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i think the best way i can think of describing how one develops an art style is like,think of a someone who's going through puberty and their voice is about to drop. it doesn't immediately drop,it takes a a few voice cracks before you sound like morgan freeman.

…Oh my god that’s beautiful

Lucifer's father and his *probable form:

*I know the writer’s room will never do this, HOWEVER…

Ever since the early days of season 2 when we started dropping the name of Dad and talking more about taking back heaven, I’ve really been hoping that Dad shows up as, or in the form of, Father Frank. This desire was rekindled after 2x16 “God Johnson.” Here’s why…

He’s the only father character Lucifer has had so far, prior to 2x16. Right after Frank died, Lucifer had his ‘come to Dad’ moment. Take that image, then imagine Dad coming back as Frank and saying “it was the only way I could get you to start talking to me again. Do you think you got all your dramatic flare from your mother?”

After that “my dad is Morgan Freeman?” one liner, I think that it would be particularly tongue-in-cheek, we-dropped-hints, clever to *literally* cast God in a character that was once titled Father, a priest living in a church, ‘just a slob like one of us,’ and also to cast a black actor. Plus you have to admit, Colman Domingo has all the smooth gravitas to be God. And I think he would play really well across from Tricia Helfer as Charlotte, her saying something like “you love humans so much that you willfully decided to live as one of them?” and him wooing her with smooth jazz. And, honorable mention, can we take a moment to put Frank and Amenadiel side by side and enjoy all the great things their dynamic could offer? (Lastly, I’m selfish, I have missed Frank since “A Priest Walked Into a Bar” and any reason to get Colman back is fine by me)

Frank came to Lucifer asking for help. If Frank were Dad, that would be a playground full of rich, wonderful irony. I can’t imagine better dirt for the roots of good writing. For heaven’s sake they share the same taste in music, he played piano with Lucifer and they enjoyed it together, Lucifer went to Father Frank’s church (talk about ‘take your kid to work’ day) and later Lucifer brought him to LUX, offered him a drink and a cigarette on the very balcony that Lucifer later threw his lighter and broke down in tirade (and the same balcony where Charlotte looked up to her husband with a smug face and a stink eye). If Frank were God then he deceived Lucifer, and yet bonded with him. CAN YOU IMAGINE A MORE DAD THING TO DO? He could have been checking up on the life that Lucifer built for himself like a secretly #proudDad absentee parent. Although he couldn’t bring himself to reconcile with his son in full or reveal the truth, he did the next best thing: humbled himself by asking for Lucifer’s aid (dramatic role reversal).

Plot wise it makes sense because Frank was a s1 character. Charlotte hadn’t sprung her prison yet, and Amenadiel never met Father Frank, so neither of them could potentially catch on first and spoil Dad’s alias.

Again, Frank’s death served another purpose of bringing Lucifer and Chloe closer together. I can just picture it now. Lucifer confronting Frank: “Yet another manipulation?” Frank replying: “Luci, you have free will like the rest of them, I was just hoping to give you a nudge toward the good thing in your life. In retrospect, I thought the whole bus accident (1x01) outside your club that brought you two together was coming on a bit strong, so I opted for a more subtle approach.” Lucifer, indignantly: “you couldn’t possibly know that would work.” Frank, humorous and patient, but sarcastic: “Well son, I guess you’re right. But I do have these moments of omniscience, and I cross-checked the probability with Uriel to err on the sure side.”

Lastly, let me repeat, I know the writers will never write this and fulfill my dreams.

BUT on the small contingent of a miracle, PLEASE WRITE THIS. You don’t even have to do a ton of work. I’ve already written a first treatment as fanfic, we’re good to go.

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Do you have any headcannon about Drew being one of the seven,and Piper didn't even show up? Drew was so under/misused. Besides,if Luke could redeem himself after betrayal,manipulation,murder etc.,why couldn't Drew Tanaka redeem herself after bullying? She could be a really interesting character,just like Luke (my male fave). What I really hated was how she was humiliated by Piper. Drew had experience as a demigod,fought a war,knew how to use her powers;and Piper barely knew how to charmspeak.

like…… *lays down on the floor and cries* because like… like… you just.. you just solved my problem….. i’ve been looking for the seventh member of the seven for so long now,,,,, because my ideal seven doesn’t include percabeth and it does include reyna but not nico so. wow. WOW. liste n listenlisten listenes LISTEn

  • drew and piper are both part of the seven
  • instead of drew dropping out of the story and being used as a stepping stone for piper’s development, it’s a trope subversion, because piper fully expects drew to just piss off and leave but instead, it turns out that drew has a future and a destiny just like everyone else
  • percy doesn’t go missing in this au, it’s just jason
  • okay make drew like an actual character you know, like piper hates her and she can’t fathom why everyone likes her
  • but like drew has made really good friends with nico (they’re gay) and she’s very popular and respected at camp and the rest of the cabin still loves drew and listens to her even once piper is the counselor, and mitchell and lacy explain that she’s just been having a rough time since the war and they know she’s better than this and piper’s like okay t h E FUCK
  • festus refuses to take off to new rome and leo is flipping out because there’s nothing wrong with him and then finally festus just says “Drew.” and refuses to do anything else.
  • piper is so angry asdklf;a
  • they have a meeting that percy and annabeth stop by for and piper learns damn quick that their word goes a long way here, and they’re both like, “oh, yeah, definitely take drew with you. she’ll be an excellent asset for diplomacy. why are we even debating this?”
  • piper looks at annabeth like mmmmm watcha say
  • much to piper’s chagrin, drew really is a good diplomat
  • okay ok a y sibling duo on the argo ii that’s all i’ve ever wanted
  • also drew saving the crew from chrysoar and the pirates the same way percy did
  • imagine drew being like “OH NO FRANK IS TURNING INTO A CRAZY DOLPHIN” and giving him this like scathing look and making an exasperated hand motion with her eyes all wide and annoyed like wow this image is so clear in my head
  • instead of piper singing a lullaby that takes like virtually no effort gaea proves to be a truly powerful enemy just like she was built up to be, and piper needs drew’s help
  • oh my god okay and drew and piper not getting along but they both put up with a fuckton of sexism and racism and will defend each other ruthlessly when they see it, they both claim they don’t care about the other but they’ll never stand for sexism or racism targeted against anyone
  • everyone gradually learning to love drew and piper feeling betrayed and frustrated
  • like, “leo, not you too!!!!!” “listen pipes, have you ever heard her impression of morgan freeman”
  • drew makes such a fantastic addition to the team leo scene i swear to god….
  • but they do care about each other more and more
  • like so much begrudging bonding,
  • winding up in one of those situations where they’re stuck in a cave alone together or something and have to work together to get out or they have to sit there alone while they wait for people to save them,
  • during the last battle while piper is stuck battling some huge villain drew comes up from behind her and screams GET YOUR HANDS OFF!!! MY!!!! SISTER!!!!!
  • i’m gonn a c r y
  • okay okay okay and instead of piper and drew learning to fight because they feel useless, they work within their strengths
  • piper breaking down because she feels useless and she’s never going to be able to fight like the rest of them and she doesn’t have any training—
  • and drew interrupting her in a very matter of fact, very Drewlike way like, “listen, fuck them. we’re different. we get shit done differently, but we get shit done. and i, for one, am not going to beat myself up trying to be like them, because i’m awesome too.”
  • D R E W A N D R E Y N A
  • lol piper being pissed off because she’s stuck on a ship with two girls who tried to make a pass at her boyfriend and then it turns out they’re both lesbians, and for each other, no less
  • how bout we cut down on the angst and don’t make anyone go into tartarus, they charmspeak the doors closed or some shit i dont know and they seal gaea inside
  • so hazel, frank, leo, jason, piper, reyna, and drew answer the call, jason and leo use their storm and fire powers to push gaea’s army back, and the romans and the greeks really do bear arms to the doors of death and they wind up pushing gaea and her army inside and then piper and drew charmspeak the doors closed,
  • i don’t know about the oath to keep with final breath but i’m kinda feeling some Unkillable Gays trope where reyna comes back to life because drew insists on it tbh
  • if piper can do it drew can do it like come on,
  • what a pure au