a run together, so you decided to go down to the beach-side. You guys talked about how beautiful LA was and how you’re excited for their show tonight. Everything was nice and personal between you two until you noticed a few fans taking pictures and starting to follow you. 
“Luke? What’s happening?” You asked, as this was the first time anyone has really seen you both out publicly and you were terrified about what the fans would think of you. 
“Don’t worry baby, they’ll do this, just stick by my side and nothing bad will happen to you, I promise” He replied.
The ‘few fans’ turned into many fans and this obviously caused a scene for the paparazzi. You and Luke decided to slow down and just walk instead because it would look really dodgy if you were running away from the fans. 
“But I really want a photo!” You heard a fan whisper. 
“Oh my god, just leave them alone because if we ask for a photo they might not like that we’re invading their privacy” Said another one. 
“That’s the (Y/N) girl right? She’s rumoured to be dating him” One whispered. 
“Yeah I think they’re a thing” 
Luke looked over to you and grabbed your hand tightly, as he heard everything that was going on as well. The fans began to “aww” you guys and a smile grew onto Luke’s face as the paparazzi flashes were going off everywhere. About an hour later, the paparazzi had disappeared, but the fans didn’t. At this point, you and Luke didn’t mind and a few fans asked for photos with Luke. You smiled at how much the fans adored him. 
“Excuse me,” You heard a young girl about the age of 14 say. “Do you mind if I take a photo with you? You’re insanely gorgeous and I think you and Luke are a great couple” 
You smiled and started blushing. 
“Aw thank you sweetie! And of course you can!” 
After that, all of the fans started taking photos with you as well. That night, when you were at the arena waiting for the boys to come on, you decided to check twitter. You noticed a lot of photos of you with fans everywhere and the captions were all positive, like “(Y/N) is actually really nice! I love her and how she treats Luke and the other fans!” There were also teen magazines with you and Luke on the cover from your run earlier today, and the headlines were “10 reasons why we LOVE #(YourShipName)”. 

Calum: The boys were on their way to LA for their American tour, and you were on a plane to join them for support. As you were getting off and making your way over to the customs, Calum grabbed your hand tightly so that he wouldn’t lose you or in case you get mobbed. No one really knew about you two besides your families and the boys, along with the rumours going around on the internet. While waiting in line, a lot of fans came up to all of the boys and started taking pictures. They followed you until you came out to the other side, waiting for your luggage. There were many fans and paparazzi crowding the area and it was a little bit too much for you. 
“Hey Cal, I’m going to go to the bathroom quickly” You mentioned. 
“You okay?” He asked, worried that this was all getting to you quickly. 
“Yeah I won’t be too long” 
You walked over to the bathroom and fixed up your make-up and hair. Your mouth was getting dry so you decided to try and find a juice bar in the airport. While you were waiting for your drink, a few fans came up to you. 
“Hi, you’re (Y/N) right?” One of them nervously asked. 
“I sure am” You happily replied, trying to cover your nerves. 
“I was just wondering if you and Calum were dating?” She asked. 
“Lisa! You don’t just ask her that!” One of the other girls said. 
“No no no, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. I would do the same thing!” You laughed, “um I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say” 
“We saw you guys hold hands, and friends don’t do that!” Another girl said. 
“Well, yeah I guess we are dating.” You shyly giggled. 
“That’s good! You’re really beautiful and Cal deserves a girl like you! You’re amazing (Y/N)! Can we take a photo with you?” 
You ended up taking photos with a few fans and making your way back to Calum. He hugged you and began to slowly but passionately kiss you. So many paparazzi flashes were everywhere and you knew that this was Calum’s way of making it official. Soon enough, the internet and media was flooded by the photos of you two holding hands and kissing.

Ashton: It was the boys’ one day free from their LA shows, so you and Ashton decided to go to the beach and make use of the gorgeous weather. You two were comfortable with hugging and kissing each other in the water until you noticed fans gathering around. You lost your smile and broke from Ashton’s grip, making your way to where your towels were on the beach.
“(Y/N), babe, what’s wrong?” 
“Don’t you see? All of the fans are noticing you, which means they’re noticing me too which means that they’re going to know that we’re a thing!” 
Ashton chuckled at your nervousness and assured you that everything would be alright. The amount of fans that showed up caused a scene and made the paparazzi come along as well. This was a lot to you, since everyone was taking photos of you with Ashton, and you were in a bikini, but you didn’t want to show any nervousness, so you didn’t react. The fans all started to take pictures with Ashton, you watched and thanked the lords that they weren’t harassing you. A few minutes later, some fans came up to you in a lovely manner. 
“Hey, (Y/N) you look really nice and we’re so glad that Ashton has you as his girlfriend!” You smiled at the fans comment, “Is it alright if we take a picture together?” You nodded and took selfies with a few fans before they all disappeared, along with the paparazzi. 
“You alright? Did they hurt you?” Ashton said as he brought you in for a hug.
“No they were really kind! They asked for photos and everything.” 
“See, they’re super nice and they love you!” 
You checked twitter later on when you were tanning and you saw many tweets about how nice you are and how they all love the way you treat Ash. You smiled knowing that you were accepted and put your phone down to enjoy a relaxing day with your boyfriend. 

Michael: The concert had finished and you and Michael decided to go and get something to eat in the city. You guys had been together for about three weeks and nobody knew yet besides the online rumours which had been started by paparazzi taking photos of you guys holding hands around the place. It was around midnight and you didn’t think that fans would be at McDonald’s that late, although you did remember when you were a fan and on the way home after the concerts, you’d stop by. You and Michael walked in hand-in-hand and made your way to the counter. You saw many girls with 5sos shirts and others that were also fans. You heard a lot of girls talk softly saying things like “Oh my god it’s Michael! Who’s that with him?” 
“That’s (Y/N). They were seen together a lot around the city I think they’re dating” Another one said. 
“They actually look really good together” 
Michael’s grip on you tightened as you ordered your food and sat down to eat. You felt about 50 pairs of eyes staring at you. 
“Michael..” You whispered. 
“Don’t be scared, they’re really nice. This happens a lot and I’m sure they’ll respect you.” He whispered back. 
You didn’t even notice that the paparazzi was there, but they left a few minutes later. 
“Really? They took photos of us eating? How is that interesting?” You asked Michael as he began to laugh. 
“Well you’re going to look super hot on the cover while biting into that burger” He joked, causing you to playfully slap his arm. The fans began to laugh and you turned around and the were too nervous to make eye contact so they looked away. 
“I’m going to go order another drink, do you want one?” Michael asked you.
“Nah, I’m okay thank you.” 
He went to stand in line and immediately, one of the fans approached you. 
“Hey (Y/N).” She said, you were stunned as to how she knew your name, but then you remembered that everyone in the 5sos fam knew your name by then. 
“Hey there, how are you?” You asked.
“I’m good thanks how are you?” 
“I’m Good, did you enjoy the show?” 
“Yeah!” She said and then paused, “You’re actually really sweet (Y/N).” 
You laughed while thanking her. A few fans asked for pictures with you and some videoed the whole moment and they waited until you and Michael got into the car and headed home. You noticed that they all began to send you love on twitter and the next day, you looked at a magazine to know that Michael was right, the photo of you biting into a burger was on the cover. 


okay so this one was really bad idk but I hope you guys liked it anyway :) xx

I still haven’t asked you
how freedom tastes like. But seeing you dancing
with your tipsy feet and sour breath, I need not ask.
Let me tell you this. Drink now until
you end up peeing all night.
Drink now until you start asking strangers
for your name. Pretend you know the way home.
Tell your girl bestfriend she’s a slut
and pretend you mean it. Tell her
she looks hot on that borrowed dress
but it’s getting late.

Baby, see that guy at the corner
holding his guitar? Look at him
but don’t let him catch you taking glances.
He’s the one who sings songs of praises
and kneels before the god
you used to worshiped. Just like a saint
he serenades you but your mother
already warned you about boys like him.
He’s the one standing at the altar
praying for big butts and tight cleavage.
He takes you to a dark room
where the only light you see is him.
Don’t be deceived. He’s a monster with wings
and he will dance with you until you become
his monster too.

It’s getting later now. Watch your friends
swim on the beach with their naked bodies
where only the moonlight and the sea know
where they are hiding their scars. Tonight,
you are celebrating the beauty of youth.
You’ll never be this young and free
and you’ll never be this stupid.
Have fun being called naive because this
is the only time that you are allowed to be.
When you reach the age of twenty, stupidity
becomes a crime. Sadly, you’re not learning.
Baby, you’ve done so many things
and you’ve said nothing. Why is it
after all this time the words ‘take care’
wake you up in your sleep?

Today you’re seventeen
and it feels good. For the first time
you’ve learned how to fold your own garments,
make up your bed and wake up
without the help of an alarm clock.
This is going to be the most tiring year
of your life because you’re busy thinking
of the comforts you might have when you grow up.
But believe me, you’re wrong again.
You think that boy who looks exactly
like Edward Cullen suits you? Suck
my anemic blood and wake up!
You are not Bella and this is no twilight.
This is the dawn of your dreams
and you’re about to turn it
into a night of terrors.

Baby, you regret a lot.
But you are always right about
chasing after love. That boy with dirty hair.
That boy will dive in your veins
and you would want to slash your wrist
just to see him flow out of you. Look at him
and feel his chapped lips. His lips
have been dried up on purpose just so
you can peel each skin like turning pages
of your most awaited novel.
You make your mother cry.
You disobey her. She says,
don’t let him take it. Don’t let him take
your lips like he’s just taking a sip
of a wine preserved for a long time.
You say, fuck being a wine.
It’s not everyday you can pour yourself
into a golden goblet who will make you feel
full everytime, who will never let you become emptied,
who will take you for the right reasons
and won’t allow you to spill and spoil.

—  irishjulienne, to my seventeen year old self
I'll Probably Thank You (Sammy Wilk Imagine)

Can I have an imagine where me and sam partying and u got really drunk so I started walking home from the beach and he kept driving beside me and telling me to get in the vehicle but I didn’t then he told me I was being too dramatic and then we went back to the camp site and fell asleep

write about Sammy?

feedback please


“Shots all around” you yell, taking a couple shots of the silver tray in the middle of the table and passing them out. You sit back down next to your boyfriend Sam and down the shot. The alcohol burns as it goes down your throat. You were already drunk, so it didn’t matter anymore.

You guys were at a huge birthday bash for one of Sam’s friends in LA. You weren’t too familiar with the friend, but you knew most of the other people there. It was at the beach with cabanas set up all around. 

“Come on Sammy.” You slur, guiding him towards the sand. 

“I forgot to tell you how nice you looked tonight.” Sam says, kissing your forehead. 

“Thank you. I tried on 5 different outfits because I wanted to look good for you." 

"It works for you, baby.”

“Let’s get a cabana to ourselves, get some beers, and have some alone time. Maybe if you’re lucky you can take this outfit off.” You wink.

You lead Sam to an open cabana and sit down on the couch inside. Sam grabs some beers and sets them down on a table before shutting the door. He hands you one and takes a seat next to you, pulling you into his side.

“You know you’re really hot and everyday I wonder why you chose me.” Sam says.

“Babe, you’re the hot one. Trust me.” You slur. 

You slide over so you’re straddling Sam’s lap. You cup his face in your hands and lean your head down and kiss his lips. You start rolling your hips, grinding up against Sam’s crotch, creating friction between you two. The kiss gets more and more heated. His hands are roaming your body and yours are roaming his. You start pulling on his shirt, telling him you want it off.

Sam pulls away and looks at you. Your heart still racing. 

“What, what did I do wrong?” You ask.

“Nothing, baby, you’re perfect. I just can’t do this with you right now, you’re drunk.”

“No I’m not.” You whine.

“Babe, yes you are. I can’t take advantage of you like that.” Sam says, rubbing your hipbone with his thumb.

“If you didn’t want to have sex with me you could’ve just said it.” You say, stomping out of the room heading towards the house you guys were renting. 

“(Y/N),” Sam calls.

You continue walking and tears start to fall.

You see a car pull up next you and roll the window down, there sits Sam. 

“Babe, come on, get in the car.”

“Sam, I know I’m ugly and I knew this was too good to be true.”

“(Y/N), stop walking. I love you. I would not be dating you and have been dating you for 8 months if I thought you were ugly or just using you. I love you so much, I just don’t want to take advantage of you while you’re drunk. I know we’ve had sex before, but I don’t want you to regret it. Now please, get in the car. I’ll drive us back and we can cuddle, then fall asleep." 

You hesitantly open the car door and slide in. Sam leans over and kisses your head. 

"I love you.”

“I love you too, Sammy." 

Sam drives you guys back to the beach and leads you back into the cabana. He lays down and you lay down next to him. He pulls you into his chest and kisses your temple.

"I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t care about you. I care about you too damn much to take advantage of you like that." 

"I love you, when I’m sober I’ll probably thank you.”

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lundyn which albums do you recommend everyone should listen to (any genres)

okay this is basically a tentative list of albums that have no bad songs

  • 4 | beyonce
  • odd | shinee
  • doolittle | pixies
  • illinoise | sufjan stevens
  • anything in return | toro y moi
  • goddess | banks
  • lonerism | tame impala
  • i’m your baby tonight | whitney houston
  • an awesome wave | alt-j
  • miss e….so addictive | missy elliot
  • guilty of everything | nothing
  • lungs | florence and the machine
  • wildheart | miguel
  • lp1 | fka twigs
  • nostalgia, ultra | frank ocean
  • hyyh pt. 2 | bts 
  • cupid deluxe | blood orange
  • room on fire | the strokes
  • obsidian | baths
  • bloom | beach house
  • silent alarm | bloc party
  • the red | red velvet
  • gorilla manor | local natives
  • sports | modern baseball 
  • tell all your friends | taking back sunday
  • indigo child | raury
  • partynextdoor | partynextdoor
  • bury me at makeout creek | mitski 
  • songs about leaving | carissa’s wierd