taking things out on gabe

Headcanon without a clever title :(

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I thought I would share it.

Jack Morrison is the kind of person who could manage to hook up with people, have a short fling and move on. Not only because he is very charming, but because he has the temperament for it. He can fall in and out of a relationship quickly and easily. He just goes with the flow.

Gabriel Reyes on the other hand doesn’t do flings. It just isn’t something that works for him. It takes a lot for him to fall into a relationship of any sort, but when he falls he does so hard. He does not have a bunch of failed relationships to learn from, so getting with Jack is rather new to him.

This translates into their behavior when their relationship is on the rocks. Jack handles it more casually than he should and it hurts Gabe because he thinks Jack doesn’t care. Gabe takes things really hard and can’t let the little things go which makes him mad. Jack then gets upset because Gabe takes things so personally and it spirals out of control.