taking steps through the rain

             The lay of the land is very much DIFFERENT when traveling by foot;
                 a fact that he has the misfortune of discovering in his search for the missing woman ——
      if he can call her missing at all. It is more LIKELY than not that she has intentionally left him,
          due to that fatal fact that he had let known to her: he will one day return to his true form.
                This mortal body of his will not LAST,
                        and he will be the one to discover how to reverse the curse before that day comes.

     His struggle across the land is even more arduous with the assumption that he had been
          the one to DRIVE her away from the home weighing down on his mind.
                     He hadn’t meant for her to leave because of it.
                                          Every step across the uneven land he takes is BURDENSOME ——
              through rain and the beating sun he trudges, cursing his lost wings,
               cursing the legs upon which he walks: cursing, even,
                                            Jaenelle herself for
LEAVING so suddenly.

                                                              She left because of him.

     It is all he can think about when he SETTLES down to sleep each night.
                                But his perseverance is a mighty thing: he does not give up,
          no matter how exhausted he might feel, no matter how much he WISHES to turn back,
                                                       to go off on his own and forget about her.
                                 He much prefers the prospect of finding her and
YELLING at her.

                The town he next comes across ——
                          after a river crossing and an almost-
UNFORTUNATE encounter with
                                    the local wildlife —— gives a slight spark of hope,
           but he does not allow himself to be consumed about it. It is unlikely he will find her here.