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Kage-chan thanks everyone for the birthday messages, and hopes that his birthday bus tour will also be a lot of fun for everyone who can make it.  All he asks is that it not rain.  



The Disappearance of the Beaumont Children

It was a pleasant National Australia Day (26 January) in 1966, when three siblings, 9-year-old Jane Beaumont, 7-year-old Arnna Beaumont, and 4-year-old Grant Beaumont, boarded a bus near their home to take the short ride to Glenelg Beach - a journey they had taken numerous times before. The excited trio promised their parents that they would be home by 14:00 that afternoon but they never returned home, setting into motion one of Australia’s, and even the world’s, most sensational and bizarre mysteries.

An investigation ensued and numerous witnesses reported that they saw the three children with a tall, blonde, man; they were said to be playing with him and appearing in good spirits. It was also reported that the children had purchased a meat pie with a £1 note, while that in itself is not unusual, the fact that their parents claimed they had not given the children such note, is. The last reported sighting of the children came from a post man who reported that he saw the Beaumont children walking towards the direction of their home - a destination that they never arrived.

Regardless of the numerous leads, the disappearance of the Beaumont children still remains a mystery, and even as recently as January 2016, authorities are still following up on leads.

sunbeamsandmoonrays  asked:

The scene at Pop's doesn't happen, Jughead gets on the bus to Florida, and Betty tags along? Or some variation of that. Thank you!

Here you go, hope it’s what you were looking for! Enjoy!

Title: Runaways


“Betty, it’s me. I know you deserve more than this rushed, less than eloquent explanation in the back alley of a bus station - I mean, what we’ve gone through together surely warrants a twenty page exposé on what being with you has meant to me or at least some overly dramatic farewell in the parking lot like they do repeatedly in romantic comedies. But this hastily prepared phone call is all I’m able to come up with at the moment, most notably due to the fact that if I saw you in person right now I’d never be able to get on that bus. And I really need to go. Get out of Riverdale and away from the Blossoms and my father’s sins and - well, everything. Just know that I’m not leaving because of you, Betty Cooper. You’ve made these last few months of torturous hell some of the best months of my life. I’ll never forget that. And I’ll never forget how much I - I - I have to go. Bye, Bets.”


Jughead clutched his beat-up hiking backpack that hung over his shoulder tightly with his gloveless hand, the chilly morning air flushing his cheeks and nose a pale pink that made him look like a young boy again, braving the cold just to play in the snow for a few hours until his mother called him in for dinner. Taking a step into the crowd of bus-goers, he stopped himself short before joining the passengers as they filed their way into their seats, glancing back at the bus depot’s entrance as if waiting for something -or someone- that wasn’t coming.

“Are you getting on or not, kid?” the bus driver asked from the driver’s seat, a tired expression crossing his face as he glanced down at Jughead standing by the open doorway looking unsure of himself as he teetered back and forth from one foot to the other. “The bus leaves the station in five minutes with or without you so I’d make up your mind pretty quick if I were you.”

“I’m coming,” Jughead assured him, although he made no move to prove his point and join the rest of the crowd on the bus.

“You might want to tell your feet that,” the bus driver pointed out. “They look pretty glued to the pavement there.”

“Just give me a few more minutes,” Jughead mumbled, adjusting his grip on the bag with one hand and sliding his ticket into the back pocket of his jeans with the other. “I have to get on that bus.”

“Well you’ve just wasted a full minute and a half in your failed attempt to convince us both of that statement, so whatever epiphany you think you’re going to have just standing there, I’d think of something that could make it happen a little quicker otherwise you’re stuck in this town forever,” the driver warned him, leaning back in his seat and resting his head back on the headrest behind him. “Or at least until the next bus leaves.”

“Come on, Jughead,” he mumbled to himself, the snow beginning to fall lightly on his beanie and the street in front of him. “Just get on the bus. There’s nothing keeping you here.”

“Running away to escape the sins of your father, huh?”

Jughead whirled around at the sound of the familiar voice that had made his heart skip a beat every time he heard it over the past few months, his pulse quickening at the sight of a bundled up Betty Cooper making her way over to him, her pale baby blue scarf wrapped snuggly around her neck and her gray peacoat buttoned all the way up to the tip of the collar.

“That’s a little ‘Huckleberry Finn’ don’t you think?”

“No, if I were following in the footsteps of Huck Finn, I would have faked my own death to escape my family,” Jughead pointed out, his gaze focused intently on the thick letters written on the side of the bus in front of them. “And we already had one teenager try that in this town - didn’t turn out so well remember?”

“Juggie,” Betty breathed, stepping around him so that he was forced to meet her gaze. ”Florida?”

“Yeah, well I hear that listening to the waves and feeling the ocean breeze on your skin does wonders for writer’s block,” Jughead shrugged, his expression hard and distant as he struggled to keep his heart from fluttering the way it always did when he was in her presence. “And considering I’m not writing my novel on Jason Blossom’s murder anymore, I figured a little seaside town in Florida was as good a place for a little inspiration and a fresh start.”

“Alone?” Betty’s voice was small, almost heartbreakingly so, and it took every bit of strength Jughead had left in him to resist scooping her up into his arms and holding onto her forever.

“I’ve been alone for the better part of my life, Bets,” Jughead reminded her, taking a step away from her as he continued to keep his distance. “My mother, Jellybean, now my father - they’ve all left me at some point, one way or another. And I know you were only doing what you thought was right to protect me, but even my friends, who I thought I could trust more than anyone, lied to me. People leave and let you down, it’s the way my life has always gone and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

Jughead felt his eyes begin to prickle with tears and he quickly stepped around Betty, wiping at his eyes with the back of his hand and moving to place one foot on the first step leading up to the bus.

“But none of that matters anymore because I’m leaving that all behind. Goodbye Riverdale, goodbye Jughead Jones,” Jughead muttered, turning his back to Betty and grabbing onto the door with his free hand. “And it all starts as soon as I step onto that bus.”

“No,” Betty snapped, her voice ringing out amidst the empty bus station and falling snow blanketing the scene in front of them, causing Jughead to stop dead in his tracks, his foot sliding off the bus and back onto the pavement as he spun back around to face her.


“You don’t get to just leave like that,” Betty told him, her eyes dancing wildly as the rage and longing and fear of losing something she had grown to crave more than oxygen over the past few months, began to take over her expression. “Not after everything we’ve been through together. Not after you climbed into my bedroom that day we went to see Polly and you kissed me. Not after everyday since then where you’ve been the one thing keeping me sane through this whole ordeal. Not after you made me fall in love with you!”

The words echoed off the walls of the empty bus depot, lingering in the air for a moment before hitting Jughead hard and fast, causing his heart to stop beating and his eyes to widen in disbelief as he slowly lifted his head to look at her.

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t mean for it to come out like that,” Betty apologized, her hand flying up to cover her mouth in disbelief as a beautiful pink color began to creep up onto her cheeks at the unexpected declaration. “I’m sorry.”

“You love me?” Jughead breathed, the words so quiet and unlike his own voice that he was sure that it was someone else who had spoken them.

“Yeah, Jug,” Betty assured him, her lips creeping up into a shy smile as she finally said the words that had been lingering in her thoughts for weeks, out loud. “I love you.”

In that moment, amidst the falling snow and the rumbling of the bus awaiting the last of its passengers, Jughead knew without a shadow of a doubt that the next move he made would solidify the fate of their relationship for the rest of time. So without another word, Jughead dropped his backpack onto the snow-covered pavement and took Betty’s face in his hands, her skin cool and smooth and perfect to the touch, and kissed her until all the words and feelings and thoughts that he couldn’t say right then, didn’t need to be said out loud anymore. With that one kiss, Betty got the answer she had been hoping for all along - something more than what could have been expressed through pretty soliloquies or well-thought-out speeches. And that was enough for her.

“Time’s up, kid,” the bus driver announced from the driver’s seat, causing Betty and Jughead to abruptly pull back from their embrace to meet his gaze. “Are you getting on or not?”

“I’m coming with you,” Betty told him, already pushing her way towards the steps leading up to the bus, nearly slipping on the patch of ice on the road and reaching forward to hold onto the side of the vehicle to regain her balance.

“What? Betty, no I can’t ask you to leave everything you’ve known your entire life for me,” Jughead told her, reaching out to take her by the elbow and pulling her gently back towards him. “And I can’t ask you to leave Polly, especially not now.”

“She’s the one who suggested I leave with you,” Betty admitted, pointing to the luggage off to the side of the bus that Jughead hadn’t noticed until that moment, revealing that this was what she had been planning all along.

“You didn’t come here to say goodbye,” Jughead guessed, realization washing over his face as he took in the bus ticket sticking out of her pocket and everything started to make sense to him. “You came here to run away with me.”

“Polly and Jason never got their chance to get out of Riverdale together,” Betty reminded him, taking his wind-bitten hands in hers and stepping forward to close the gap between them. “But maybe we actually have a chance to be happy, away from all the secrets and lies and drama, Jug. I know that as long as I’m with you, I can be happy anywhere. So let’s go be happy.”

“Bets, are you sure?” Jughead wanted to know, his brows drawing together in concern as he glanced up at the annoyed bus driver with uncertainty. “This isn’t a short sleuthing trip across town, this is for good. I don’t plan on coming back for awhile. Maybe not at all.”

“I’m sure that I love you,” Betty assured him, her hands gently grazing his cool skin with the tips of her fingers before resting them comfortably on his cheeks. “And that’s all that matters to me right now.”

He knew that they were going to be deemed certifiably insane by the better half of Riverdale for thinking that two teenagers could survive running away with little to no money and no plan for the future mapped out in front of them, but in that moment, Jughead didn’t care. He didn’t care about the future, or what anyone else said about them, just as long as Betty Cooper was by his side every step of the way.

“Let’s go then,” Jughead announced, taking her hand in his and nodding for her to follow him onto the bus before he changed his mind.

“So that’s what he was waiting for,” the driver noticed, smiling knowingly up at Betty as she passed him on her way to one of the free seats in the back of the bus. “Can’t say I blame you, boy. I would have waited for a girl like her too when I was your age. Never got so lucky, I’m afraid.”

“I’ve waited for her longer than you think,” Jughead admitted, smiling back at Betty as she settled her way onto the plush seating and placed her own backpack on her lap in front of her. “I just hope that my loving her doesn’t ruin her life. I don’t think I could live with myself if that were the case.”

“That’s a chance you’re going to have to take, son,” the driver informed him, glancing up to meet Jughead’s gaze with somber eyes. “Otherwise, you’ll never forgive yourself for letting someone like her slip through your fingers. Trust me, I know all too well.”

Jughead nodded at the bus driver as if he understood, smiling at him gratefully before making his way down the aisle to join the girl he was going to start a new life with. He knew that he was running away from a lot of demons that Riverdale possessed for him, but he also knew that he was running to something - something better and brighter and with Betty. And that was what finally put his mind at ease as the doors shut behind them and the driver pulled out of the depot as they made their way down the road, and towards new beginnings.

Flower Boy Cafe!Seungcheol

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  • requested by anon: flower boy cafe au + aegyo + flower crown thrown in somewhere + him doing cliches to get you to like him
  • this was a nightmare
  • This was not what you wanted
  • You did not sign up to be volunteered to go to a cafe in which the boys practically served the girls in their fantasy
  • your friends were so persistent, they said you’d love it, and you really did not enjoy hearing your friend squeal and cry over these server boys
  • and they even had themes
  • ‘Here is your drink princess’
  • He winked at you, this server named Seungcheol, dressed in a blue blazer with gold frills on it, a crown rested on his head to signify that he was a prince
  • You barely looked at him as he handed you your drink
  • Your friends squealed, the tables nearby squealed also, it seemed as though this Seungcheol was a big shot in this business
  • Girls were literally throwing themselves at him, touching his arms, flipping their hair, batting their pretty fake eyelashes and puffing out their glossy lips
  • You wanted to groan and leave
  • but your friend insisted on staying
  • ‘Did you see how he looked at you, he totally likes you’
  • You take a sip of your drink, glancing at Seungcheol who’s caught your gaze, sending you a wink which makes you scrunch your nose, ‘he’s literally throwing the same look to every girl in this room.’
  • and you would agree, he was handsome, he had a nice jawline, a nice build, and maybe his personality was good too but at the same time, he just seemed so into his own looks
  • The so called ‘Flower Boy’ Cafe was now a regular for you and your friends, not so much you as you were more pulled into the shop with your friends begging
  • ‘Just one drink pleeaase’
  • And you give in
  • Each and every time, you run into Seungcheol, who shoots his signature smile, a wink and you continue to frown at him
  • ‘Why won’t she like me!’ Seungcheol groans in the back room where he’s waiting for the prepared drinks
  • Wonwoo shrugs as he waits also ‘maybe you’re not her type. She likes Chan’
  • Seungcheol looks through the kitchen window, he catches you happily chatting with Chan who’s jumping in excitement over something
  • Seungcheol grumbles, as he brings over your drink, he pulls an open chair, sliding it in with you and your friends
  • Your friend’s eyes are jumping out of their sockets and you pull your drink to get a sip as Seungcheol settles himself next to you
  • it was flower crown day, all the servers were wearing variously colored flower crowns, on top of Seungcheol’s head rested a pretty arrangement of white and pink flowers
  • Seungcheol tilts his head at you, staring into your eyes as you drank
  • ‘What’ you spit out and Seungcheol smiles
  • ‘Sorry, i got lost in your beautiful eyes’
  • Your friends squeal and you cringe at his words
  • ‘Please don’t’
  • Seungcheol’s smile slightly frowns but he picks himself up
  • He awaits your return with a new plan
  • When he sees you and your friends step through the door, he almost knocks Joshua on the ground when he races to serve your table
  • He leads you the way with a smile on his face, he opens your chair for you and you dodge, moving to the seat next to the one he grabbed while your friend quickly snags the one he pulled out
  • When you’re awaiting your drink, Seungcheol approaches you, a single rose in his head as he gets on his knee, offering the flower to you
  • ‘A rose, for the most beautiful girl whose beauty couldn’t compare to anything else’
  • You take the rose with an awkward ‘okay’ setting it in the middle of the table before turning back to your friends
  • His plan didn’t work that day
  • The next time he sees you, he actually did push Joshua to the ground, he was determined today, today was the day
  • you notice today, his name tag was different, it didn’t display his usual Seungcheol, but instead an S.coups
  • Seungcheol grins as you point it out
  • ‘Today we’re trying different names, to add a cute effect’
  • When he says the word cute, he places a V sign using his fingers to his eyes and you’re back to your deadpanned expression
  • When he brings you your drink, you notice the plate of macarons, he sets them down in front of you, ‘on the house’ he states
  • You’re taking a bite of one of them and you were just about thinking they were delicious when you hear Seungcheol’s shrill high toned voice
  • ‘S.coups wants to eat a macaron!’
  • You choke
  • And everyone is looking as you’re choking on a macaroon, the other servers coming over to help you calm down and seungcheol standing there awkwardly
  • As a sorry, the cafe gives you a drink for free
  • The next time Seungcheol sees you is early in the morning, there’s no customers and Seungcheol sees an unusual sight
  • You walked in alone, no friends to squeal or giggle with him around
  • ‘Is Chan here?’
  • “Chan?’ He grumbles ‘why do you like Chan and not me! You see him like five seconds every time you’re here’
  • You’re taken aback, he was usually so smiley and chipper but here he was, a little scowl on his face which you kind of couldn’t take seriously with the fluffy cat ears on his head
  • ‘um, Chan has my chem notes and I need it to study?’
  • ‘Oh’ it was a word that stretched out long out of his mouth
  • Chan’s shift was in an hour so you decided to sit and wait for him since he was mostly likely coming to work after class
  • You sat patiently as Seungcheol got you your drink
  • The place was slow in the morning, rarely any customers and if there were, other servers were quick to seat them
  • Seungcheol stood idly next to you, tapping his fingers on the table
  • And you got a good look at him, a look without him smiling and grinning with winks at the customers
  • Without them, he was seemingly more calm, more adult like
  • He stood tall with his shoulders back, his hands couldn’t keep still that he either kept tapping or played with something on his shirt
  • He was like a puppy, restless, needing attention, always wanting to move
  • ‘How’d you get this job?’
  • Seungcheol perked up, this was the first time you actually initiated conversation with him
  • ‘They gave me a job application while I was walking by, said I had the looks’ he shot a flashing smile
  • and for once your lips tugged up, a small laugh coming out and Seungcheol’s shoulders moved up at the sound of the tune
  • You two stayed like that, small talk as he leaned over the counter, the conversation ceased when Chan walked in, hair damp as you finally noticed it started to rain
  • ‘I didn’t bring an umbrella today’ you whispered but Seungcheol caught on
  • Seungcheol pulls Chan aside ‘cover my shift’
  • ‘What! I have my own shift to do.’
  • ‘There’s like no one here, i’ll be back in an hour, thirty minutes after an hour, at max. Please’
  • ‘Fiine’
  • and with much bickering, Seungcheol’s holding the umbrella over your head. Covering the both of your heads as you two take the short walk to the bus stop
  • you two are close, shoulders touching as the rain bounces off the umbrella, you push into him a couple of times when avoiding large puddles and Seungcheol can’t stop grinning at your cute actions
  • ‘We should do this again’
  • You look at him weird ‘walk in the rain together’
  • Seungcheol smiles, ‘talking. I liked talking to you’
  • You slowly nod your head ‘it was nice. Better than you pulling cheesy lines and trying to kill me that one time with the macaron’
  • Innocent laughs come out in unison, you board the bus and Seungcheol watches as you leave
  • The next time, you’re back with your friends
  • And there’s no cheesy lines
  • No plan
  • Nothing
  • Because he talks to you, casually, like you’ve known each other for years, and there’s sparks between you two, a slow flame building up every time he says the simplest things
it’ll be okay (namjoon)

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Pairing: Namjoon + Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 484

Reader’s POV 

Everything was going great today. Everything.

From the moment you woke up late as you slept through your alarm, to when you missed the daily bus that takes you to work, to being short a dollar when you had to pay your uber driver (who so kindly let you go), to being yelled at for the fourth time that week by your manager, and finally to the moment you walked home in the rain, forgetting your umbrella at your desk.

Everything was going great

Finally reaching your apartment door, you took out your keys and unlocked it, walking inside with your drenched self.

“y/n?” a worried voice asked, as you tiredly looked up to see a pair of soft brown eyes, looking at you with concern.

“Hey, why are you so wet? Did you forget to take your umbrella? You must be so co-” he started, as you felt yourself weaken, biting your lip harshly to prevent the tears that threatened to pour out.

“Namjoon-ah.” your voice cracked, as Namjoon’s eyes widened as he rushed towards you, wrapping his long arms around you, pulling you into his embrace. 

The hot tears streamed down your face, as Namjoon rubbed your back comfortingly, pulling you in tighter. 

“Baby..what’s wrong?” he asked softly into your ear. 

Sniffing you whispered, as you gripped on to his sweater tightly, “Everything. Everything is wrong.”

Sighing, he pulled away slightly and cradled your face in his warm hands, his thumbs wiping your tears away. 

“What happened now? Did something happen at work?” 

“I-I just..I woke up late today making me miss my bus so I had to take an uber all the way to work and then was a dollar short in paying the uber driver, but that old man was so nice he let me be, and then I thought the worst was over, but then my manager yells at me for my designs and that they were awful and after working so hard on them, I thought I could come home in peace but the moment I got off the bus, I realized that I forgot my umbrella and I had to walk all the way home in the pouring rain!” you sobbed, as Namjoon pulled you back into another hug. 

“Hey..hey..it’s going to be okay, alright? Even though today was so difficult, look at where you made it to.” he said,” You made it through the day, you made it home.” 

Rocking you back and forth, knowing it’d calm you down, your sobs quieted down into sniffles as you wiped your tears away with your sleeve. 

Looking up into your boyfriend’s caring gaze, your lips turned up into a small smile. Even though today was one of the worst days you’ve ever had, he was right. You still made it home. You made it back to Namjoon.

Giving him a smile, you gazed at him affectionately as you whispered,” I guess I did, didn’t I?’ 

Author’s Note: Anon I hope you liked it!!! *sighs* where’s my man to comfort me after a long af day…

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm about to start taking two buses to go to my community college (which isn't in the best of areas) but its my first time taking the bus. This is pretty big for me because I grew up with a schizophrenic mother who taught me to be scared of things like buses, dogs, bugs, etc. I have severe anxiety and its off the charts right now! Any tips for bus-ing it to college?

Let’s be clear- taking the bus for the first time is stressful even for people without anxiety! The short answer is that the more times you take the bus, the less stressful you’ll find it. But here are some public transportation tips that I hope will ease the transition. 

Using Public Transportation (By Yourself)

1. Know your route. I find it helpful to know the names of all the stops before mine, in case I get distracted and lose track of where I am. I also find it helpful to take a screen shot of the Google Maps directions to where I’m going and save it on my camera roll. It’s nice to be able to double check your travel plan if you need to.

2. Be aware of your surroundings. It’s smart to take a good look at your surroundings once you get settled in a seat. If there’s someone in an adjoining seat acting sketchily, move. Always keep your personal effects nearby, if possible put your belongings in a window seat and sit in the isle seat. 

3. Cleaning wipes. I work with young children, so I do not leave my apartment without some sort of disinfectant wipes. If I’m traveling light and need something unexpectedly, I just substitute some of my facial wipes and use those on my hands. If you have anxiety about being in crowded/public places, you may find it helpful to have a way to sanitize yourself. Especially during flu season!

4. Throat lozenges. There is nothing worse than being stuck on public transportation with a dry cough. Stock up on lozenges or some sort of hard candy that you can suck on to relieve throat irritation. It’s also smart to bring bottled water, but that’s not always possible.

5. Tissues. Another must-have for public transportation! You can buy small travel packs of tissues at your local pharmacy or school store. 

6. Sunglasses. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stuck on a long bus ride in peak sunset time, constantly having to shift my gaze around to keep the sun from burning my eyes. Stash some sunglasses in your bag for easy access.

7. Bus bathrooms. Public transportation bathrooms are some of the worst places on earth, but I have a tiny bladder and always end up using them anyway. Most train/bus bathrooms have chemical toilets that smell really awful, and some don’t even have a proper sink to wash your hands afterwards. If you can avoid using these bathrooms, I would highly recommend it. 

8. Get to know the bus driver. If you’re going to be frequenting specific public transportation repeatedly during each week, you’re going to start recognizing some employee faces. Always be polite and remember to greet and thank the bus driver when entering and exiting the bus. If someone won’t leave you alone, you can always ask the driver to intervene on your behalf.

9. Stay busy. While it’s smart to stay alert and aware of your surroundings, you will need something to occupy your time. You can listen to music or mess around on your phone (some public transport does have wifi). You can also read, catch up on your homework, or people watch out the window. I would avoid trying to do anything that requires a lot of materials or takes up a lot of space on the bus, because you’ll never know how busy it will be. The more compact your activity- the better!

10. Back-up plan. There will be at least one point during your life when you miss your train/bus. Be prepared for this eventuality by knowing a little bit about the bus schedule- there’s probably another bus leaving within the hour that will take you to where you need to be. If you can’t stand waiting at the bus stop, carry a card with local taxi information on it or call an Uber.

I also want to mention that many buses that frequent colleges will offer some sort of student discount. The bus that comes to my college is free to college students, you just need to get a special pass and prove that you attend. Before investing lots of money, contact the bus company and find out if you qualify for a reduced price.

I also recommend this post that gives a lot of great general information about public transport. Good luck!

“I don’t want him to feel different”

I’ve encountered a lot of parents and professionals who are reluctant to talk to disabled children about their disabilities.

People often believe that children with disabilities are innocent, and that they can protect their innocence with silence. They express concerns along the lines of “I don’t want him to think something is wrong with him,” or “I don’t want her to feel different,” or “I don’t want them to feel bad about themself.”

You can’t protect disabled kids this way. They know that they are different, and they know that this difference is perceived negatively.

Some examples of how kids figure out that they are different:

  • Kids watch what other kids do.
  • Typically developing younger siblings develop skills that they still haven’t mastered and may never master. They notice. They also notice how their parents react to this.
  • Kids with disabilities often see other kids their age doing something that looks fun, try to join in, and find that they can’t keep up. They notice, and they have feelings about this.
  • They also notice when other kids think they’re weird or boring and avoid them.
  • If they go to a special education program, they notice that other kids don’t take the short bus to school (and they hear what other kids say about the short bus, or they see it in their body language.)
  • They also notice that their school is really different from schools on TV and in stories.
  • All the kids their age on TV and in stories can do things that they can’t do. They notice.
  • Disabled kids often struggle to understand something that’s clear to everyone else in the room. They notice that this happens a lot.
  • Kids with disabilities get called the r-word, or the moral equivalent. 
  • Adults expect them to do things that they can’t on a regular basis. Other kids their age can. Adults are disappointed or angry. They notice.
  • Kids notice when they have to go to therapy and other kids don’t.
  • Kids notice when doctors hold them down for painful procedures while they struggle and cry. They notice that this doesn’t happen to kids in stories and that it’s not in any of the books about being a kid.
  • They notice that they have a lot of tests and that they’re talked to in ways that other kids aren’t.
  • They are often required to follow rules that other kids don’t have to follow. They notice that, too.
  • Parents talk about how tired, scared, and overwhelmed they are by their child’s needs or navigating the systems. Kids overhear. 
  • Many kids also eventually overhear the name of their condition and google it. 
  • And any number of other things.

Your silence doesn’t protect them from any of these experiences; it just isolates them. Kids are already bearing the pain of disability and of other people’s reactions to their disability. If no one will talk to them about it, they are also very, very alone. You can’t protect their innocence; you can break the silence that isolates them.


Incubus!Taehyung, college au
Word Count: 3,404
Genre: Other, M

Taehyung didn’t eat food, at all. But you learned that for some reason you were doubly hungry on your cycle, and ended up eating much more than usual. Oddly, you didn’t gain anything. You’d wondered aloud once if the bond and him constantly being out for…things…upped your metabolism, but it caused a very suggestive look to turn up on Taehyung’s face and you immediately dropped the subject and pretended you needed a shower. It had been seven days since moving in together, and Taehyung continued to step out each night when you were asleep; he was awfully considerate for an Incubus. He claimed it was something about morals but didn’t bother elaborating, and you didn’t bother trying to confuse yourself more with his words, focusing instead on your homework, which was due…this morning.

Taehyung saw nothing wrong with skipping around the dorm while you got ready, putting on one of your five shirts, your only hoodie, and one of your three pairs of jeans. He frowned when you came out of your room, his swaying tail ceasing its movements the moment he saw you. His ears lay back flat against his fluffy lilac hair as he scanned you over and his frown deepened. “Don’t you wanna wear something else? Something nice and soft..?” Taehyung scratched at his arms through his new cashmere sweater.

“Because that seems so fun right now..so much for soft, huh?” You nodded to his sweater, hands shoved in the kangaroo pocket on your hoodie, fiddling with your phone in the media pocket. You remembered your headphones and turned on your heel, the sole of your worn-in DCs catching on the bare floor and squeaking. Taehyung mumbled something about not understanding why his cashmere was so itchy this time around while you yanked your buds off the little desk in your room and came back up front. You frowned, walking over to feel the material between your fingers and cocked a brow at him. “What are you talking about? That feels divine.” You turned to the door, wishing you could afford something that soft and rubbed at the sleeve of your own worn shirt as the two of you stepped out. You weren’t entirely sure walking to class with Taehyung was a great idea, but he insisted he would tell everyone you were just roommates; which, to his credit, was the truth for once. Or, partly, anyway. But the other folk on campus could be just as bad - worse even - as in high school, pettiness and gossiping and rumors spread quick.  One seemed to be trying to crop up today.

‘Why do they get to share a dorm? Are they a couple?’

‘How could they not be? I mean look at him! Nobody could control themself, not even her.’

What the fuck did that even mean? But before you could glare at someone, you felt Taehyung’s hand at your back and turned to look at him. He was smiling straight ahead, though, and waved at another student.

‘Nah, I heard he leaves their dorm every night. Either they’re together and she’s clueless, or they’re not together at all and he’s being nice enough not to fuck in their shared place. Watch…’

“Hey, Natalia.” Taehyung shot the girl he’d flirted with a few days ago a heavy wink and licked his lips, causing her to actually blush. Taehyung, without missing a beat, guides you over to her. “Hey, this is my roommate. Figured you should meet her in case I bring you back to mine sometime…” He let the sentence sit heavy in the air, making Natalia giggle and you scoff to the side. The gossipers chuckled and must have concluded you two weren’t fucking, because they left.

“Hey,” You offered your hand. “Always welcome to chinese left-overs in the fridge.”

“Oh..okay…” Natalia spluttered, clutching her phone before she shook your hand, blinking widely between you and Taehyung.

“Just, yknow, warn me.” You dangled your earbuds next to your face, laughing at her embarrassed look and turned into the math building. Taehyung, of course, stayed behind to flirt. Class was uneventful, but highly interesting delving deeper into Fibonacci with plans to move on to other ratios next week, and you’d planned on heading to get groceries after a trip to the coffee shop and before one of your core art classes. What you didn’t expect was for Taehyung to meet you outside of one of the studios twirling his keys and smiling at you. You had to stop and shake your head, sure you’d seen a peek of fang or horn or tail - you couldn’t tell - and stop yourself from scolding him. You must have looked as confused as you felt, though, because he spoke up.

“Driving you home. Don’t need my feet hurting when I go out tonight, so distracting..”

You narrowed your eyes at him; was this what it was going to be like from now on? “Why do you feel shit and I don’t? Is it just one way?” you snipped as you slid into the passenger seat. “Wait, I have to get groceries, I forgot to before class. I can take the bus home from there if you can drop me off..” you stated as Taehyung started up the engine, but he shot you an offended look and scoffed as he backed out and began the short drive.

“I’m not letting you take a smelly bus home, no way.”

“I’ll shower afterward, god, why are you so damn picky?”

“Because my senses are sensitive ok?” Taehyung half-whined, half-snapped at you, pouting. It looked cute, and that notion bothered you more than the idea of him being repulsed by you smelling like public transportation for all of five minutes.

“Fuckin baby..” You muttered out the window, crossing your arms grumpily over your messenger bag and clinking the paint brushes inside together as you frowned. Taehyung, for his part, stayed quiet, unsure of whether he should whine more or make a lewd comment to amuse himself, caught between glowering and smirking. He chuckled as you two pulled into the parking lot, though, of the low-end department-and-grocery store, turning off the car and reappearing in the blink of an eye holding your door. “You have to stop doing that..” you hissed, looking around but quickly noticing the evening had obscured the two of you pretty well. He chuckled again, and you just grumbled and flung your bag over your shoulder, grabbing a cart on the way inside.

“So, what do you even buy anyway besides food?”

‘Pads’ you snarked in your mind, and Taehyung chose to scoff at that very moment at something else, otherwise you’d think he could read your mind. Instead, you opted for a plain answer. “Shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, you know, basic stuff.” You shrugged as you maneuvered through the personal care aisles.

“You need laundry detergent for your whole, like, five pieces of clothing?” Taehyung joked before slapping a hand on his mouth. “Sorry! I’m sorry, I didn’t..”

“Nah, whatever,” You growled and wheeled to the next aisle quickly, definitely not fine or unaffected. You couldn’t find a job while attending school, but you were lucky that your parents would send just enough funds to cover some cheap essentials. You hadn’t grown up even being able to afford decent basics; normally, your trip would be to the dollar store, but you’d saved a bit recently. It may have been from skipping meals but still. Taehyung followed silently behind you until you reached the menstrual aisle.

“Uh. I. I’ll be right back, I gotta do something.”

“Uh- okay.” You knew he was bullshitting but whatever, you weren’t gonna make him uncomfortable. Yet. He’d have to get past whatever his deal was with periods since it was what summoned him in the first place. You still hadn’t spoken with your friends (what would you say anyway? ‘Hey assholes it actually worked, meet Taehyung, he’s a fucking incubus’?).  You sighed, slipping your worn bag into the seat of the basket and rubbing where it had dug into your shoulder before grabbing some nicer shampoo - and conditioner for once - and went to pick out not-totally-sandpaper toiletries. It wasn’t until you were trying to decide which bulk pack of ramen you wanted for the week that Taehyung returned, whistling and apparently pleased. You eyed him suspiciously before gasping out “Did you jus-?!”

“No! God, no, I’d never- ok I mean I would but not while you’re awake - but no. I mean I have some amount of restraint..”

You just snorted and held up the ramen. “Chicken or beef? I can’t decide.”

“So get both?”

“I can’t.” You sighed heavily as if it was obvious before explaining. “I can’t afford both, which?”

Taehyung looked at the ramen before his eyes flicked up to yours with a very serious look. You rolled your eyes before he could speak and chucked the family pack of chicken into the cart, zipping off to the frozen section for some vegetables.

“You know that’s not healthy to eat that all week right?” Taehyung jogged behind you, hands shoved in his pants pockets and his keys jingling on his belt loop.

“Yep.” You reached out and grabbed some frozen mixed veggies and made a sharp u-turn to exit the aisle and move toward produce. You could afford fresh green onions and cilantro this week. It would be nice.

“So why are you only buyin-”

“It’s all I can afford, okay? Christ!” You turned and snapped at him, quickly turning back to the basket and shoving it along the produce wall, looking for some sprouts too. You’d grab eggs on the way to the checkout. Taehyung was silent again, probably realizing it was better to shut up than say something more to piss you off. He scoffed at the checkout when he realized you were serious and took the cart back from you, running off with it back into the produce, you storming after him and trying not to yell. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Helping. I’ll pay. Get some stuff you like. That’s healthy,” Taehyung amended last-second.

“I don’t need your help, and I don’t want your pity, just gimme back the damn cart so I can check out. Fuck,” You exclaimed, trying to yank the cart back, but Taehyung kept it just out of reach. “Give it back!” You ejected, loud-enough for a few heads to turn and to make his head snap up too.

“Why are you being so…so fucking stubborn about this? What’s wrong with me helping?” He glowered at you, but you glared right back.

“I’m fine, I can cover it, give me the damn cart!”

Taehyung was ignoring you and adding more fresh produce by the second, faster than you could chase him, and you stopped. You sneered at him, scoffed, and simpered out a “Fine. I’ll just get another basket.” You turned on your heel, but Taehyung was there in an instant, gripping your elbow and leading you to a quieter spot.

“What the fuck is your problem, for real? Huh? What’s the fucking deal. Tell me.” Taehyung looked genuinely scary and it made you flinch back. “Now!” He barked, and you jumped back, tears beginning to form at your eyes. God dammit, you didn’t want him to know. He’d only been here a few days. “Y/N…” Taehyung’s tone was soft and downy, and he leaned in slowly to wipe the few tears forming away.

“I’m poor, okay, we’re poor. W-we’ve always been poor. I’ve survived this long on ramen so clearly it’s not as horrible as you seem to think but I..I can’t really afford anything else ok? Same with my clothes. So please stop making fun of me…” Your voice grew very small at the end.

“How poor?” Taehyung questioned, leaving you confused. He shook his head. “Rent or own your home?”

“Rent. Apartments.”


“U-uhm…” You knew this is where he’d catch you. You didn’t want to have to go into detail so you shook your head stubbornly. He just stared you down, though. “..Pallets for our beds. On the floor. A-and..” You gulped. Dammit. “Cinder blocks and recycled wood for shelves. I-i think our dining table is from before I was born? It’s glass, really old, like out of the 80s or something…” Your eyes were staring at his hi-tops as he shifted his weight. You chanced a look up and saw him squeezing the bridge of his nose and hissing like he’d just been punched.

“Fuckin hell..” The two of you stood in silence for a long moment before he spoke again. “Cmon. We’re going aisle by aisle and stocking the pantry. I don’t give a fuck what it costs. But we’ll pick things thoughtfully, food that will taste good but also be healthy and filling. You’re not getting out of this. We’ll probably be here a while, though, so… “ Taehyung looked down at your stomach just before it growled, and you tried to disappear into your hoodie. “Come on..there was a little mini restaurant at the front right? Let’s get you something to eat…”

The two of you spent hours in the store, looking over ingredients and nutrient facts of so much food your head wanted to explode. Taehyung refused to let you see the cost as things rang up, but you knew it had to be over a hundred dollars, possibly even two. You shifted uneasily on the counter in the dorm room’s kitchen when everything was put away and you were eating dinner. “I’m sorry,” you blurted out around your food. “I don’t like asking for h-help..”

“You didn’t ask.” Taehyung stated rather simply across from you where he was leaning on his hands against the oven. “You don’t have to…to ask. Ever. I’m here now.”

You’d barely heard him finish before you burst into tears. You always felt like shit asking your parents for help, and boy did they make you feel like shit when you did too. That someone went out of their way to help you, even if just this once you thought, man. You were a blubbering mess, Taehyung’s hand rubbing your hair as he cradled your head into his chest and cooed at you. Eventually, after a good fifteen or so minutes, you calmed down. If he knew how bad it really, really was, you were afraid he might break something. Or someone. So you swallowed the lump in your throat, sniffling as Taehyung suggested you take your shower and get to sleep. It was past ten, and even without classes the next day, you were sleepy and worn out from your emotions. You’d sleep well tonight.

Taehyung watched you shuffle to your bedroom, felt you get under the scalding water. He smelled the botanical fragrance from your new shampoo and bodywash set, felt the silkiness of the new loofa slide up his chest, leaving his breath to stutter out of him. He left quickly so you couldn’t challenge him about the towels he’d replaced in your bathroom, but he certainly felt when you finally accepted them as fact now. The cotton was warm and plush on his skin as he settled into a spot along the balcony of the second floor of the club. He smelled your new scent lingering as he picked out his prey, and it was fuelling his need. He managed a few dances before he was being dragged out of the club, his arousal obvious to his prey. Your peppermint toothpaste blended miraculously with the schnapps in their mouth, and Taehyung wondered if you’d taste the same if he ever got the chan- He had to stop himself, catching a low growl in his throat that only served to push his prey forward.

The prey bucked their hips up with a particularly rough grind from the incubus pushed the two of them forward; surely the prey thought heaven but Taehyung knew it was toward hell. The sweat he worked up was mirrored by you fast asleep in bed, on those damn itchy sheets, in those itchy fucking pajamas and fucking hell Taehyung couldn’t concentrate, he’d thought hell was bad but he never really knew until he became bonded to you, an insufferable, pitiful, meek, adorable fucking human. At the feeling of you throwing your head back with his in your sleep, Taehyung lost himself and completely locked up in ecstasy, a primal growl ripping from his throat with one last hard thrust that slammed his poor victim into the headboard and made them cum too. Panting and sweating, Taehyung remained stilled until he could find breath again. It didn’t take long before he was snatching up his clothes and bolting back to your shared dorm.

“I am not wearing that fucking sweater, Taehyung!” You screeched for the upteenth time the next morning. “That could cover the entire grocery bill for the month! Maybe two! No! And why did you buy something so ugly anyway?”

“Ugly!? It’s the exact same one as a mine, how is it ugly!?”

“That’s how, why is it the exact same one?? We’re not a couple, Tae, why do you want me to wear…couple sweaters!?” You shuddered in disgust.

“…What?” Taehyung looked thoroughly confused. You shook your head and pulled up some pictures on your phone to show him. Realization dawned and he made a noise of disgust before recomposing himself and shoving the sweater at you anyway. “Look just fucking wear it, your clothes itch okay? Just put it the fuck on.”


“GOD DAMMIT PUT ON THE FUCKING SWEATER, IT’S MERINO AND CASHMERE AND YOU’LL WEAR IT AND YOU’LL LIKE IT OR SO HELP ME..” Taehyung’s voice boomed and echoed in the apartment, startling the crap out of you and the few birds outside. Taehyung huffed and deflated from his frustration. “Please. It’s not because I pity you or anything,” he spat out a little harsh, “but your clothes actually itch and my senses are way more sensitive than yours so please just…Wear it?” His voice, and look, softened at the end and he looked to be actually pleading with you, a little pout forming and the corners of his eyes drooping down like..Like puppy eyes.

You narrow your eyes in distaste and yank the sweater from Taehyung before stopping yourself, eyes wide, and treating it with much more care. He was right, it was unbelievably soft and silky. “Fine, If it’ll get you to stop making that damn face, sure.” You stomped off with him curiously following and repeatedly asking what face before you managed to slam your door shut in his face so you could change. With the sweater finally on, you looked in the mirror in uncertainty.

“Hurry up,” Taehyung whined on the other side of the door.

“It’s on, shit!” You cursed him.

“I know, but I wanna see!” you could practically imagine his big ears twitching and his tail fidgeting. This damn creature.. you step out and Taehyung slaps a hand over his mouth in surprise before breaking into giggles.

“You’re the idiot who couldn’t pick out the size.”

“It’s so big!” Taehyung spits out and laughs harder.

“That’s what she said..” you sass before you can stop yourself, making Taehyung’s deep purple eyes widen in shock and you slap a hand on your mouth.

“WhOAAA! You’re not a prude after all!”

“Shut the hell up, Taehyung.”

“I am hell, baby, can’t shut me up if you try.” Taehyung winks and shoves you toward a long mirror in his room.

“Wow, vain.”

“Shut it,” he quips, smirking with a playful glint in his eyes.  You turn your head and groan at the sight. It really is huge; you now own a merino cashmere blend sweater….dress. Gown, even. It falls to your knees, but so do the sleeves. It is utterly ridiculous. “Ah, finally, so soft..” Taehyung backs away and falls back onto his bed, throwing grabby hands in the air toward you.

You walk over, confused. “What do you want now?” Taehyung pats the bed beside him. “Uh, no.” He whines loudly and you grimace at the sound. “Noo,” but he sits up in a blink, hands around your waist, and yanks you down against your will until your head is nestled into his shoulder and you’re wrapped in silk sheets.

Then, Taehyung releases a deep sigh. “Perfect.”

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Hey :) so I'm writing a story about Death being a sweetie pie, knowing that the journey from actually dying to either Heaven or Hell is rlly dangerous and just wants to make sure ppl get there safely (hence the scythe). Basically Death gets forced out and goes on a quest to be reinstated. My problem lies in one of his companions - a human teenager that is still alive (necessary for plot), because I can't figure out how they met without the cliché 'my nan died and I saw Death take her' thing.

  • At the start of his quest Death goes to visit a cementary because it calms him to be among those he’s already helped and the girl is there taking a short cut home.
  • Death takes the bus (assuming he is able to take in a human form) and the girl recognizes him as a guy who had been lurking in the trees at her grandma’s funeral (kind of like the cliche you want to avoid but I like the idea of them meeting on a bus)
  • The girl tries to pick pocket him and finds something rather different than a wallet.
  • The girl has had a lot of death in her family recently so Death has come to know her quite well through he loved ones and searches her out to help him.
  • Since Death has always been attracted to death he finds himself at the scene of an accident where someone dies. He starts freaking out because he won’t be there to help this person and doesn’t realize the girl is standing right there.

When we first got to the park, they said: “There’s one more school bus coming.” And well, the school was a very short distance away; it shouldn’t take too long for that bus to get there. I waited and waited, and I thought “where is that school bus? Where is the school bus?” And then someone’s child came in and I heard him say: “I heard on the news that there’s 25 students that were killed.” And I said; “That bus should have been here by now.”
  I left. I had to be with my family at that point. There was no last school bus. They were wrong. There was no last school bus.

- Tom Mauser, father of Columbine victim Daniel Mauser.

малышка Part 11

HELLO FRIENDS This is the next part of малышка I hope you guys enjoy! I am still accepting questions and thoughts for the deleted scenes and I am currently working on a few for you. Thank you so much for reading :) Happy Monday! 

Warnings for the overall series: Fluff, angst, violence, enemy death,

Summary: You worked at HYDRA under your father for most of your life. You met the Winter Soldier when you were young. This story takes place 17 years later.

малышка Masterlist

Word Count: 927

Another short bus ride brought you to a little motel. In the dark, you could see the first C light on the “Vacancy” sign was blown out and the doors to the rooms were dirty and old.

James squeezed your hand. “We’ll find a nicer place tomorrow, but this will have to do for tonight.”

“No, this is fine. See? The sign says faaaaancy.” You said, pointing to the sign that said “Vaancy” with the one light out.

He shook his head and laughed at you, but kissed your head. You knew appreciated your optimism.

After getting settled in the room, you changed into one of James’ shirts to sleep in. Since most of your clothes were trashed in your old room in Bucharest, you didn’t have any other comfortable clothes.

You laid next to James in the bed and tried to ignore the sound of rats scurrying above you. You glued your body to his and rested your head on his chest. Your muscles relaxed as he ran his fingers through your now short hair. You breathed in his scent and as you fell asleep you prayed you would never go another night without him by your side.

His rough stubble scratching your forehead tickled you awake. You opened your eyes to see him sleeping peacefully and you wondered what it would be like to grow old with him. He would age much slower than you, if at all. You couldn’t imagine it.

“Why are you staring at me?”

You jumped at the sudden sound but laughed as you rolled over on your back. “Are you sure you wanna spend the rest of your life with me?” You fished, a small grin playing on the corners of your lips.

He rolled on top of you. “Yes.”

This was the first time he had ever been this intimate with you in a bed. You knew he felt it too when he pulled away slightly. “Why?” He asked, his voice deep and sleepy, sending a shiver down your spine.

You let your fingers graze his jaw. “Well, in fifty years you’re hardly going to age, but I’m going to be old and grey. You’ll be swing dancing and I’ll be in a walker,” you joked.

“I would never dance with anyone else,” he said with mock conclusion.

“James, I’m serious.”

He was contemplating something as he watched the hands on the clock on the wall tick.

‘Wow, you’re one hell of a cougar.” He delivered and then dove to your neck, placing open mouthed kisses along the line of your shirt.

You gasped, half at his statement and half at his actions. He had never done anything like this before. You tried to still your mind from spinning and playfully smacked him. “I’m the cougar? You’re 99 years old!”

His warm lips left your neck and he hovered above you. “More than half of those years don’t count,” he said as he shot you a shit eating grin.

But in seconds, he grew much more serious. His eyes sparkled and you brushed your fingers along his jaw.

You dared to pull him down to you and when you did, his lips met yours so gently, you weren’t sure if he was actually there or if you were just imagining it.

He slowly kissed you and your hand traveled to the nape of his neck and pulled him closer, giving him permission to deepen his kiss. His tongue patiently asked permission to sneak past your lips and you gladly allowed it.

Both of you grew more passionate and more loving, and eventually more heated until you pulled away. You smiled but winced when you heard it again. “James, this is wonderful, really, but I’d rather not do this to the sound of rats over our heads.”

He chuckled and pecked your lips one last time. ‘Yeah, and I’d make the walls crumble anyway,” he said as he rolled off of you and stood up.

You gasped and threw your pillow at him as he walked toward the door.

“I’m gonna go check out and then we’ll find a place less vaaaaaancy to live in.”

You watched him close the door behind him and fell back on the bed with a contented sigh.

However, your dreams of James were interrupted by the door slamming open. “Did you really think we wouldn’t find you?”

You sat up and dove for your nightstand with the gun in it.

“Move again and I’ll shoot him.”

You froze. “Take me.”

The man’s eyes widened and he lowered his gun. You knew you had him hook, line, and sinker. So you bargained.

“Give me your word you won’t harm him and you’ll never look for him again and I’ll come without a fight.”

The two agents looked at each other and agreed your offer was too good to pass up. “Let’s go.”

“Hold on,” you dared to say as you grabbed the pen and the notepad sitting on the nightstand.

“NOW!” The man yelled, sticking his gun into your side.

You glared at him. You remembered him from your days at HYDRA. You refused to move until you finished the note for James. You wrote him the exact same message you did the day you left him on the train three years ago. But today, you signed it differently.

I’m sorry it had to be this way.
I love you.

You let the men lead you into a van and you let your tears fall as they stole you away from James.



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Hello, I'd really appreciate it if any of you brilliant writers can indulge me and write a markjin fic in which mark/jr work in a daycare whilst the other comes to drop off their younger sibling and they meet and things happen etc ( im just desperate for a fluffy markjin + little kids au) thank you very much! <3

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.8k

Author: TJ

This was so fun to write because got7 + kids is just >.<. Hope this was what you were looking for, anon!

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hello! this is random, but have you ever been to japan? if so, can you give me some tips? like, which japan rail ticket should i purchase? i know there's a foreigner rate for the train passes, but idk if the pass works for ALL the train lines? (excluding shinkanses maybe??) also do you think staying at a ryokan is less expensive than a budget hotel?

Hello! I’ve been there twice and been familiar with the culture and the country more or less 20 years. 

I recommend that if you are doing long trips often, then Japan Rail Pass is a good option. It’s valid for a week max, so you have to be on the move a lot, and it doesn’t include shinkansens.

For cheaper long trips, which aren’t done often, I recommend bus services, which are good and operate all around Japan. Willer Express offers tickets in English! It’s a lot cheaper than a train and very comfortable from my opinion. I always take a night bus between Tokyo and Osaka.

For short trips, like going to the next city and similar, you can buy just a regular ticket from any station. They aren’t that much in the end and you often save money by using just normal commute train services instead of JR. For example trip from Osaka to Kyoto, which takes 1h 40min, costs only 410 yens by local train service. If I don’t remember wrong the faster service was only 460 yens. Public transportation is very cheap, as long as you don’t use shinkanses, planes or taxis. Avoid taxis, they’re expensive.

You can google in English your trips and you immediately get the route info and prices!

Rush hours in Japan are usually at the morning around 9-10 am and at evening from 5-6pm, depending a bit of the city from my experience. Avoid last train/metro services, they’re always veryvery cramped! 

I can’t say much about hotels or ryokans, as I always stay at my friends’ places and never pay for accommodation. The accommodation is rather expensive in Japan, that’s for sure, and in some cases ryokans are more expensive than budget hotels/hostels. In Tokyo Yadoya Guesthouse is from the cheaper range. That’s something my friend has used a lot and it’s near the central area. 

In Kyoto I recommend ryokan Tanakaya for the experience, but it has got normal hotel prices. It’s on the old side of Kyoto, very near central (15 min walk) and Fushimi Inari (direct train service, 15 mins only to Fushimi Inari). The owner is a lovely elderly lady who speaks only a few words in English but that doesn’t stop her from making you feel welcomed! 

Should we feel guilty for this sin? - Andy Biersack Imagine

External image

A/N: Hope you like it, can you guys let me know if you want me to carry on with this imagine or make a part 3 to a saviour? x

Y/B/N - your band name

Your POV:

You woke up in Andy’s arms, lifting your head from his tattooed chest,  the memories of last night slowly came back to you.

How could you have done this again? This wasn’t the first time you’d cheated and you knew it wasn’t going to be the last, you thought to yourself, letting the guilt wash over you.

Self loathing was imminent, as always, you couldn’t face up to your actions.  You just hated hurting people.

When you spent the night with Andy, he was all the things your boyfriend wasn’t, and could never be - tender, caring and passionate. Andy made you feel wanted.

It’s not that you ‘boyfriend’ was a bad person, you just felt so withdrawn from him now. Never being able to make eye contact with him or have any in depth conversation. Besides that, he’d never really been there for you when you needed him most.

Andy had.

You thought back to a year ago, when you and Andy had first met,on warped tour. It was your first time playing with your band, to an audience of that size.

You had let the panic build up hours before you were due on stage. You left your tour bus to go for a short walk. Taking in several deep breaths, airing your frustration and anxiety.

You saw him smoking his cigarette outside Black Veil Brides’ tour bus. You were about to walk past when he stopped you.

“Hey, aren’t you the guitarist in Y/B/N?.”

You turned to face him, putting on a fake smile in attempt to cover your angst. “Yeah, I’m Y/N.”

“First time at Warped.”? He asked diligently.

You nodded. 

Andy invited you on to their bus and you talked for about two hours. Soon realizing how much you liked Andy, not just for what he stood for, his personality seemed to fit with yours.


Andy’s POV

I opened my eyes and sat up in bed. Y/N sat beside me, her eyes looked puffy and blood shot, she was looking down towards the mattress we sat on, but I could still tell she had been crying.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, pausing for a few moments. I knew that she wasn’t, and the stress of this situation we were in was getting to her. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling her relax slightly.

“ I feel guilty too, Y/N, is that what’s upsetting you.? I asked her. 

She nodded, ’'it’s not just that, though, Andy.”

I placed my hand underneath her chin, bringing her gaze to mine. “Y/N, please let me know what’s upsetting you this much.’' 

I could tell she was mulling over something, trying to think of the right words to say.

’'I just hate that I’m deceiving people..” She said, her voice full of regret.

“I’m breaking up with Juliet today, y/n.” I replied, hoping to ease to her conscious.

Your POV:

'I’m breaking up with Juliet today, Y/N.“   Andy said, leaning in and kissing you on the temple.

You paused for a few moments before responding.

You trusted Andy, the words he was telling you were sincere. But could you really be together with no interference? whether that be from Juliet or someone else,

it just seemed like the odds were stacked against you.

Under Our Skin

Someone take these bittles away from me! :3

When Nico didn’t show up for their scheduled lunch date, Will imagined the worse. Nico hadn’t even called and now he wasn’t answering his phone. So, he left work early, telling his superiors that he was making a wellness check on his boyfriend—something he had never wanted to do.

He practically sprinted towards their tiny inner city apartment, his heart pounding and his mind racing, playing through different scenarios on why Nico might have flaked. He was ashamed to say that they ranged from a stubbed toe to things much more gruesome.

Too impatient to wait for the elevator, he took the stairs two and three at a time to the fifth story landing. Breathless, his side in stitches, he fumbled clumsily with the key, nearly dropping it twice in his haste to get inside the apartment.

He popped his head in and out of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, desperately looking for any trace of Nico. He stopped outside their darkened bedroom, his heart thundering in his ears. Something felt wrong about the room and a sense of dread nearly overtook him as he crossed the threshold inside and crossed the room towards the unmoving lump in the bed.

Will sighed, an elated sense of dizziness nearly knocking him flat on his back. Nico was only sleeping.

A closer inspection revealed that Nico’s cheeks were rosy even in the dim light of the room. His skin shone with a definite layer of sweat, his hair plastered to his forehead, and his eyebrows were knit together as though in discomfort.

Frowning, Will crouched on the floor and placed his hand on Nico’s cheek, his forehead. Nico was burning. He had a very high fever and it was plainly obvious that he had done nothing to lower it before deciding to take a nap.

Will raced to the kitchen, filling a glass with cool tap water and grabbing the bottle of fever reducers from the counter and an ice pack from the freezer. He was back at Nico’s side in under a minute, pulling back the covers and gently shaking his shoulder.

Nico’s eyes fluttered open after a time, his gaze bleary and unfocused. He looked at Will, his eyebrows knitting together further in confusion. “Will…?”

“Shhh, yes, baby, I’m here.” Will placed a kiss on Nico’s temple, clicking his tongue at the radiating heat. “Nico, you have a really high fever. I need you to pay attention and listen to me. Do you understand?”

Nico took a second to process the words and nodded.

Will smiled. “Good. First things first, I want you to sit up.” Will hadn’t expected Nico to want to move on his own, so he placed his hand beneath Nico’s body and helped to pull him up, fluffing the pillows behind him so he was more comfortable.

Nico groaned and closed his eyes as though avoiding a headache or dizziness. “Did we already have lunch?” he asked, his voice nearly inaudible.

“No, sweet,” Will said, brushing back Nico’s hair with his hand. “You never showed up and I got worried.”

This seemed to sober Nico. “Oh my God. Will, I’m so sorry. I felt lousy all morning and was just going to take a short nap before catching the bus and—”

“Shhh, calm down, it’s okay. I’m just glad you’re not hurt.” Will wrinkled his nose. “And the reason you were probably feeling so ‘lousy’ was because you’re practically baking in your own skin.”

Nico had the gall to look a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry you had to leave work early.”

“Oh, stop it,” Will chided gently. He shook out two fever reducers into his palm and handed them to Nico. “Here, take these with a full glass of water.”

Nico obeyed without complaint. The water did wonders for his dry mouth, but had little immediate effect on his fever. “Thank you,” he breathed after another sip.

“Let’s give the medicine some time to kick in before you go back to sleep, okay? I don’t want your brain to turn to mush without us knowing.” He chuckled at the fear that flashed across Nico’s face. “I’m kidding. I won’t let anything happen to you. But while we wait, I want you to keep this on the back of your neck. It’ll help lower your fever quicker so we can get you laying down again.”

Nico nodded sluggishly, not really following Will’s words anymore. He hissed when Will placed the ice pack, wrapped in a towel, on his neck, mumbling obscenities about the cold, to which only succeeded in making Will laugh some more.

“If you took better care of yourself, I wouldn’t have to take such extreme measures to help you.”

Nico leaned forward until his neck began to ache, his eyes struggling to remain open. For the past thirty minutes he had listened to Will babble incessantly about his day, how worried he’d been when Nico was a no-show, how Will had called him fifteen times, and how he almost broke his neck tripping up the stairs in his haste to get to the apartment.

Nico could not mutter enough apologies in between and eventually he stopped trying altogether, knowing that Will blamed him for none of it.

“I think your fever is going down.”

“Huh?” Nico looked up, his eyes sleepy.

Will chuckled. “It’s time to lay down.”


Will removed the ice pack and lowered Nico gently down onto the mattress, smiling as Nico heaved a tiny sigh of contentment. Will brushed his fingers through Nico’s hair, still damp with sweat, but his skin overall less boiling. It wasn’t long until Nico fell asleep, and when Will was sure that he was comfortable, he shimmied down onto the mattress himself and closed his eyes, his arm draped protectively over Nico.

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Hey can you do a Mikey blurb based off his sick tweets???? Super fluffy and with best friend love (Muke Muke Muke) thaaaaanks

So Michael would be clingy as ever when he’s sick let’s be honest and SO dramatic so Luke would take the short walk to the back of the tour bus and Michael would say something so stupid like ‘thanks Luke for coming to see me in my final moments, I’m sorry you had to see me like this’ and Luke would just roll his eyes because yeah, Michael looked bad but he wasn’t going to die from a little cold or the flu and when Luke told him this Michael shook his head, the simple action seeming like it would him and say 'no Luke, I have the man flu. and that’s much worse than the regular flu’ so Luke would just shake his head and say 'can people with the man flu still play video games?’ and Michael would sigh, shaking his head 'most people can’t, however, I will push on’ so the pair would end up on the couch together, trying to play away the man flu

hope this is okay!

An AU where Marinette witnesses a murder and Adrien is the lead detective.

fair warning, could be considered graphic idk.

  • Marinette is walking home from a late night at work and since it’s about to rain, she decides to take a short cut to the bus stop.
  • Lightning flashes as she enters the cut through alley way, revealing a man pulling a knife out of a woman’s body. He sees her. She runs and conveniently drops her belongings, including her keys to her apartment.
  • She sees a crowd in the distance but as she nears them she slips on the slick pavement, slamming her head against the concrete and knocking herself out.
  • Luck on her side, the crowd notices and she gets help.
  • While being treated in the hospital, Marinette gains enough consciousness to babble incoherently about a man killing someone in the cut through alley and how she had to run but loses consciousness again
  • Police get involved, more specifically Homicide Detectives Adrien Agreste and Nino Lahiffe who believe the recent murder points to a serial killer they have been tracking.
  • The men are thrilled to finally have a witness and Adrien impatiently enters his witness’s hospital room to talk to her only to be completely awestruck by this woman’s beauty.
  • Nino can tell Adrien has the hots for the witness and it hasn’t even been 5 seconds.
  • But when Marinette wakes up she can’t remember anything besides how she felt. And how she currently feels about a certain blonde detective
  • (Doctors say its traumatic amnesia and that she will recover her memory as her head heals further)
  • Realizing the possibility that her missing belongings were snatched up by the serial killer himself, including keys, her ID, and address, Adrien decides Marinette needs to be under Witness Protection.
  • Marinette says she rather just stay with a friend. The men can tell that Marinette is much more than her looks. She’s a fighter with a strong backbone.
  • Thus enters Alya, Marinette’s badass best friend who butts heads with both detectives through her mother-hen like protection over Marinette.
  • After heated arguments, it is resolved that Nino and Adrien would be patrolling the block of Alya’s apartment regularly.


  • A lot of close calls happen, as the serial killer plots to take Marinette out personally.
  • Adrien and Marinette fall for each other Nino and Alya also fall for each other, even though they argue a lot.
  • Adrien saves Marinette’s life in the final show down.
  • serial killer goes by HawkMoth 
  • It’s a thriller. thriller of night