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Alien!Klaus invades earth + he sees Caroline thnx!

This ended up being more horror than I’d anticipated. I hope you like it.

Caroline remembered their first contact.

She’d holed up in a bunker with her sick mom, watching the news as these strange, human-like beings were greeted by a special team. Her dad was part of that team, and her mouth was dry as dust, watching him shake hands with the stiff looking man. Caroline had been a little disappointed, that they seemed so normal. Tall, thin, dark hair and eyes. Mostly human features.
They spoke with clipped, slightly strange accents, but overall, they seemed like friendly aliens.

Six years later, and she was regretting those years of relief. Shifting to a slightly better position, she kept her grip on her gun firm and not white knuckled in panic only through years of practice. Sweat dripped down her spine, a mixture of the fever she’d been fighting for the last three days and the adrenaline that was coursing through her veins.

Caroline knew Klaus somewhere nearby, hunting her. What was left of the base was a hollow silence, and she cursed that the ringing in her ears was so loud. Careful, bare toes nearly silent on the concrete, she kept her pace slow as she moved with the wall at her back.

When her mom had died, she’d joined her dad and followed him from base to base, staying as far away from the aliens as she could while he studied and played intermediate for them. Caroline was too big of a target for anti-alien groups to be allowed the normal college experience, so she juggled her language and communication program online. Bill was proud, thinking that she wanted to follow in his footsteps, but that wasn’t the future Caroline wanted.

She’d never been able to put a finger on what it was about these pale, dark eyed men who roamed the hallways that left her uneasy. The few times she’d been forced to interact with them they’d been polite, and strangely intent while they spoke to her.

Then the alien’s leadership had shown up. Caroline had gleaned the the aliens didn’t think of leaders the way humanity did, and she was pretty sure the concepts of democracy had amused them. Like watching children play with toy soldiers.

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Tertiary functions (In depth)

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Introverted Sensing (INxP): Tertiary SI manifests in people wanting to explore and expand their horizons, but this nagging feeling to use points of references to set off into the unknown. “I have to remember where I came from…”  is what they will often tell themselves. INxPs thus love to name and remember what they like and dislike, based on their own personal experiences and then expand on it. Pop culture references and childhood memories are thus often staring points in their exploratory nature and they will not allow time and trends to erase them. 

Extroverted Sensing (ENxJ): Tertiary Se manifests in people wanting to take a break from their projects and soak in immediate experiences. And thus, they will usually delve into their immediate pleasures and want to find ways to “flash,” showing great knowledge of current, popular trends. They want to take the general population’s “pulse” into what’s “in” right now.

Introverted Intuition (ISxP): Tertiary Ni manifests in people wanting their artistic and/or mechanical projects to lead to something greater. They love being “hands on” but always wonder if it will lead to something better down the road. They can thus at times, wonder what the future has in store for them. This can lead them to daydreaming but with actual skills and plans to make it happen if they put the effort and energy into it. 

Extroverted Intuition (ESxJ): Tertiary Ne manifests in people having a desire to shake up their daily routine and explore the unknown.They usually see this as a personal way to express themselves in a deeper fashion. Routine and daily chores is what leads their lives and it works for them, but they have a secret desire to push the boundaries and see what else is out there. In its dark form, this may lead them to completely want to re-start their lives anew (think of a mid-life crisis) but in its healthy form, makes them question what new horizon they want to explore to give deeper meaning to their deep-rooted values. 

Introverted Feeling (IxTJ): Tertiary Fi manifests in people wanting to defend their idealism and express their own individuality.They are so used to following a system that this functions nags them to express themselves and remind others that they are their own individual person like a snowflake. This can lead to bouts of moral righteousness and dictating to others what is right and what is wrong. But it’s simply their Te wanting to shout out their personal standards. And such, they may start their very own projects and hobbies that they have always wanted to do since a very early age. 

Extroverted Feeling (ExTP): Tertiary Fe manifests in people finding the need to make others happy or to validate whatever it is they are thinking or doing. They are very confident in who they are, yet will feel fragile if other people don’t express their validation towards them. This leads them to use their auxiliary Ti to read people then get what they want out of them, for better or for worse. But either way, they will feel empty if others don’t acknowledge their ideals and/or existence and thus the need to appeal to others’ feelings. 

Introverted Thinking (IxFJ): Tertiary Ti manifests in people taking a step back and questioning what is really going on behind the scenes. They want to believe the best in people and help them by all means necessary, but will have this nagging voice questioning them whether it is the smart thing to do. Thus, they start developing a healthy like for data and facts as it helps them make sound decisions. It can also manifest itself in an impersonal way, wanting to understand the mechanics in whatever they find new interest in. 

Extroverted Thinking (ExFP): Tertiary Te manifests in people landing on the ground from their idealism/immediate pleasures and wanting to make something happen in a concrete way. It can be a strain in forcing them to take action, but necessary in nature and that they will later thank themselves for it. It usually leads to bouts of personal motivation in knowing that they can take control of their environment. It can also appear in healthy doses of skepticism in which their personal feelings will be set aside and look at what should logically be done. A stereotypical example of this function is an ExFP feeling bored and all of a sudden starting to clean and organize their environment in a burst of energy. 

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@ the anon who mentioned Jauredramatic on twitter: Agree! I check up on her twitter every day cuz she always a good pulse for what's going on in the 5h fandom. But when I do I always have to shield my phone screen cuz she still has her damn name up as "Orgy Take 1" and that is like the LAST thing I need people to be reading over my shoulder lmao

you’re so cute 😂
- taylor